Suma Samawi Hostel | Established Campground

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Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: -16.173767, -69.094467
Altitude: 3826.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: Yes - Slow
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: No
Showers: Warm
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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The signs on the front advertised camping, pizza and a hostel. The bathrooms are a bit dodgy. The water is solar-heated, and the electric shower heads don't supply enough juice to heat water in the morning, so it's only somewhat warm in the afternoon. But the price is right and the Argentinian couple who run the place are very friendly. We opted for a room because it was only US$5 more for the three of us, but you can pitch a tent here as well.


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Electrical network for small equipment, does not support heater.
Narrow gate with 3m portal, not for camper.

Friendly owner, but bathrooms, toilettes and kitchen are dirty. Wifi is on and off. Compared to other Bolivian campsites I find 40 Bolivianos too much.

Only if desperate.. Totally run down & dirty. How you can run a place like this! No pride at all!

shower is not worm and it's dirty.
WiFi is not working or slow. in front of the hostel no WiFi.
easier and cheaper to camp wild and ask in one of the hotels for a shower.

Lovely friendly family run hostel. Green courtyard where smaller rigs can park. Bigger rigs can park in front of the hostel (currently 2 big French rigs parked there). Our car 2,4m high ford transit just got in.
Best feature of the hostel is a stone oven to make pizza yourself. The owner helped a lot with explainations and they have most of the ingredients needed!

New owners!!!! Excellent camping place!!!! Super nice owners, clean bathrooms and showers, clean kitchen to share, wifi is not great but mostly functional. 20 B /pp. VW vans and motorcycles easily fit inside the gate. Big rigs park in front. Nice garden and art vibe. Highly recommended.

Warning you won't find anything stocked - like soap, toilet paper or dish soap though so bring your own.

You can also pitch tents and the rooms are simple but clean and cheap.

Únicamente pasamos una noche, pero nos pareció un lugar tranquilo y agradable. Imprescindible ser amante de los animales porque hay gatos, conejos, gallinas.... 40 bob por dos personas y una combi

The lady in charge said it's not possible anymore to stay in front of the hostel for 10bs pp, because the police doesn't agree with it. We stayed inside the first night for 20bs pp, but with a mediocre shower, one toilet out of 4 working and very slow wifi we decided to stay a bit further on the lake without facilities for the next night. It was during a festival and the lakeside was full of people camping and it was a lot better than on the parking. Really a beautiful place, especially at sunset.

Kind family who runs it; Marta is in really in charge though ;) Lots of animals.

We parked in the back where they hang the laundry and really liked it compared to parking in the front lawn/entrance area even though the spotty wifi doesn't reach back there. It is 15B per person and 10B for the car.
We took the full day boat tour to the islands and they let us leave our car there until we returned in the evening.

We stayed 2 nights in front of the hostel using it's facilities for 10 bol pp pn. The garden was full with people playing "music" so we preferred to stay directly at the lake. Very quiet and beautiful sunsets. Good price for what you get.

40 Bs por pessoa em quarto com banheiro privado. Não era limpo. Chuveiro com pouquíssima água.

We camped outside the hostel for free and just paid 15Bol for the wifi. Really nice owner. Extremely quiet at night. It's a relaxing place!

Really friendly owner, and good atmosphere. Small kitchen. We took a room for 50Bs. The bed was good. Didn't try the shower, but not so clean. You can also buy water for 5Bs (2L) in their small shop. The wifi didn't reach all the rooms. Average speed. I recommend

40 Bol for 2 people and 1 car. Tight entrance gate. Not for big rigs. Very nice view. Shower and toilets. They were renovating the toilets. Spotty wifi. Kitchen.

Small courtyard between cottages directly at Lake Titikaka. Electricity, slow wifi, electrical hot shower in one of the rooms, kitchen. Narrow access gate, larger vehicles need to stand in front. Ten minutes walking to Copacabana. BOB 40 (2 adults, camper).

Simple and friendly. Hot water shower. Toilets and shower very dirty, one of the worst yet in 1.5 years of central and South America travelling. Now 40 BOB a night. Police came at 11:30 at night to check everyone's ID and entry stamps. Walking distance to copacobana.

Two of our four had diarrhea, so we decided to park nearby for the night. 30 Bob for frequent use of the facility until 11 PM when the gate locks for the night. Fortunately no emergencies. Two rigs parked inside already and didn't look like much room for more, free parking all along the lake shore and lots of people tenting it out. cool place and super friendly owners.

