Date Place Comment
Chinchorro Art Sculptures

Very impressive to watch and to listen. they make beautiful sounds, so make a stop next to it!

Fisherman Free Beach camp

We stayed here 2 nights. Felt secure and loved that it is so isolated. The people from peublo nuevo where very kind. They come down to the well all day.

Parque Carolina

Great place in a huge sport park! We stayed from friday till sunday, the nights were very very quit. Wifi, toilet, friendly security, food and drinks and a great (sportive) atmosphere. If you want, public showers on the other side of the street. Love it! For 2 dollars a night!

Camping Guaimaro

We really loved this campsite. The nature is really beautifull and Barichara is a really nice colonial town (we liked Barrichara more then Villa de Leiva because it feels less touristy). The campsite is super tranquil and has a beautiful view (nature all around).The owners are very welcoming. We ended up staying 2 weeks. Also the hike to Barrichara is really nice, we took a tuk tuk coming back for 6000. The camping is 15000 pppn. We recommend!

Parqueadero en Macarena

Yellow/black gate. Very friendly guys! Safe! We stayed here 3 nights. Quiet in the night. We paid 20.000 per night (also sunday). The parqueo can be busy during the day. In the evening and the weekend its more quiet. If you arrive during the day, its like a car tetris game for them to give you a good spot. Very close to the sunday flee market!

Riverside Restaurant

Natural pools entrence 2.000 COP pp. Verygc refreshing :-)chu

Wild camp between towns

Oke place to stay for the night. Much better than the gas stations near by. The neighbour Alberto is very friendly and told us its very tranquil and safe.

Parador Turistico Patia

Very nice place, we didn't sleep here, but just for a stop for a swim on a hot day. 7.000 p.p. for a day (little children free) Great for kids!

Market Sangolqui

Really nice local market, very big and not touristy at all. We enjoyed it a lot to walk around and do our groceries. We heard it is especially big on sunday, we visited on sunday and indeed the market was huge. It is just in normal streets that now are closed for cars. We found a nice quiet parking spot on the location of this waypoint. Mostly they sell food but also lot's of other everyday-live stuff. If you are in the area on a sunday don't miss it!

jhomana guesthouse

We stayed two nights in our camper (5.30 x 2.00) at this hostel. We really enjoyed the place. Patrick the owner is a nice guy and moved his car so we could get in. There is not a lot of space but we fitted with our IVECO 4x4, we are 2 meters wide I think 2,10 is about maximum with. When there is a lot of traffic it can be a challenge to get in and out of the gate. There was wifi and a toilet. A guest of us was in a room so we used the shower there. There is also a little restauarant for nice and afordable lunch and breackfast. Only downside was the noise, we sleep in a rooftent so we heard a lot of noise, also a generarotor very close to the parking started some times (also in the night). Best thing is the location. It is in the middel of the center (new part), taxi to old part is 3 dollar.

Yakumama Hotel Camping

We stayed for a night but did not like it so much. The guy who was taking care of the place was lazy and didn't clean anything. He charged 80 for a single room and 20 per person camping. It was the end of the day so we stayed, but felt a little bit strange. I think it was a nice place before, but at the moment to expensive for wat you get.

La plaza abuelo, pizzaria

Modern and good ambiance place. Fresh and delicious pizza and pasta. Pizza around 35/40 sol. We liked it. Friendly people.

Radiadores Barreto

Good place to clean radiator. They cleaned mine and put in a new thermostat. Friendly and helped me direct. 130 soles (excluding parts)

Quinta La Huerta

We love this place and family! No biting dogs (anymore?) only one friendly old dog and a puppy. Nice grass field and fruit trees. Toilet/shower nothing fancy but clean. We eat every day with the family together and give wat we want (donation) when we leave.

Wildcamp next to river

Coming from direction Olantaytambo cross a small bridge (just after cornering left) and go of the road on the right. Its a little dirt road but very doable for any car. We camped 100m further along this road. Visible from the road (the bridge) but not a problem for us. Beautifull and relaxed. If you made it this far with your big-rig (there are some small hairpins) for sure you can find a place to fit your big rig here.

Tunupa Lodge

We really like it here. Close to the town and train station. Nice garden and shower. Wifi works good during the day.

Colibri Camping

They have 3 flat places for campers now! Beautifull and relaxing here! The gate is 3,5 m high and very wide. Our camper is almost 6 meters long and its no problemo!

Wild camp in valley

Beautifull spot, next to a little river! Open valley between red hills and mountains. Only some lamas came by and some friendly farmers. Very peacefull!! We love it!

