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6 places found in Northern Cyprus

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Customs / Ferry

Verified: 7 months ago
GPS: 35.341193, 33.331542
Alt.: -6.0 masl
I guess all car ferry ports are also border crossing on island. A bit of a zoo. Steps and big sweaty mass of people1. Passport 2. Insurance and landing card (90tl) 3. Customs house papers 4. Customs inspection 5. Final document check. Total time 1.5 hrs. Better than Turkish side which took 3.5hrs


Trailer park

Verified: 7 months ago
GPS: 35.200420, 33.897371
Alt.: 22.5 masl
Can't recommend this place but nice people let me camp for free and unlocked bathrooms and showers. It's basically a large trailer park with mostly semi-permanent structures on the sites. If you have a rig and want to wild camp, there is large lot adjacent to property next to bar that would probably be better option. Wiped out from overnight ferry so fine for a night
Electricity Internet Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly


Border Crossing - Closed To US Citizens

Verified: 7 months ago
GPS: 35.096329, 33.901901
Alt.: 22.9 masl
If you entered Cyprus via Girne and have US passport it is considered an "illegal" entry and you cannot cross here. You must cross at Nicosia they said. FYI


Nicosia Border

Verified: 7 months ago
GPS: 35.180081, 33.323648
Alt.: 149.9 masl
If you have valid EU green card insurance with USA passport / plates no stamp or insurance or road tax required. They just waved me through


Governors beach Camping

Verified: 7 months ago
GPS: 34.719634, 33.271950
Alt.: 17.4 masl
Didn't stay but looks like a big trailer park. Across the street has big dirt lot that probably ok option for wild camping
Big Rig Friendly


Polis camping

Verified: 7 months ago
GPS: 35.042848, 32.417755
Alt.: 14.0 masl
Nice spot on the beach. Lots of big shady trees, grass, hot showers. Not the greatest facilities but they seem to try to keep them clean. Little bar on sandy beach. Quiet offseason only a couple other campers. No long term trailers!
Electricity Restaurant Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly