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Territorial Statehouse Park

it's here. no issues. nobody around at all.

Coronado National Forest Lizard rd

Still technically in Tucson area, but drove about 60 miles east to the Dragoon Mts. In the Coronado National Forest. They are also part of the "Sky Islands" which are known for their much different and diverse ecosystems vs surrounding deserts areas due to the higher elevation. It's much cooler too....10 to 20 degrees cooler, depending on what your comparing. I'm at almost 5,000 ft amsl here. Weather is fantastic. No dust. Stunning mountain and valley views overlooking the railroad and the tiny town of Dragoon (pop. 209). Cattle roam freely. Absolutely nobody here. Just me. Saw one pick up truck pass by all day. This area is popular with hikers and rock climbers.

Anyway. As this is national forest, 14 day stay max. Free. No services. My site has a rock fire pit, however a burn ban is in effect as there is a large forest fire to the south already. Access road is ok. Larger rocks. Some washboard. Some dips and washouts. You def need to go slow and pay attention. I probably would not recommend going too far in, like i did, if your a big guy as the road gets worse the further you go. Would not Access at night unless you had some decent candlepower. My spot is somewhat unlevel. I'll need to watch my refrigerator. There are not a ton of spots back in here, but its pretty open, some you probably could just make your own in some grassy areas.

Nice part is that VZW is strong. 63 mbps down/6 up, although it has been lower a couple times I checked, but never below 15mbps down. The OTC is pulling in about 20 TV stations from Tucson.

Drinking water free

free water. blue handle. like others said on an island between loves and McDonald's. great pressure fast fill up.

Kerrville Rest Stop

west bound. free dump and potable water still here! small area.

Lake Panasoffkee

Lake Panasoffkee Wildlife Management Area, Wildwood, Florida. Primitive Camping here as well. Both spots managed by the SW FL Water Management District. On the way here I found potable water at the Webster Fairgrounds and dumped for free. Stocked up on supplies and got propane at a Love's. All refreshed! Love finding Fairgrounds. Just kinda went in and did what I needed to do and left. Noone was there, completely empty. No fuss.

Anyway, this spot is nice too. Free. 7 day consecutive day stay/30 max. Permit/online registration required. Big rig friendly. Equestrian camp as well, non potable water, picnic tables and fire rings at most spots. About 30 spots in all. Some with nice shade in a separate area, some are in an open field and great for solar. Friendly camp host. Spots are big. Spread out nicely. Camp is opened up nicely and allows a nice breeze. Lots of open grassy areas to walk your dog and let them run if no one around. Very clean and well maintained. Access road is hard pack sand/gravel and pretty smooth.

Data is serviceable. May be slowed down due to weekend congestion. VZW clocks in at 9 mbps down/6 up. OTA antenna is bringing in about 10 HD channels.

Great free spot. Will be here through next Tuesday, then back to the Green Swamp. My upgraded battery for my solar is in, so hoping to get it installed ASAP and I can get going back west.

Lake Panasoffkee itself is a shallow spring fed lake and covers 4,800 acres. It's known for great largemouth bass fishing. The Wildlife Management Area is about 9,000 acres with many miles of trails used for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking. Nice area!

Ashley Primitive Camping Green Swamp West Tract

Green Swamp....Ashley Primitive campground and managed by the SW FL Water Management District. Free. 7 day consecutive day stay/30 max. Permit/online registration required. Big rig friendly. Equestrian camp as well, non potable water, covered picnic tables and fire rings at most spots. About 30 spots in all. Some with nice shade, some great for solar. Friendly camp hosts (gave me a rec guide for the SW District). Spots are big and deep. Spread out nicely. Camp is opened up nicely and allows a nice breeze to flow through here, compared to my last's very very nice upgrade overall. Lots of open grassy areas to walk your dog and let them run if no one around. Very clean and well maintained. Access road had a bit of washboard....and that would be my only complaint.....which is a stretch!

Data is super quick. VZW clocks in at 127 mbps down/32 up. OTA antenna is bringing in about 40 HD channels.

