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Wild camp

Forest Track

Verified: 11 days ago
GPS: 28.891421, 80.389966
Alt.: 198.9 masl
Nothing special but some flat spots down a forest track. Still quite close to the road so some noise but reasonably well hidden. Handy for the Indian border. No facilities. Free.
Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly



Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -16.400396, -71.542234
Alt.: -1.0 masl
very good and interesting restaurant with basis of andean poratoes and other nice products. friendly owner and service


Casa Hostal Geranios

Verified: 13 days ago
GPS: 0.596372, -77.834821
Alt.: 2864.0 masl
Internet is actually bad, very intermittent, comes and goes, makes it hard to update a blog, for example, or to upload pictures.
Internet Parking Showers Restroom

Informal camp


Verified: 28 days ago
GPS: 36.437457, 48.791325
Alt.: 1809.1 masl
Park with camping places. At the site of the park there are nice camp places. There is water and toilets.
Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly

Wild camp


Verified: 15 days ago
GPS: 31.510993, 52.131792
Alt.: 2171.2 masl
Izad Khast Caravancary and abanded city Drive into the vally to the caravancary. You can camp around the caravancary, if you don’t have a to big truck drive behind the caravancary and you can park at the end of the road and have a quite night and beautiful view to the caravancary and abandond city. In front of the caravancary facilities are being build. In the morning we were invited to visit the caravansary and the abandon city. This was worth the visit, you are walking through the ruins and can imagine the past.


Nakhon Phanom Aquarium

Verified: 18 days ago
GPS: 17.374688, 104.736182
Alt.: 147.0 masl
A collection of fish-tanks with the fish that live in the Mekong river. Including a underwater glass walkway with massive fish swimming overhead. Good for a one hour relaxation. No double prices. 30 bath pp


Dinosaur footprints

Verified: 12 days ago
GPS: 17.713160, 104.381774
Alt.: 118.0 masl
A small collection of dinosaur-footprints. No entrance-fee :-) Not worth a d-tour, but if you passing by, have a look.

Informal camp

That Kham waterfall

Verified: 12 days ago
GPS: 17.953955, 104.160437
Alt.: 124.0 masl
A small waterfall with a parking-lot. Swimming possible
Restroom Big Rig Friendly


Huge Buda statue

Verified: 9 days ago
GPS: 16.500380, 104.728688
Alt.: 241.0 masl
In the style of Rio and Cochabamba, a huge Buda statue on top if a hill. Nice views over Mukdahan and Savanaket (and the Mekong of course).


Phu Pha Thoep

Verified: 9 days ago
GPS: 16.435707, 104.806603
Alt.: 126.0 masl
An area littered with weird and oddly shaped rocks, eroded by hundreds of years of rain and wind. Bring picnic lunch and water. The trail is a few km and leads to a couple of waterfalls and cliffs as well. Entrance fee for non-Thai 200 baht, car 30 baht.

Wild camp

Wildcamp Algeti Lake

Verified: 9 days ago
GPS: 41.590847, 44.521597
Alt.: 820.6 masl
Nice picknick place on top of a hill with lake view. mud path leads to it. Nice for 4-wheelers. nice place...
Water Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly


Maua Cafe & Tours

Verified: 26 days ago
GPS: -8.891448, 33.445138
Alt.: 0.0 masl
Maua Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, dinner. We also have Lunji Coffee grown on the slopes of Mbeya Peak. While chilling and eating a meal, you could visit our gift shop too, which has crafts from women groups in Mbeya Region. We are about 800m from Mbeya Town Center.


Potluck Boskombuis

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -24.720246, 30.842531
Alt.: 1228.4 masl
Beautiful outdoor restaurant at the small river. If you stop only for a drink or lunch, you won't regret your decision.


Lesholoago camp 1

Verified: 14 days ago
GPS: -24.944290, 22.047967
Alt.: 1049.9 masl
Simple campsite with A-frame and pit toilet. Shade trees. Wonderful view of the pan. This side of the park is very wild and very dry - even in April. We saw much more wildlife on the South Africa side of the park where there are plenty of waterholes. The drive here and back from Nossob takes about 8 hours one way traveling at 25 km per hour. It's a gorgeous, peaceful drive over sand dunes in some parts. Lesholoago camp 2 across the pan has running water for a shower and sink!
Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly

Rental unit

Kalahari Tented Camp

Verified: 11 days ago
GPS: -25.786266, 20.017440
Alt.: 945.0 masl
If you want to treat yourself in the Kgalagadi, this is a wonderful place to stay. There are 14 fully equipped "tents" built of sandbags, wood and canvas - each with its own kitchen, bathroom, wooden deck, and braai with views over the Auob Riverbed and a floodlit water hole. There’s also a swimming pool. R1665 for 2 in a tent
Electricity Kitchen Parking Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly


Csatyni Guesthouse

Verified: 11 days ago
GPS: -29.608322, 27.762528
Alt.: 1811.0 masl
Small place with one hut (4 beds) under construction where you can camp. Basic, but nice ownerin Christina. Restroom with toilet and running water but when we were here there was no water because generator was out of order.
Kitchen Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly


Maletsunyane Waterfall

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -29.878469, 28.048804
Alt.: 2316.0 masl
Point with a great view on the waterfall. Reachable over some*8 km gravel road, but possible with 2x4. Also a nice overnight site, but very could!!


