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Last Visited: 7 days ago
GPS: -19.043000, -65.254990
Altitude: 0.0 masl
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Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Fast
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: No
Showers: Hot
Water: Potable
Restroom: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: Yes

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A small grassy area very close to the center of Sucre. It's not signed, but it is a well-known stop for overlanders. Upon arrival you need to track down the owner, Alberto or his wife Felicidad and have them let you in. Alberto may be in his workshop on the property, knock loudly on the red door number 70, or at their house which can be found around the corner at 416 Arcento Arce. Very friendly people and an excellent (and the only) place to camp in Sucre just a few blocks from the center. They also have a room for rent at the top of the A-frame common area.
Update: The entrance gate is now 3.20 meter wide and no height restrictions. Internet is fast and reliable. Camping outside on the street is possible and would be a good overflow facility for reasonably self contained campers during peak times especially since passing traffic at night is close to zero.


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Melhor opção para dormir em Sucre, ambiente familiar, seguro e muito tranquilo. Alberto e Felicidad são pessoas muito amáveis e atenciosas e vão te ajudar no que precisar. Pagamos 100 Bolivianos por noite. Tem Wi-Fi, chuveiro muito bom com água quente, lugar para lavar roupa, cozinhar, lavar louça e um jardim. Conseguimos conhecer Sucre bem tranquilos.

It might be a little expensive for camping (80 bol.), but over all it´s definetely worth it. Real camping in walking distance to the center, a little kitchen, good wifi, cosy indoor lounge, electricity, good showers and toilets, it´s quiet, perfectly safe - and - there´s a good chance of meeting overlanders!.
And if you need a mechanic, coming through Alberto to José, a very good one, you´ll get a very fair price, which can be worth much more, than saving a few bolivianos on camping. He even comes to the campsite for bigger vehicles. Alberto, his wife and daughter are also trying to help with anything else as good as they can. I had a great time.

I am sure this place is great but unfortunately Felicidad was not here when we came and Alberto tried to sell us the place for 100bob the night for the 2 of us (we own a small van - hyundai h100 - and not a big rig). This is a non-sense since 1 block away at the Pachamama hostel, we have been able to park the van and receive a matrimonial room (with private bathroom) for 100bob...

If you have a small van I strongly recommend you check at the Pachamama before going to Felicidad and Alberto.

Nice place in town. Kind owners. Many facilities at this place.

We had a great stay at Alberto's! He was very welcoming, the facilities are great.. electricity, fast wifi, hot showers with good pressure, and Alberto and his daughter Carolina also helped us out with nearby mechanic, and lavandería recommendations.. Unfortunately Felicidad was away during our stay so we didn't get to meet her. So nice to have a central place to base ourselves from in the city with an outdoor garden area and also an indoor dining area.. a bit of luxury when you live in a car!

Had a long driving day and finally arrived at the campground. Felicidad wanted us to pay 200bs per night for the car and family but then Alberto mentioned to her that he quoted 150bs to us earlier. Even at 150bs, that is a lot, if not the most we've been charged in all of South America. We mentioned we don't need any services as we are fully self contained (we have a 110v rig, kitchen and shower within). She seemed not to believe us about having hot water and she said we would need her electricity. Finally we convinced her we were self sufficient by telling her we had propane tanks. She then focused on wifi, which yes we did want to use. She then asked us what we would like to pay, we offered 100bs for the car as that was the price written in one of the recent posts. She yelled, "No!", made some gestures and showed us the door. I thought it was really rude. Then she stormed off back to her house. Alberto seemed super nice but embarrassed he couldn't help as he called his wife the "Minister of Finance". We left. Too bad, great comments here but a bit of a monopoly. If she wasn't willing to negotiate, she shouldn't have asked what we wanted to pay. Small area but very well maintained from what I saw. We are now at -19.040311, -65.263952 paying 15bs for a secure park, three times as large. Flat and suitable for big rigs. See our other post.

nice camp really close to city. owners are very helpful and friendly. toilets and showers are very clean. WiFi upload is really fast, great to make a backup. download is either fast enough to watch a movie or too slow to check your email. I had the place all to my self for 5 days. cost 80 Bob for one person.

