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Informal camp

Cercle Navale (Yacht Club)

Verified: about 2 months ago
GPS: -4.789320, 11.848380
Alt.: 0.0 masl
Camping on the car park at the rundown yacht club with extremely friendly staff and military, terrible toilets and no showers but plenty of water, we asked at the Total restaurant next doors and were allowed to use their pool ablutions, we stayed for free and gave some small gifts to the helpful securities and military post
Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly

Informal camp

Nyanga sub-prefecture

Verified: about 3 years ago
GPS: -2.915270, 11.889000
Alt.: Unknown
We were allowed to spend the night in the large courtyard of the sub-prefecture for free.
Restroom Big Rig Friendly


Consulate of Angola (Pointe Noire)

Verified: 18 days ago
GPS: -4.791830, 11.859220
Alt.: 0.0 masl
We went to the consulate in Pointe Noire to try to apply for a transit visa for Cabinda so we would not use up our tourist visa. They were not unhelpful but told us that you are only allowed to have one active visa at a time. However an other traveller who got his tourist visa together with us in Accra was able to get a transit visa here just two weeks before. We also heard from other travellers who got a tourist visa issued here without invitation letters so if you do not want to go through the hassle of driving from Ghana to Angola in 2 months (visa validity) then Pointe Noire and Matadi would be your best bets.


Toyota Pointe Noire

Verified: 6 months ago
GPS: -4.797870, 11.838380
Alt.: Unknown
The local Toyota branch.


Immigration Congo

Verified: over 1 year ago
GPS: 2.149084, 13.943372
Alt.: 551.3 masl
Immigration and customs


Registration Of Border Cross - Congo-Cameroon

Verified: over 1 year ago
GPS: 2.149048, 13.943379
Alt.: 542.1 masl
We were asked 10.000 CFA for 'registration service' but refused and left!

Informal camp

Conférence Épiscopale Du Congo

Verified: 29 days ago
GPS: 1.590948, 15.993778
Alt.: 376.6 masl
We were allowed to park and camp on the soccer field of the catholic priest school. Very hospitable rector, François, welcomed us and was happy to speak Italian with my wife! Nice and quiet spot outside Ouesso.
Water Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly

Informal camp

Hotel Hippocampe

Verified: 9 months ago
GPS: -4.273080, 15.277665
Alt.: 297.7 masl
This hotel welcomes overlanders since ages! You can park and pitch for FREE, and use a bathroom with cold shower accessible with a key. Very kind hosts! Located in the center of Brazzaville, close to many useful embassies. Oh, and they have an excellent Vietnamese/Asian restaurant with very reasonable prices! Bringing pets is not a problem, but when we were here there were 3 dogs, from which one was aggressive against our dog. We just kept ours inside whenever the other ones were unlocked.
Internet Restaurant Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly


RoC Customs - Louingui

Verified: 10 months ago
GPS: -4.560430, 14.674818
Alt.: 0.0 masl
Get carnet stamped here when using the road to/from Congo to Lwozi, DRC. There is no customs at the Tombo border crossing. We also had to see the police across from customs whom took our details down. Customs refused to give our carnet back until we paid 2000cfa, which we were told after he stamped it. Unfortunately we paid.....

Informal camp

Catholic mission

Verified: about 1 year ago
GPS: -3.482417, 12.318417
Alt.: 0.0 masl
Paied 3000 f for a bed, nice people running power from a generator in the evening. Bucket shower, but showers and toilets are borderline. Plenty of space for camping.
Showers Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly


Hotel Residence Emilienne-Ikobo

Verified: about 1 month ago
GPS: -0.011302, 15.625013
Alt.: 351.4 masl
The president elections were in town, so most hotels and other accommodation was not available. We did find this little gem of a place, with a very friendly hostess. Beautiful rooms, decorated nicely with comfortable beds and pillows. Tv, fan and A/C in rooms. Our air-con wasn't working so we reduced the price from 20000CFA to 15000CFA (£17.50) a night.
Electricity Parking Restaurant Showers Water Restroom


Hotel Residence Arc-En-Ciel

Verified: about 1 year ago
GPS: -2.486774, 15.745159
Alt.: 671.9 masl
15000CFA per room. Certainly stayed in better accommodation, but enjoyed hot showers and air-con. We did however find a cockroach in our bed, so cleanliness is obviously not a high factor here.
Electricity Parking Showers Water Restroom

Informal camp

Sala Ngolo

Verified: 9 months ago
GPS: -4.205879, 12.669958
Alt.: 337.7 masl
Hotel that allows camping. 4000CFA per person. Warm shower and toilet available. Water also freely available as well. Lovely people, nice place to stay while acquiring Angola visa (embassy very close, 1min walk away).
Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly


Congo Border Town

Verified: about 1 year ago
GPS: -4.443394, 12.293125
Alt.: 503.1 masl
Passports stamped out by both police and army. Yes we had two stamps out because apparently the army's stamp is better.TIA


Police Checkpoint

Verified: 17 days ago
GPS: -4.853278, 13.400278
Alt.: 508.1 masl
Stamped our passports out of Congo, no customs post here


Angola Consulate

Verified: 7 days ago
GPS: -4.202070, 12.670923
Alt.: 363.2 masl
Issue tourist visas here. Only problem is it could take days. You need to wait for the consular to arrive. We applied on Monday and received our visas on Friday. Was able to pay in CFA, 93000CFA per visa for a single entry for 1 month. Double entry possible.


