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Hornopiren River Boondock | Wild Camping

Staticmap?center= 41.9612319069374, 72.4609329086472&zoom=13&size=1170x250&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7ccolor:red%7clabel:c%7c 41.9612319069374, 72


Last Visited: 8 months ago
GPS: -41.961232, -72.460933
Altitude: 12.4 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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To get there: Take gravel road to your right after the bridge (coming from the pier/ferry).

We needed to find a place by the ferry and found this area near town but away from houses and people. Next to river with views out to bay. Free. Fire pits and a few picnic tables nearby.


iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

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Beautiful place with many nice spots where to camp. Flat, grassy, fire pits. We really liked it till at 12.30 am when a bunch of kids arrived and parked right next to us and started partying and blasting music. We had to leave and move few spots away. Other than that, totally recommended place.

Loved the place. plenty of grass where to lay a tent. Decent privacy. it seems to be close to an industrial site. Quiet at night. Some locals coming and going but not much. Good fishing in the river. unfortunately some spots are full of trash, try leaving with some of it.

We went there the night before we took the morning ferry.
It was so rainy and windy that I could we could not escape from it with our campervan.
Preferable to go and Park there if you have a 4wd.

Easy to find after the bridge, not really the 2nd but rather the 1st entrance.

Nice for one night. A lot of area to pitch the tent. Not really beautiful. A lot of trash ! If you can pick up some trash, thanks !

Nice place for waiting the ferry. Some locals where fushing when we arrived. Different spots where you can park your car or big rig. A bit tricky to find, the second street looked for us like the first street. So first we drived to far ended at a private property gate. The entrance is really close to the bridge, think after about 100/200meters.

Very convenient if you are waiting for the ferry the next day. Beautiful glacier views. Leveled grassy spaces, firewood available around. If going south we believe here is were the landscape started changing into the epic Patagonia views. In front of a clear water river.

Absolutely beautiful spot right on the river. plenty of soft grass. stay here with tent or vehicle. lots of locals use this place for hang out or fishing. a bit of noise from dogs barking. never saw any stray dogs around. top beautiful place!!!

Lots of flat spots for vehicles & tents. Very humid & lots of bugs. Relatively quite, but you can here the dogs & music across the water from town. Beautiful spot. No locals driving around after about 10pm. A few other campers scattered about. Free.

Don't follow maps.me, but take the second the the right, the first leads directly to private property. Many places to put your campervan or tent, all very nice view and all very quiet! Also saw a horse walking around in the morning

We came here easily with our campervan. We took the second turn right after the bridge. We found a nice flat spot beside the river. There were no camp tables but there was a used fire place. Quiet during the night.We got company from a black spotted, really nice dog 😍.

Great spot. To get here, take SECOND gravel road after the bridge (coming from the town/pier). Quiet during the week, clean river, flat grassy areas and excellent Claro 4G reception if you want to get a few things done online. Can highly recommend.

Peaceful and great spot to stay for single night before boarding the ferry to Caleta Gonzalo. It's a dirt road with managble puddles for our 2WD van. Yes, there were a few barking dogs when we arrived however, they quieten down later in the night.

good place to stay which is very quite and rekatively private. you can hire horses from the guy near the road for $25,000 pesos for 4 hours.

Beautiful levels sites near the river. A lot of space with table and firepit.

Tried to check this spot out but the road to the river was blocked by cones and piles of wood.

Update: after talking to someone else it seems the road that maps.me was routing us down was a private road— the actual road to the site is the next one over that’s NOT blocked.

nice place close by the river to enjoy the view. quiet area to spend a good night.

Beautiful place to camp before/after taking the ferry. Several other campers in tents and rigs along the river but we found a place to ourselves near the end. Recommended.

Amazing spot with a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains. I'm not sure but on clear days you can probably see the volcano. It has lots of peaceful tourist life.

Nice spot for a night near the river with view on volcano. A large strip of flat grass with trees to be hidden from the road. Some trashes. When you are driving on the carretera to the South, you go out the city, just after the bridge 2nd on your right. We drove around Hornopiren, it was the best place to stay with our camper van. We drove by the entrance park, nowhere to park and be hidden from the road.

Found a really nice and clean spot next to the river, almost at the end. A lot of trash indeed. Some people/cars passed by bit did not mind. Also had a surprise visit of a Friendly dog who almost jumped into the bed! Best option in low season when you do not have to wait in line for the ferry.

Quiet spot on the side of the river. Flat and would be good for tent camping. Easy access 50 meters after the bridge. We didn't see another car out there, relaxing spot.

Nice spot by the river, but it seems to be a dumping ground for household trash in some areas. We took what we could from around our camp but there is still a lot to clean up

beutiful place by the river
great place to spend the night waiting for the ferry .
beutiful view sorrunded by volcanos

nice place, just out of town. quiet!! there is some garbage, but if you set camp the right way you won't see it.... nice river and no-one else around :-)
beautiful view over the bay

Convenient spot for a night-stop if you are coming to or from the ferry. Busy with locals camping & fishing but we found a space. It's mostly overlooked bu houses on the other side of the river, but no problem with that. Some dogs barking during the night. No facilities. Free.

Stayed here a night on the way south, whilst waiting the 9am ferry. Entrance is at the northern end, at the bridge. Camping on the eastern shore of the river. A fine spot for a short stay. No problems.

We stopped here after a late night ferry going north, only issue was barking dogs through the night.

Decent spot. But 5 or so cars drove by after dark (sat night) and police drove by in the morning. They didn't tell us to leave. We didn't see any picnic tables, but didn't search for them.

Clear area next to river, view of the bay, clean and fire pits around.

We needed to find a place by the ferry and found this area near town but away from houses and people. Next to river with views out to bay. Free. Fire pits and a few picnic tables nearby.