We stayed two nights. Place is more aimed at the international backpackers. Facilities not great, but working. There is a indoor kitchen. Friendly and helpful owner.

has anyone an emailadres of this place.
we would like to store our mobilhome in this region for some months

Toilets were basic but fine. We parked inside the garden and felt very comfortable there. 36 Bob a night and 12 bob for the night we left it there and went to Isla del Sol.

camping y habitaciones con baño. el lugar es idílico, tienen un jardín precioso, pero esta muy sucio. la cocina además de muy básica esta asquerosa y los actuales administradores son medio bipolares... luis es majo pero derrepente te echa de la cocina, cierra con candado la puerta al camping con candado sin avisar y no da llave y cambia la.contraseña del WiFi sin avisarte o lo apaga para que no se use. una pena la gestión ya que es un lugar muy tranquilo y agradable.
la ducha común si alguien abre el grifo de la pila del jardín se queda sin agua y las privadas apenas tienen presión.

The4Dutch. Good place and friendly people, very helpfull. Simple toilets and shower, but clean. Se stay here for 3 nights.

Free to camp outside without amenities. Beautiful spot by the lake. Seems to be a nice hostel.

This place has a really nice vibe and grassy spot to car camp or tent camp on for 12b per person and per car. If you can put up with the dodgey toilets (they really aren't great), then it's a great place to stay. Amazing view, 5 min walk from town and friendly owners. You can also leave you car inside if you're going to isla del sol for 10b per night.

We stayed in front of the entrance because we are too big for the gate.
The owners are very kind and helpfull. The toilet and the shower are very rustic. The water could be hot with a low pressure.
We paied 20 Bol per night for services ( water, electricity, slow wifi, shower and toilets).According to the owner it was safe to leave our RV in front of the camping during our one day tour to Isla del Sol. And it was! We find back our RV in the evening, without any damage. Amazing view on the sunset on the lake.

20 Bol per night to camp outside (elec+wi-fi) included. 15 Bol cold beers (Paceña)

La entrada es muy baja, como mucho entran las van si no son muy altas

We spent two nights in this camping and haven't seen te people that run it till the minute we were about to leave. Finally we paid 30 per night for the two of us and the car - 10 each but the prices he has listed on the window are different. It looked nice at first but there was absolutely no service here - simple things like trash bins were never emptied. Showers are really tiny and not really warm, you have to do it strategically because there is no way you can change inside without getting your clothes wet... Kitchen was very basic and dirty as well. I would recommend searching a cheap hostel instead.

Can't be closer from the lake. Very nice campsite. Ok for an average size overland like ours. 35bol for 2 persons plus the car. City is close. 20bol for isla del sol.

Very nice people who runs the hostel. Toilets are very doggy. Electric shower (not really warm)

Only campground in the city, door is only 2.3 m wide, we were not aible to enter, stayed outside. Sanitary very very simple. More a secure parking for us than a camping. 30 BOL/night

Nice place by the beach. Wifi, tent friendly. Best you can get in Copacabana for camping. 15 bolivianos per person, 10 for the car. You can get here the tickets to isla del sol.

Primitive hostel on the quiet end of town. We just parked out front but were able to use the wifi, showers, and bathrooms in the hostel. It was nice here because we were right in the water. We paid 15b/pp/night. Only negative, slow wifi and filthy bathrooms, but the shower was hot.

- 10 BOB per person + 10 BOB for a car
- pretty bad toilet, very postapocalyptic
- atrocious wifi (barely good enough for email only, really)
- showers are available, we were not brave enough to try them (we heard they are rather cold)
- cheap cabanas for rent, some with own bathroom (might be worth it, it is really cheap)
- parking in a very nice garden
- entrance rather limited, definitely for smaller vehicles only, a small pickup camper might fit

We're not entirely sure of the name of this place, but the signs on the front advertised camping, pizza and a hostel. The bathrooms are a bit dodgy. The water is solar-heated, and the electric shower heads don't supply enough juice to heat water in the morning, so it's only somewhat warm in the afternoon. But the price is right and the Argentinian couple who run the place are very friendly. We opted for a room because it was only US$5 more for the three of us, but you can pitch a tent here as well.