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Staticmap?center= 46.1257, 72.4861333333333&zoom=13&size=1170x250&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7ccolor:red%7clabel:c%7c 46.1257, 72


Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: -46.125700, -72.486133
Altitude: 345.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Rio Ibanez wild camp just off the road

Beau bivouac au bord du rio protégé de la route. Parfait pour une nuit paisible.


iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

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Latest Check-Ins

Was planning to come here but the construction work mentionned in other nearby spots is now here. The entrance is not blocked, but there are big trucks and an excavator about 100m from the spot, so it probably wouldnt be very quiet. :(

Great place to spend the night in a car or tent. We followed the dirt road around the forest a little to the larger fire pit. Gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and lovely stars on a clear night. Fair bit of of rubbish which isn’t great, but you can find a spot without it.

Very nice location, with great view on the surrounding valley. Possibility of camping between the trees, or in a slightly more open area closer to the river. Several existing fire pits as we arrived, but unfortunately also quite a bit of thrash. Far enough from the road to be hidden and not be bothered by the dust/noise of passing traffic, and the sound of the waterfall in the background helps. Worth a quick walk, but fallen trees prevented us from getting to the actual fall.

We enjoyed this place a lot, grassy leveled fields with wind protection, and shaded, no noise at all, plenty of firewood, very nice views. Water available in the creek. As every IOverlander spot high rated you will most likely find other campers here, just as we did🤙🏼

Spent the night here with two other vehicles and a tent. There is a lot of space and a nice view into the valley. Beautiful spot! Unfortunately the path to the waterfall is blocked by a fallen tree and landslide.

nice and calm place to pitch the tent. amazing view on the mountains.
please remember to collect all your trash....

Just as described by others. lots of room, wind shelter, nice views, waterfall and river water.

Perfect spot in between Cerro Castillo and Puerto Rio Tranquilo breaking up the terrible road conditions with a peaceful break along the river and near the waterfall which indeed does a perfect job of masking all road noise and allow you to be in nature instead!

Beautiful wild camp. S
pent a windy and rainy night well sheltered here with 3 other cyclists.

great place, nice good views, quiet and calm.

sweet spot to camp or just gave lunch. no traffic noise as the waterfall drowns out the road. lots if space for any sized rig. nice grass for tents. perfect views a new fire rings. take your trash!

Good spot, decent wind protection. We camped on grassy patch just after the forest. Don’t skip visiting the creek/waterfall across the road - there’s a well trodden path along the creek. We also saw some interesting birds. I imagine it would be a good place to wild shower on a warm day!

4runner / rooftent Good wind protection (and some rain) in the trees. plenty of fire spots already built. if the weather was better it would be the perfect spot for a few days.

Great place with wonderful views to the snowy mountaintops. Neither boggy nor dirty and far enough from the road.

also note, there are apple and plum trees growing here. in the autumn they are full of delicious fruit. next to the bright yellow tree in at the West side

nice spot, but not as sheltered as described. there is a few trees, but not very dense Forrest. enough shelter for a tent though. we camped on the western end of the area, next to a dense Forrest that we could not access, shelter was fine

Nice wildcamp off the 7, shelter from the wind under the trees and a nice pebble beach to dry your tent after a rainy night. Nice views in the morning. A little trash around, mostly TP (please pack yours out!) :)

Great spot, beautiful view, safe, wind protection. Some garbage but good for camping and parking big rigs.

Nice place for a (rainy) night. Enough space - there were two other cars and three tents.

Beau bivouac au bord du rio protégéde la route. Parfait pour une nuit paisible.

Beautiful and quiet place and very good wind protected.

See picture i forgot to add previously, it is behind the big fire place.

Indeed a great place with no wind, no flies and River nearby. Sadly, victim of its success with some people that left a whole garbage (see picture).

Hermoso lugar, muy tranquilo y con mucho lugar para acampar, hay agua del río y una cascada cerca.

Still a great place! We really loved it! I made my own woodstove with a piece of metal that I found.

Even in rain it was perfect: great panorama with clouds, quiet, remote. A lot of the other spots are very near to the road.

A nice little spot if the water isn't too high. It was a little marshy getting out (Truck camper) but not too bad.

Amazing spot, awesome view and very quiet. Good place for our van (
no 4x4 needed) and many place for tents.

We stayed with our van close to the river. There are a lot of places to stay even at rainy days, where river side is muddy. Great view over the lake and the mountains. Probably the best spot between Castillo and Tranquilo to stay with a car, as options are very limited.

We pushed on on the bad ripio late in the evening from Cerro Castillo to get here as the spots on the way weren't great, we're really glad we made it here as it's perfect! Another cyclist couple were here already, lots of space in the trees, fire pits, 'benches', beautiful spots on the beach to eat breakfast/watch the sunrise, lovely views and the sound of the adjacent waterfall, really sweet spot! Well worth getting to! Stunning views!

Perfect. Lovely view, well sheltered from the wind and plenty of space

In my mind the place is not so good then it sounds. The area near the river was flooded, so the space for RV's is very close to the road. Maybe It's a differend story if the areal is dry.

We spent a nice night here. Perfect, hidden spots from the road, protected from the wind, with great views.

We stopped here for a night with a few other overlanders. The area was a little flooded but we were all able to squeeze in amongst the trees, far enough from the road. Roadworks were no problem.

We only drove through here but they are doing heavy construction right now (22 December 2015) just east of so for the next few months we would recommend stopping before or after.

Free. Nice place and if tent or motorcycle can go closer to water and nicer view and off the road. We were here four nights due to weather. Warning the lush green grass at the edge of the trees before the river valley is wonderful for a tent if no rain is expected. If rains it turns to swamp.

Camped closer to the river with great mountain views. Had a nice campfire in the fire circle here. Very quiet. Free.

Rio Ibanez wild camp just off the road