Entrance gravel road to waterfalls

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -29.826907, 28.036196
Alt.: 2243.0 masl
Leave the main road A5 to reach the waterfalls 8 km away

Wild camp

Lookout Entrace to San Lorenzo

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -1.071499, -80.905159
Alt.: 25.4 masl
From the main Spodylus route there's a pave road to that takes you into town. Just as you get on that road look for the big colorful letters that read "SAN LORENZO" to your left there's a hill with a short dirt driveway. Drive up and camp at the flat dirt lot. Good views with a cool breeze. Free, dafe but close to the main highway.
Big Rig Friendly Pet Friendly


ATM Banco de la Nacion Argentina

Verified: 13 days ago
GPS: -27.228381, -66.934567
Alt.: 1909.0 masl
In the middle of nowhere is an ATM from Banco de la Nacion Argentina. The ATM is in a little sideway next to the building from the municipalidad. It was a surprise to get the maximum of Pesos 2.000 (with the usal fee for Visa Credit Card) in this remote place.


Turn-Off to Campo de Piedra Pomez (solo para 4x4)

Verified: 12 days ago
GPS: -26.480373, -67.337772
Alt.: 3179.0 masl
If you made it to here, enjoined the scenery so far and have some hours spare time furthermore you have 4x4 with higher clearance and some extra fuel than take the turn-off to Campo/Formaciones de Piedra Pomez. It is an 28km rougher drive with some soft sand fields and over lava rocks. It takes roughly 90 minutes one way. The track leads you to an amazing rock formation that is unique in its appearance and allows wonderful and easy walks around.


Check for Road Conditions when going North

Verified: 11 days ago
GPS: -26.060616, -67.407970
Alt.: 3416.0 masl
In Antofagasta de la Sierra please check the road conditions with police/municipalidad when following RP43/RP17 to the northern direction to Salar de Pocitos/Punta Cauchan (RN51). We had fresh snow in Antofagasta the night before we started. It was a good drive to Incahuasi at Salar de Hombre Muerto (about 90km). Then the road got so muddy because of the melting snow that we decided to return. Furthermore it was not clear which way to take around or over the Salar de Hombre Muerto. Our paper map showed a way along the west shore. But in Open Street Maps there are also tracks crossing the salar (see screenshot). There are no road signs that indicate the correct direction and there was nobody to ask. So better be prepared.


Ikatan motors Indonesia

Verified: 12 days ago
GPS: -6.226474, 106.806969
Alt.: 0.0 masl
automobil club indonesia down stairs next to beets andbouts cafe!


selvasa ford dealer

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -27.404426, -55.908092
Alt.: 128.0 masl
Big dealership, very friendly and welcoming. Did oil and filter change, due to the late hour they allowed us to stay overnight, provided electricity and free wifi. We travel with a Winnebago motorhome.


Camping fundo el Pinar at La Rioja

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: -27.404428, -55.908120
Alt.: 117.0 masl
The access to this campground is dirty and through not very pretty neighborhood. Camping itself hudge, lots of trees, tables and parrilleras at sites, electricity. Showers and toilets old and hot water. Visited in late march and there was no one else there. Regarding price, they ripped us off, charging 50 pesos per person and then 150 extra for the RV. it is a good place for big rigs.
Electricity Showers Water Restroom Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly


Laayoune Customs Building

Verified: 10 days ago
GPS: 27.155614, -13.201113
Alt.: 53.0 masl
Customs Office in Laayoune. Needed after a total loss of a car


Isfinia Hotel & Restaurant

Verified: 9 days ago
GPS: -5.557717, 12.188376
Alt.: 28.0 masl
Basic room but clean, with aa, bathroom. 9000kwz. Has also a good Restaurant with buffet 1500kwz per person.
Parking Restaurant Showers Water Restroom


Jasmine's (ice cream)

Verified: 11 days ago
GPS: 17.172796, -89.112019
Alt.: -1.0 masl
Small stand beside the road selling delicious ice cream. They also do hot food for dinner, but we weren't around for that. A nice drive out to Bullet Tree Falls, this small stand is very near the swimming hole. It may looked closed, but check anyway.

Informal camp

pulacayo in front of church

Verified: 24 days ago
GPS: -20.391733, -66.699368
Alt.: 4135.0 masl
quiet and save night militari checkpoint at 50 m
Tent Friendly Pet Friendly

Wild camp

Juan Fernandez

Verified: 20 days ago
GPS: -19.556483, -65.419497
Alt.: 3231.1 masl
next to orchard full of peaches. Juan guided us to the 8000 years old rock paintings on the families property. Very friendly. Recomanded.
Water Big Rig Friendly Tent Friendly Pet Friendly