We where really happy to find this place. Only some minutes to walk to the plaza and to the market. The place had all what we needed incl. good wifi. There is space only for max. 4 motorhomes/ VW bus size or similar. The owners are very friendly. So far as I know, they don't take people with only a tent. The entrance gate is now 3,20m wide! 🚛👍
It's absolutely WRONG if people write the place is expensive and the owners are unfriendly. well worth to visit.... the museo asur arte de indigena pos. s19.05380 w65.25380 open from 9-12.30 and 14.30-18.00. fee 22 bol. p/p. With a taxi to the museo we paid 10 bol. plus a tip.

very good place to stay in Sucre. Nice and discreet owners. good amenities, really fast Wi-Fi. and very central to visit the city : just a few blocs from main place !
only problem : the dogs from the neighbourhood which bark a lot at night, but nothing you can do about, neither Alberto or Felicitades

Super friendly owner. Son speaks fluent german. Skilled mechanic (Alberto is a Prof. for electrical engineering at the university!). He also knows mechanics and welders in the area, so if you have something that needs fixing ask him first. Beautiful site next to city center. Clean bathrooms, warm showers, indoor communal area. Simple kitchen. Fast wifi. Electricity. Worth the money!

As you can see from the other description the place is almost perfect. The only problem is the space. When we were there we had 4 other campers and there was no more space. The owners are great and hospitable. The location is great. The Wifi one of the faster we seen. 5 stars all the way!!!!

A small, peaceful and sunny garden very close to centre, with good WiFi, easy access for big rigs, and very friendly hosts (who don't live on site). 100 bolivianos /car. We thoroughly enjoyed this stop and fully recommend especially if you need a break from boondocking.

We have been here for three days so far and the friendly reception and unstinting assistance have continued the whole time. Unlike many campgrounds that are crumbling into the mud, here they continue to put their earnings back into the business, including recent upgrades to the internet - now quite fast and reliable - as well as increasing the width of the gate so we could park inside rather than out on the street.
As for the cost? $14 us dollars per day for absolute security, electricity, internet, common room, water, toilets and shower and basic laundry and kitchen with sunny aspect well off the main roads with good local transport at the end of the street close to the middle of a premier tourist destination, and with all the help you could ask for from the owners!!!!!! Some peoples expectations are quite unrealistic. Wait until you get into Brazil or Chile.
BTW Alberto, and especially Felicidad, are concerned that one recent isolated incident - borne out of trying to help campers rather than to make money - has been given too much credence. All the appreciative comments posted in the visitors' book give the true picture .
The place is open, the locals are friendly, and overlanders are very, very welcome

We stayed two nights. It seems like the best option in town for a place off the street. Yes it is a bit expensive but very close to the center and mostly clean and comfortable with good wifi. They actually have toilet seats (but no paper). As others have indicated it is a very small space and would be tight and tough to level out with more than four or five vehicles. Felicidad is very sweet and hospitable.

very expensive for what it is, very unfriendly people !

Sometimes you have got to stay longer to see the people behind the faces. We stayed 5 nights.
Our friends were not allowed to leave the camping to go to their appointment with the mechanic because the camping is too full and too many cars would have to move.
And if they leave the camping they were are not allowed to come back.
So the owners threw them out in the most unfriendly way you could imagine. Wow.

By the way: Hostal Pachamama is the same price for a room or it might be also possible to camp there.

And: bathrooms are probably cleaned every day at other places.

The smile on the owners face? Sure. Camping is full, money is coming. But there will be a second camping soon in Sucre. Money change people.

Nice spot with very nice owners directly in the centre of town.
We liked it here the first days.
There is space for 4-5 cars. But they squeeze 8 cars inside so you barely can open the door or find your way to the bathroom. Toilets were clean but they only clean every now and then.
If one wants to leave everyone has to move... 3 out of 5 stars.

What a nice place to enjoy yourself after a long trip on the bolivian roads. Alberto and Felicidad are very friendly and extremely helpful owner of this small campground. They just recently widend the entrance gate to 3,20m so now it's also possible for wider rigs to enter. But be aware, that it's still not a big camping space inside.

We stayed here for 5 nights. The first night there were, including our car, 4 overlanders, which meant we all had enough (but not much) space. In the following nights they managed to squeeze in 4 (!) more vans. There was barely room left to find your way to the bathrooms (which were, as others already mentioned, never cleaned until we asked her). When we needed to go to the mechanic to get our tires renewed, she simply told us that it wasn't allowed. She finally agreed that we could leave, but in that case we couldn't return. We decided to immediately check out. I am sure they are as friendly as everyone says, but I am afraid the money got more important.