Fénix language school

Thanks for sharing. Great school and great teachers! Very lovely people. Tatiana upgrate my Spanish in 5 days (3 hours a day) very well! The camping or pasha mama hostel is just around the corner. But they can arrange also a family in Sucre where you can stay. The private lessons are still 50 BOB per hour.

Las Lilas

We stayed two nights at this beautifull and relaxed campsite. We really enjoyed our stay here. Our 2 year old son had lots of fun in the cool playground and we thought the breakfast was delicious. Super friendly and clean place to relax for a few days. It is defenitely open all year. Only june and july closed because of a big groupe that comes every year.

Lagoon paraiso

Entrance of the lagoon paraiso. Not the best place to sleep in the car (we did was ok) because close to the road and not so level. But a very nice lagoon, 2 min walking (5 bob). Here you can take a refreshing swim! Beautiful place!! And you can camp here with a tent also (this is further from the road).

Ferry On Route 22 Vallegrande – Ipitá

We drove the 22 direction Ipita -Vallegrande. We really enjoyed it. Great scenery and nice people along the way. One BIG DIFFERENCE with the other discriptions, the ponton does not hold up to 5000 kilo. We drive a big Iveco turbo daily 4x4. It weights fully loaded 4000 kilo. The ferryman did not dare to take us on his wooden ponton. He sad he had taken an (empty) Nissan condor 2 years ago, but that his ponton was stronger at that time. But there is another way to cross the river! The guys working on the bridge nearbye told us that the big trucks working on the bridge, cross the river not far from the ponton. I made a way-point where to leave the road for this rivercrossing. The deepest point was about 75cm when we crossed. More info at the waypoint. The rest of the road was more easy than we expected, almost no mud (even though it rained some on the second day) and a lot of locals doing it in 2wd cars (trucks and passenger cars). I would say in the conditione we drove it it is doable in a 2wd with a low first gear and some power(we didn't use 4x4, only for the river crossing, but light cars can still take the ponton, I would say up to 3000 kilo). Have fun!

there is now a large concrete bridge over the river Rio grande here

Here we drove down to go to the rivercrossing (this is on the Ipita side of the river). It's a really sandy track, with a steep part. But going down, so it is easy. Cars going the other way might have difficulties coming up (i think if your car can cross the river, you can come up). If you are down at the river you see a line of stones going from one side to the other (it is diagonal going up stream if you are comming from Ipita) We drove right along this line, this is where it is most shallow. The most tricky part is just at the beginning (on the end if you come from valle grande side). The first 6 meters are shallow. After this you have about 9/10 meters more deep (75cm when we where there, our exaust was just under water). When you have passed this you are on the shallow part again (maybe 20 more meter). I walked/waded the whole crossing (with some effort though) before we did it by car. I advice you do the same, maybe the water level is higher when you are there! If you come from the valle grande side, first go to the marker where the ponton is and follow the track downsteam to find the rivercrossing. We did the crossing in an old iveco turbo daily 4x4 with relative big wheels (255/100r16).

Entre rios - plaza - ATM

Very nice little town! ATM at Banco Union.

ypf gasoline station

They have clean warm showers behind the ypf (15 pesos)

Vaccin Yellow Fever

Here you can get your vaccin for yellow fever (fiebre amarillo) before entering Bolivia. Now (in winter) only open on tuesday and thirsday from 09.00 till 12.00. Only in summer from monday till friday same time. Just walk in and you'll get the vaccin for free. In Bolivia you'll pay US$140 they say.

Sanidad de frontera
Gral. Güemes 125
038 74216557

Top of a hill

Big area on the top of a hill. Pelgrims come here. Good for one night. From here you can walk (or drive) to the little church. Only open during the day.

Wild camping

Open, quit and flat place near San Lorenzo. Between green hills. On a dead end road, so nice to stay for a night if you want to leave the city.

Wildcamp river view

Beutiful open place between white rocks and mountains, 300 meter from road. Follow a sandy track from the main road. There is a place 500meter more south, but this one is closed because there is a fence now.

Wildcamp on 4x4 road

Plenty of space along this 4x4 track to camp. Nice view of the mountains (with snow when we where there). Our garmin gps shows this road. It is a turnof in a wide hairpin on the rp89. We drove for about 1 km and found a nice spot. My gps shows that this road connects to the rp89 further on again (maybe 10 kilometers). Looks like a quiet place, only some dirtbikes passed on the end of the day.


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