Groupe Mab Auberge

Verified: 11 months ago
GPS: 2.058262, 14.131501
Alt.: 559.0 masl
Rooms for 3000 - 5000 CFA Police from Ouesso stay here. Place was being renovated / upgraded at the time... who knows, might be nice when they're done. As it is right now you could squeeze 2-3 4WDs inside the gate.
Electricity Parking Showers Water Restroom Pet Friendly


Hotel du Centre

Verified: 11 months ago
GPS: -2.483863, 15.750886
Alt.: 635.0 masl
10,000 CFA per room 3000 mains 2500 brekky Negotiated brekky included Night watchman Can put motorbikes inside
Electricity Parking Restaurant Showers Water Restroom


Bienvenue Nancy Hotel

Verified: 9 months ago
GPS: -4.572075, 14.680905
Alt.: 510.0 masl
10,000 CFA for basic room. VERY NICE even by Western standards. We didn't stay... wish we did but wasted afternoon looking for fuel instead. Place stood out that much we thought it worthwhile pulling up and pinning for iOverlander :)
Electricity Restaurant Restroom


Auberge de Boko

Verified: 10 months ago
GPS: -4.774258, 14.630825
Alt.: 616.0 masl
Convenient spot between RoC and DRC crossings. 10,000 CFA for BIG room. Too homosexual for my brother and I to share a room at other place so came here. Nice little restaurant down the hill in the paddock... won't find it without help :)
Electricity Parking Showers Restroom


RoC Passport Control Checkpoint - Tombo

Verified: 10 months ago
GPS: -4.863802, 14.426898
Alt.: 428.0 masl
Get passport stamped here... even though you get a stamp at Louingui. We ran this checkpoint and DRC Passport Control Checkpoint in Ndalatando made us come back.


Road blocked

Verified: 10 months ago
GPS: -4.754460, 14.549920
Alt.: 0.0 masl
Bridge crossing development underway. No bypass for vehicles. Slender planks laid down for scooter access. Alternate route is main track running West from Louingui. We didn't trust the planks and took the alternate route. See attached image for alternate route.

Informal camp

mess Gaps

Verified: 9 days ago
GPS: -4.196802, 12.679567
Alt.: 364.7 masl
very nice restaurant. good food, very clean! owned by a french guy. who also has a mask museum in his house next door.


policz checkpoint

Verified: 9 months ago
GPS: -4.874678, 14.147404
Alt.: 331.1 masl
500 cfa to pay. normally we dont pay, we couldnt avoid this one. 20 minutes lost


border road to angola

Verified: 9 months ago
GPS: -5.737581, 14.064053
Alt.: 318.1 masl
the rn15 songololo - luvo is closed due to broken bridge. so this is the new road ;-)

Wild camp

Village Camp

Verified: 9 months ago
GPS: -3.245431, 12.133770
Alt.: 142.3 masl
We were allowed to Camp in the open Dance/Meeting structure, no electricity & water from the bore in village. Nice as it's about 100m on the South side of a little village. Paul & Jan
Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly


Hotel la constance

Verified: 8 months ago
GPS: -4.779078, 11.874454
Alt.: 21.0 masl
Got a spacious room for two people with large bed for 10,000CFA per night. Next to the street so bring earplugs, but not much else cheaper in Pointe-Noire. Has basic ensuite with weak shower and a/c in rooms.
Electricity Parking Showers Restroom


Yes Club

Verified: 8 months ago
GPS: -4.801826, 11.837356
Alt.: -1.0 masl
A great beach side Chinese restaurant that does authentic Chinese food, but can also cater to western tastes ;) there's a hotel section just behind the restaurant, room with no window costs 30,000cfa, seaview is 70,000cfa.
Electricity Internet Parking Restaurant Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly


Auberge espace la france

Verified: 4 months ago
GPS: -3.715945, 12.450029
Alt.: 111.4 masl
used since I couldn't make it to dolisie, super cheap 1000cfa room but basically a wooden shack with no electricity nor water, you wash in the river, pit toilets, noisy bar at the front but ok if you have no choice, had chicken with spaghetti for 900cfa :-)
Kitchen Parking Restaurant Restroom Big Rig Friendly



Verified: 25 days ago
GPS: -4.799501, 11.854681
Alt.: 16.2 masl
great restaurant run by friendly Portuguese guy named Jose, serves chicken and cold beer, kind of an overlander meeting point :-)