Nice place but it's really narrow to come in. No problem with the height.
But they're changing the door so in a few days it will be easier to enter !

Nice place direct to the center. Paid 120 for 3 persons and a small van. Good to explore Sucre and the nightlife.

We stayed 13 nights (12 nights at 100 Bol pn + 1 free night for 2 persons in small van). Perfect place to relax, explore and if as we did visit a mechanic, buy parts plus carry out repairs ourselves. Alberto, Felicidad, Carolina and Luis could not have been more kind and helpful providing information and advice regarding local services. Bathroom facilities are great, communal room spacious and nice, kitchen is adequate there was no fridge but I think plans are in place to improve the kitchen. As we were leaving the gates were being widened to make access easier for bigger rigs. Sucre is a great little city and this site is in such a good location for centro, mercado and Me Gusta language school.

C'est vraiment l'endroit idéal pour prendre quelques jours de repos en visitant ce très beau centre historique.

Quite a small but lovely Place. For us with a Big Rig the entrance was not whide enough. (No Problem with the hight) We could stay outside and became the keys and a special price.
Average/Good Wifi.

Very nice, quiet, 80 bol for 1 people/van/nigth

Nice place and safe near the center. Very small entrance for big rigs.

Nous pensions rester 2 jours et sommes partis au bout de 4 jours tellement l'endroit est agréable et sympathique.
100 bol /nuit/voiture.

Great place to discover Sucre! Everything you need, quite at night and super friendly owners. We stayed 4 nights because it was that good! 100 Bs per car and night is a lot for Bolivia, but definitely worth it!!

Somos Ramon y Silvia de Cataluña, el mejor lugar que de momento hemos encontrado en Boliva. El Sr Alberto muy atento.La wifi perfecta

Way too expensive for Bolivia. $15 a night? Even if it's the only option it's way too expensive.

After a very strees way to get here (use google, have terrible directions) the place was very bussy!! we have to stay on the street but alberto gave us electricity and a key to use the bathroom. chose very carfully the way, is very bussy at aftermoons

we could enter with 2.40m wide! very tight,but doable!

Alberto y Felicidad are very welcoming and helpful. Thanks to them we really enjoyed our experience in Sucre for a very cheap price. The place to camp is very pleasant and very close to the main square. Above all, they sent us back our tent in La Paz very quickly when we realized that we forgot it in the camping. We highly recommend this place!
Aurelie and Jerome

they build a second bathroom. very clean we had a lovely stay

What a lovely campground! We only met Alberto and his daughter Carolina but both were incredibly helpful, generous and made sure we had everything we needed. Carolina speaks fluent English. Shower, toilet, kitchen and common room all clean. Electricity and wifi. We paid BS100 per night for two of us and the van. It is a big red gate on the main road, knock here or go to their house, address listed below.

The best campsite we stayed in Bolivie. Very, very nice and helpful hosts! Thanks a lot to Felicidad and Alberto!

Great location and fabulous hosts

nice place. the man is an electrical professor and his wife is a retired nurse. best to not think of this place as a campground rather an elderly couple that have a spare block and are happy to help people out that need to camp. their daughter told me the story of this place. a Swiss (of course :) ) couple were asking around for a place to stay and he offered this place. since then it has grown into quite a popular spot. the internet is good for bolivian standards but drops out occasionally. password _64SRE16. I didn't see a kitchen but I didn't ask. they have wood and will help you level out.

Great campsite. Bit small for very big rigs. Gate is 2.4m wide. We are 2.2m & it took us a bit of manoeuvring to line up. Good wife. 100 bob pn 2 people.

Nice, small, safe campground close to the center of Sucre in a quiet dead-end street. Well equiped, friendly, helpful hosts. Place for up to 4 vehicles. If nobody is there check at Aniceto Arce 416, just around the corner, where the owners live. Currently one combined shower/toilet, a second under construction. BOB 100 (2 adults, camper)

Lovely place. Felicitad and Alberto are great. Their daughter speaks good English and Internet is working very well. We paid 100bs for 2 and 1 truck per night. Highly recommended

We came here around 3 pm one at camp or home. We left for Maria's lugar instead and happy with the choice as Looking at the gate width we would have struggled to go in. We are 2.3m wide.

Nice green and central place to stay! They are just building a second bathroom. It should be ready in a couple of weeks. The owner's son Luis lived for some years in Hamburg and speaks fluent german.

very nice place and friendly People. good internet. very good to visit Sucre. We can leave the car to go to cochabamba (parc torotoro)in bus 40 bolivianos per night.

