downhillandsouth Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Forest field

This is technically private property but is not in use, just an empty lot with an overgrown dirt road.

We tucked into the dirt road up to where it was overgrown so as to hide a bit from the street.

Worked for a tonight, but probably won’t last long.

Curry hammock state park

Water spigot just inside the entrance. If you’re only filling water and not dumping, it’s $7.50

Speedway Gas Station

Water spigot next to pump 11. Was out of order, but maybe it will be working again when you stop by!

Kroger water pump

Spigot right next to the air. I was worried from the OP that it would just be water for your car, but it’s a separate spigot.

Lutheran Church

Water spigot next to the cemetery. Next to the tree

Rest Area

Water spigot you can connect a hose to, doesn’t say if it is potable or not. Look for the red spigot in front of the handicapped parking spaces.

discreet residential street

Quiet residential street with a park on one side. Park is gated so no zombies wandering around, but at least you’re not parking right in front of someone’s house.

Camped one night, were very discreet. Felt very safe. Good for a small camper van, but not an obvious RV

Good cel service and free Xfinity wifi

Three Rivers Casino at Florence

As others have said, really friendly security, nice place to stay the night. You need to sign up for a players club card to stay. Sign up is free and gives you $10 free slot play.

There are 5 parking spots that have power! It’s pretty empty right now and it was easy to claim a power spot.

Barview Jetty Campground

Typical campground. Pricey but so is everything else in the area. Plenty of walk-in sites this time of year.

Showers closed. Assuming for covid but doesn’t say.

Lacey Laundry

Great place. Very clean. All new machines, can use card instead of coins. Last wash @ 7:30pm

Dismal Nitch Rest Area

Just as good as everyone else said. Felt completely safe overnighting as a solo female traveler.

Olympic National Park Kalaloch campsite

Typical NP campground. A little pricey. Decent AT&T cel service.

Hoh Oxbow Campground

County park, free with Discover Pass. Not many level sites. Camp right on the river. I was the only one there!

Heart o' the Hills campground

Typical NP campground. Lots of sites closed for low season (and maybe covid?). Not a lot of hiking options during winter unless you have snow gear.

Road to Hurricane Ridge was closed even though it’s supposed to be open on weekends.


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