nathandrillot Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
"Two wheels" campground

Mike is an amazing host. The winds drove us off the beach and we couldn’t be happier to spend a night at 2wheels. Great little oasis with the best host!

Juncalito Beach

Nice beach camping. If you walk or swim around the far side there’s a rocky cove with decent snorkelling. Def make sure to visit 2wheels oasis close by.

Fort Pickens National Park Campground

Nice campground. Spaces are pretty tight next to each other but the area is pretty with an amazing beach. There’s not really any boondocking in these parts so it is what it is. Close to a military base so lots of gun shots and fighter jets

Poches Fish N Camp Campground

Winds drove us off the beach. Lovely RV park. Nice and quiet spot for a quick overnight. Lake is stocked with fish.

Freeport Beach south of Brazoria NWR

Nice mostly flat beach. Not as nice as Padre Island national seashore (where we came from). Good FREE overnight option as you head up or down the 3rd coast. Was pretty silent after 10pm.

Rutherford Beach

High winds so we decided to move on. Beach looks like it took a lot of damage from the previous hurricanes. Besides some ATV’s no one else around.

Padre Island National Seashore 4x4 South Beach

Best beach camp we did in Texas. Cleaner and less traffic then South Padre or Boca Chica. A few spots to get off the beach and into a bit of protection. Water this time of year is chilly but we swam everyday anyways. Lots of day use but gets tranquil after dusk. Not much drift wood to burn. Highly suggest picking up seafood in Corpus Christi. Bay shrimp and oysters were delicious!

South Padre Island Tx End of 100 rd.

Put it in 4x4 and went up the entire beach. Warm water but very high winds and not much protection. Fisher men all hours of the day and night. Regretfully lots of trash. Stayed for a few nights until high winds forced us off the beach. Lots of drift wood to burn. Overall better than Boca Chica but no where near as nice as Padre Island National Seashore.

Amistad National Recreational Area

Some ok spots near the washroom (for a fee). We opted to stay down the dirt road (after the outhouse). It’s free and more secluded. Lots of firewood in the dry river bed. Saw armadillos, deer, and lots of birds. Coyote at night. Lovely FREE spot for a 1 night stop over.

Boca Chica Beach. Wild life refuge.

Nice beach and warm waters even in January. No one else camping but lots of fishermen all hours of day and night. South padre and Padre island seashores were nicer with more room to get away from the tide. Space X kicked us off the beach due to testing. Lots of trash regretfully.

Lizard Road

Good easy access from the highway. Train noise in the night but overall a decent place to stop if heading west or East on the highway. To get away from the houses you might want to head up the road into the hills. 4x4 would help.

Ajo (blm)

Amazing desert camping. Spent Christmas here and it was beautiful, warm (for the middle of winter) and very secluded yet close to town. Will return here every time we’re in southern Arizona. Some really amazing spots deeper in if you have 4x4. Rarely saw anyone else besides a few motorcyclist.

Sear’s Point (BLM)

Free, road in decent shape, lots of wild camping spots. The petroglyphs are absolutely stunning.

Ehrenberg BLM land.

Decent spot for an over night. We stayed right on the river (4x4 needed). Lots of trash and a sign begging people to not ruin it by trashing the place. Definitely seems like it could get rowdy on the weekends.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Absolutely stunning scenery with endless options for camping spots. West side of the park is close to quartzite for restocking options. We went deep into the park and did basically a full loop. Once you get off the main gravel roads the condition can become difficult. 4x4 and high clearance is a must if you want to go deep into the park. Especially the eastern side. Multiple small cabins you can camp near and utilize. Can’t recommend Kofa more! We try and go here every year.

Williams Hill blm

As described. Great free camping spot with lovely views of the sunrise and sunset. Lots of wild camping spots available as you drive up to the main campground if you prefer solitude

Usal Beach Dispersed Camping

As described. Really awesome beach with dramatic tides and lots of wildlife. Can def see how it could get crazy down there during busy weekends. Road in was fine. Didn’t need 4x4 but high clearance was a must. We camped off the beach in the forest. Much warmer / less wind. Didn’t know anything this lawless and free existed in California. Will 100% return.

Siskiyou National Forest, FR 25

Needed a place for a quick overnight and this was perfect. Easy narrow winding paved road. Many dirt roads that lead to better spots but we decided to camp just off the road. Nice forest. Only 1 car in the night. Beautiful sunrise.

Rock Candy Hill Top

Dead end turn around about 15 minutes up mostly 2wd friendly dirt road. Lots of beer cans and spent shells. No one besides us up here luckily. Good spot for a quick 1 night pull off if your traveling up or down the 5. Landscape is a combination of forest and clear cut. Although nice sunrises and sunsets.

Playa La Escondida

Best beach in the area! Great group of people and nice outhouses. Can kayak out to an island. Will def always stop here. Merchants come with food, bread, water, and prawns.


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