The place now has good internet

Nice Place and very friendly People

We stayed there about two weeks because we went to spanish classes at sucre spanish school. The place to camp is nice and there is space for about 4 campers. The owner are friendly. But in this two weeks they never cleaned the tolilet or the shower!!! And 100 Bolivianos per night is too much without WiFi! There is another place wich is much cleaner and cheaper! Marias Lugar, as well in I Overlander.

We spent there almost 2 weeks. In this two weeks the bathroom and the shower never were cleaned!! But we enjoyed to meet other overlanders.
There is another place called "Marias Lugar", which is much cheaper (35 Bolivianos per night/car and cleaner!

The only campground in the city.Close to the city center.
We paied 100bol per night. This amount is high in comparison to Oberland in La Paz or to Suma Samawi in Copacabana. There is no Internet, the bathroom is not realy clean. But the shower is hot, the place is safe and quiet, and the owners are very kind.

OPENED : What a wonderful place with the nicest owners. The place is not sign posted but well known for overlanders and its a red door with the number 70. , A few meters off the coordinates( for us). A few blocks from downtown Sucre which was perfect. There is a kitchen, common area, bathroom also space for campers and overlanders Entrance is tight for bigger rigs.. Luis speaks english ( son ), Alberto and Felicidad are really helpful, even offered to buy us gas ( we were empty) . Only downside is no internet. 150 BS a night for 5 people. Showers are warm.

We really liked it here! So close to town (only 2 blocks from the central mercado!) and the hosts could not be more accommodating. We stayed here for almost 2 weeks and met up with lots of other overlanders during our stay. We paid 100 Bs per night to camp.

Carolina, the daughter of Feli and Alberto, asked us to supplement her email. In case you would like to contact them in advance (she speaks perfect English): or

Best campground in Bolivia! Nice garden near the center of Sucre. You'll feel like home. Short walk to the main plaza. Felicidad & Alberto will care for everything. Little kitchen with gas available. Little bathroom with hot shower. No WiFi yet, but they will establish it once more travellers will pass by. We stayed their only for 2 nights due to lack of time but would have prolonged. IMPORTANT for big rigs or campers: the entrance gate has a width of 2.40m!

This place is open again.

We came to Sucre and although we saw everywhere that the place had closed Arantxa had a hunch and decided to give it a go. We got there and it seemed to be closed, but then headed to Aniceto Arce 416 (just around the corner) where the owners live and they told us that they were just reopening after a year or so.

The owners told us to let people know that if they came and the place looked close, head to their house in Aniceto Arce 416 to ask and someone will most likely be there.

The place is closed. Try hostel Pachamaya on Calle Arce nearby. Great place, only space for one camper. Big rigs cannot go in.

This place has been reported CLOSED. (Verified by 3 overanders attempting to stay there).

A small grassy area very close to the center of Sucre. It's not signed, but it is a well-known stop for overlanders. Upon arrival you need to track down the owner, Alberto or his wife Felicidad and have them let you in. Alberto may be in his workshop on the property, knock loudly, or at their house which can be found around the corner at 416 Arcento Arce. Very friendly people and an excellent (and the only) place to camp in Sucre just a few blocks from the center. They also have a room for rent at the top of the A-frame common area. Source: (thank you guys)

Price:105 Bolivianos

Family run, very nice people and very helpful. Use of kitchen Facilities & dining room, hot shower & toilet. Braai area & Free wifi. There is also use of a cabana (I believe that there is no extra charge)

A small grassy area very close to the center of Sucre. It's not signed, but it is a well-known stop for overlanders. Upon arrival you need to track down the owner, Alberto or his wife Felicidad and have them let you in. Alberto may be in his workshop on the property, knock loudly, or at their house which can be found around the corner at 416 Arcento Arce. Very friendly people and an excellent (and the only) place to camp in Sucre just a few blocks from the center. They also have a room for rent at the top of the A-frame common area.

Slow cellular wifi / hot showers / water / lavernderia / elec. Nice grassy yard with a shared communal room. Easy walk to the square. Need to check in at 416 Arcento Arce around the corner. Routing Advice: we heard many people complain about the back-road from Cochabamba to Sucre (Highway 7 and Route 5) and avoided it. “Uninspiring bad roads with poor views.”

B/60 per night.