Great free spot. Very close to shopping in Dade City or Zephyrhills (got a very good cheesesteak at Nico's in Zephyrhills for lunch!) Very glad I gave this place a shot. Most people would pay good money to stay here.

Hampton tract equestrian camp

third time here. same nice place as indicated below..... except the access road with monster potholes has be fixed. smooth now. VZW decent, but data varies wildly from hardly anything to being pretty fast..... but 80% of the time it's fine. good enough for zoom calls etc. weekends seem to be the worst time

Love’s Travel Stop

person who reviewed this saying free water probably got sick. cause the water is non potable water and next to the dump. 100% confirmed with assistant manager. DONT DRINK THE WATER.

Table Top Wilderness Area BLM Route 8007

Sonoran Desert National Monument, managed by BLM.

Nice area. Wide open desert 🏜 and mountain β›° views for as far as you can see. This area is huge and there are spots literally everywhere. There are very few people here, I see 2 campers and they are very far .25 miles away. Really nice. The gravel access road is one of the nicest I've been on. Very wide and smooth. No washboard. Area is very accessible for any rig. No worries at all. With areas like this all over the place....I really have no idea why people want to cram themselves into other well known areas that everyone talks about. But to each there own......I'll enjoy my peaceful spot all by myself. πŸ˜† 🀣

Anyway. Sites are flat, not dusty or rocky and many have rock firepits made up from previous campers. No services. Free. 14 day stay max, but not sure who's counting. There's other areas off of I-8, to move to if so. No cholla around, so great for Shadow to run around. OTA TV Antenna pulling in 80 channels....haven't gone through them yet, but I sure some are dupes and many in Spanish. Internet is very fast. VZW is 69 mbps down/23 up. ATT is 38 mbps down/8 up.

Bloody Basin Rd west

So we got another winner here. Checks all the boxes. Access is fine for all. 360Β° views. I'm at ~ 3,500 ft amsl. Weather perfect, although will get into to low 40s at night.. This site is not on any apps that I saw, but this general area is. This whole area is just a bunch of dirt roads with pullouts everywhere.....but super spread out. Some ATVs cruising around slowly but no one really close to me. Perfect. My site is huge and flat and has a nice firepit. No trash. This place is nicer than the last, if that's even possible. Not dusty. No services. Free. 14 day stay max, not sure who is counting tho....

Internet is very good. ATT 23 mbps down/5 up. VZW is varying a bit, but is averaging 20 mbps down/5 up. The OTA TV Anntena is pulling in 30 channels....including all the major ones.

Coconino National Forest 9515

After a quick drive and going through Old Town Cottonwood....which looked pretty cool and unlike Sedona....not tourist-trappy, I ended up here....still in the Coconino National Forest, but on FR9515. Aside from the very fine red dust here.....this site checks all the boxes. Great views, wide open, hardly anyone around and mad cows. πŸ˜†. 14 day max stay. Free. No services. Big rigs should be ok, access road is kept in good shape.... but larger areas seem to be fairly limited, but I haven't looked around all that much...if you are creative, I'm sure you can figure something out. The internet is great! VZW is 42mbps down/16 up. ATT is 64 mbps down/4 up. The OTA is pulling in an impressive 49 channels.

Raymond Tank

About 1 mile north of I40 just west of Belemont, AZ. Nice, Huge area. There are tons of areas to set up. Some in the forest and some out in the open. Checked the satellite mapping and I chose an open area for my solar. Whole area is flat with a dirt access road that should not be an issue for any size rig. The road in some areas had some ruts and looks like it could get challenging if it rained or snowed, but I think it was in very good shape. No services. Free. 14 day stay max. OTA TV is getting in 10 channels. VZW is clocking in at 26 mbps down/4 up. ATT is 25 mbps down/ 2.5 up.

