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Informal camp

La Rose de l'Est

Verified: almost 3 years ago
GPS: -3.475500, 30.245700
Alt.: Unknown
Small but well maintained yard next to the hotel. Room key for toilet and shower. Restaurant not recommended. .
Electricity Restaurant Showers Water Restroom


Karera Beach Hotel

Verified: almost 3 years ago
GPS: -3.353700, 29.323800
Alt.: Unknown
Garded and fenced yard next to proprietary postcard sand beach with palms. We got the key of one of the bungalows for shower and toilet. Nice staff. We had a quick look at Saga beach, but we didn't like it. It was dirty, crowded and more expensive. .
Electricity Internet Restaurant Showers Water Restroom


Bora Bora Guesthouse

Verified: over 4 years ago
GPS: -3.340333, 29.335083
Alt.: Unknown
Nice room and restaurant


Auberge Mgr Nterere

Verified: 11 months ago
GPS: -2.851973, 30.334483
Alt.: 1756.4 masl
Auberge with restaurant, they let me stay and sleep in my rooftent. Price 10.000 francs, key from room but shower with bucket cold water
Restaurant Showers Restroom


Museum of Gitega

Verified: about 1 month ago
GPS: -3.413353, 29.900617
Alt.: 1646.2 masl
Small museum with random pieces from ancient years and things from the eary 20th century. Museum guard was asleep when we arrived. Costs 7000fr pp but i dont think that's the correct price. Guard also organised some banana-beer to try but eventually drank it himself. Not sure if this is worth a visit.



Verified: about 1 month ago
GPS: -3.413754, 29.900945
Alt.: 1642.8 masl
Nice Hotel outside of Gitega. They let us camp with rooftop tent in their garden for 5$ total. They offered toilet and shower.
Parking Restaurant Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly


Karera Falls

Verified: about 1 month ago
GPS: -3.816631, 30.064327
Alt.: 1635.9 masl
15km off the main road, 20$pp expatriates, 10$residents.