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GPS: -47.183983, -71.973970
Altitude: 605.5 masl


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Chile Border station. 1 person show. 11 miles to Border. the road is very good and open all year. highly recommended route and border.


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Fast and easy exit of Chile.
To the 14/01/19 comment: there is no fuel station 6km north on ruta 40, the closest one is south in Bajo Caracoles, overlander point "Fuel station opened" (but expensive, they also change US$ at an expensive rate) Think that you'll burn more fuel on the Argentinian side because of the wind.
Maybe change some money before leaving Chile to have Argentinian pesos once in Argentina, going south the closest city is 330km far and getting money can be difficult (see overlander points)

A really quick pass to Argentina! We were the only travellers at the office around 19:00.

Nice agent. He really applied the documents, our, those of the dog and those of the car, wanted to be sure we could get easy in Argentina without any problems. The two control posts are separated by about 11 km.

One super friendly officer here. Going to Argentina took <15 minutes to cancel our TIP

Leaving Chile with our chilean car as a foreigner: no problem at all! they were totally ok with the „autorication“ from the car. Very nice policeman! Took us about 10min

fast and easy, very welcoming people.
maybe they are happy to meet people.

the road to come here is very beautifull through the Patagonia NP. The park is also very good, many wildlife, many hikes possibility, and few people.
worth it! must do!

Chile —-> Argentina. Quick and easy- 15 minutes tops. Very nice border officer checked all our paperwork quite closely. No issues.

We went into Chile at 7pm in the dark and met the most friendly border officer you can imagine! He only asked if we had the typical forbidden food with us and if yes to throw it away but didn’t check our car. We were honest and threw away the last egg and garlic we had on our behalf.

Hours of Operation: 8am - 10pm
Easy border crossing but the guard dog is a bit aggressive! I have a new hole in my jacket from him.

very nice and friendly staffs here, we crossed the border with out our padron cause its still on process, but we had declaracion jurada. they allowed us to cross the border.. dont miss this border no inspection, very fast and we even took a photo with them..😊😊

Really easy crossing boarder and Nice carabineiros !
we have the proper papers for our chillean car: padron with our name, technical control & insurance.
no control about the content of the car.
taking 15 min

Chile to Argentina - super easy and quick exit.

Easy border crossing with our Chilean vehicle. Few seconds car check, but he gave us our onion back in the end and kept nothing. In contrast to other Chilean borders you don’t get the PDI (that paper that looks like a bill from a supermarket). Instead you have to fill in another document by yourself and keep the copy. Also a different stamp in the passport and no declaration about meat, vegetables etc was asked. Very easy and nice officers.
The road was no problem with 2wd. In Argentina the lakes were completely dry. Take RP39 and not RP103, it’s better and more beautiful.
The chilean road was worse with lots of washboard, but totally doable.

Great border crossing, took only a few minutes and no problems with being foreign owner of Chilean car. Make sure you have enough petrol to make it a few hundred kilometers to Gobernador Gregores because nothing until then.

Wanted ALL paperwork for Chilean vehicle. No inspection. No english.

Super easy crossing. But if you’re driving south in Argentina PLEASE drive north at the Ruta 40 for 6kms to fuel up before driving south. You probably won’t make it from Cochrane to Tres Lagos on one tank and terrible roads. Learnt the hard way haha

Chile -> Argentina with Chilean plated car.

No issues at all, Argentinian did 3 second car check. Be warned that there is just an expensive (42 ARG/l for 95) gas station in Bajo Caracoles dealing only with cash (possible to pay in dollars, but the exchange rate is bad). Be prepared.

Great guy works here. After all is done and through the gate we gave him a small bottle of whiskey. And said Happy new year.

Chile->Argentina. We could really recommend this border. Very nice view, good road and very friendly people. Don‘t miss this road! No problem for passing with chilean car that we bought in santiago. There are two water holes at the argentina side, but it was adventure and fun. Look first where you can pass this holes, there are some big stones in it. No Problem with 2WD. (Van, Suzuki APV)

The road on Chilean side is good but Argentinian part much more rough - 100km to RN40 takes ~3 hours and almost no traffic at all.

easy crossing Chile to arg just had in papers and get passport Stamps. 5 minutes.

Friendly person at the office, fast immigration and customs.

easy peasy exit of Chile. 5minutes to hand over tip and stamp passports.

Exit from Chile into Argentina. Easy process. Handed over our passports, TIP and PDI’s paper slip entry to the Carabinero. We got back our passports and car TIP stamped and dated and were on our way to Argentina in 10 min.

We left Chile here in a German motor home which we transferred the rights to drive from a German guy in Valparaiso with a Podar. The policeman here just photocopied our podar, stamped out our TVIP and stamped our passports out. Asked what veg we had, I said garlic and he didn't even check the van. Easy peasy.

Arg>Chi. Touch n go with own car. No visual checks

Exited Chile as foreign owners of a Chilean plated vehicle. Super quick and easy - had to show the Padrón and manually complete and sign a 'Salida y Admisión Temporal de Vehículos' form, provided by the Aduana which includes a 'Declaración Jurada' section, confirming that we will return the vehicle to Chile. No questions asked about when we plan to return.. Definitely recommend this crossing, a little washboard but worth it for the beautiful drive through Parque Patagonia, with sightings of Flamingos, Guanacos, Rheas, and Huemul along the way... Note: If you're travelling south once you arrive in Argentina, Bajo Caracoles is the first town you'll pass and there's only one gas station/shop attached to the hotel there, and the selection is very limited and very expensive! Before you leave Chile, stock up on (border safe) snacks for the drive and enough gas to get you to Gobernador Gregores, further south.

We, from Holland, entered Argentina here with Chilean motorcycle, no problems other than we needed an international insurance for Argentina which the Chileans helped us with.

Take this border if you own your Chilean vehicle but have no residence permit. This border is run by carabineros, whereas at Chile Chico it's PDI+Aduana, so the form, rules and stamps are different, you can exit here without problems even if Chile Chico turned you away four hours ago.

We confirm stated below. Very friendly, polite, easy and fast border crossing. Did not even look at the car, neither in the car, both arg and chile. Recomended to cross here, especially if you have poder, authorization, own chilean car etc...

Very easy, had to fill the papers myself (no internet connection) and did not have to unpack and open my bags. OK drive in Chile, little washboard towards the boarder. Did road 41 in Argentina, so don't know the state of the road down the pass.

Very quick and friendly. Let us keep the milk we had

Very rural remote border crossing. We only saw one police officer. He quickly stamped through our paperwork. After using the clean restrooms we were on our way in less than 10 minutes. No search of the vehicle (S.A.G. Or otherwise). Fastest and easiest border crossing yet.

No Problems, 5min crossing, even got offered a coffe from the border patrol

Quick and easy border crossing heading north. We met a nice customs officer, who checked our car within 90 second and let us keep everything we had (incl. onions and wurst)

Leaving chile took 5 min. Very friendly officer

Chile side of border. Efficient. Least thorough chech so far.
Correct coordinates:-47.183983,-71.97397

Argentina small border. 1 person show. 11 miles to Chile. My car was searched more thoroughly than any other time. They would not let me have my extra tanks full and it had to be in the gas tank.