Nice spot. Saw about 6 or 7 others but we are all extremely spread out and most were in the forest. I can't see anyone. Perfect! I'm at ~7,200 ft amsl

CLOSED TO CAMPING...southwest ridge mountain bike trail

ok....this is BLM land. huge parking for the rec area.....but was told no overnight camping by BLM Police who came knocking at 10pm. no signs saying I couldn't, but apparently there's a certain radius around Vegas where you can't overnight (20 miles??)....even if on BLM. he said rule of thumb is...if can see are NOT allowed to camp in that spot. he said they have lots of issues....crimes, body dumps no go!!

Village Market Gas Station in Blue Station

free water. just went in and asked. friendly as can be. just used their hose and hooked my filter to it. wanted to by stuff, but their POS was being upgraded.

BLM Lake Creek

Lake Creek Road Dispersed camping in the Sawtooth National Forest. Just wow is all I have to say..... and it not often I'm at a loss for words. I'm wedged pretty deep into a shallow valley surrounded by mountains. It's absolutely gorgeous. There is even a little babbling creek about 100 ft away, that I'm sure with a filter, you could get drinking water. I'm half expecting a heard of elk (maybe a moose??? Lol) to come running down the side of the mountain any minute. Whats great is that this place seems so very remote....and it is....but Ketchum/Sun Valley is only about 10 miles away. There is absolutely nobody here that I saw. Access was pretty easy. Turned off Hwy 75, onto Lake Creek Road, navigated through a high-end neighborhood, until it turns into a gravel road with some major washboard issues. You'll soon see a sign for 3 day limit camping with pullouts and rock fire πŸ”₯ rings just off the Road. Nice and spread out. You'd think I'd stop and set up there right? Nah....keep going, washboard road and all. Drove another 15 minutes or so at a blistering 5 mph until a sign appeared that said 16 day limit! Lots of pullouts....but of course I kept going till the road started getting sketchy and had to turn around. I took the first spot going back. So im about 5 to 7 miles or so off 75 (I think). My spot is flat and I have a fire ring too. No other services obviously. No OTA TV coming in...... but here is the kicker.....internet in blazing fast! VZW is 154 mbps down/12 up. ATT is very good too....55mbps down/3 up. Thinking maybe the people in the nearby swanky neighborhood greased a few palms to make that happen.

Rose Park

county owned park called Rose Park along the Snake River AND I-15. Open to the public. Fishing, swimming, bike/walking path, dirt bike riding etc. Also dispersed camping. Free. No services. 5 day max stay. Not busy at all. Some rough roads/paths, but any size rig can access. Pretty big area. Spots along I15 are obviously a little noisy, but didn't bother me at all.....also had the best internet. Can get pretty far from the highway and the noise if you want, but your service drops to almost take your pick. I'm by the highway.. VZW clocks in at a respectable and consistent 24 mbps down/8 up. ATT varied....sometimes it was 3 down/1 up, other times shot up to 20 down/3 up. 40 OTA TV stations coming in. good stop if you need it. definitely nothing special. police do patrol the that's a good thing!

Dubois Dispersed Camp- BLM

BLM land- Dubois Dispersed camping in Idaho about 3 miles off of I-15 and ~90 miles East of the Craters of the Moon National Monument and 50 miles north of Idaho Falls. Nice open area. Free. 360 degree high views with mountains to the west. Easy access for anyone, although the dirt road coming in had some pretty deep ruts....but just take your time. Still at a little over 5,000 ft amsl. One other rig here. Area is fairly level. Pretty clean too, with a couple of homemade rock fire pits. Burn ban still in effect. No services, no shade, great for solar. VZW and ATT are both pretty fast here.... both around 30 mbps down/15 up. 12 TV channels on the OTA.

Great, convenient stop. There is a gas station with a small store at the exit and a couple places to eat in the small town of Dubois too. There is a 14 day max stay.

Homestake BLM

As soon as you pull in there is a huge open area....and of course everyone was piled on top of each other..... and once again I pulled over and checked my mapping and saw there was a largish clearing down a little dirt road....decided to give it a go. A little rough. Scraped my rear bumper over humps a couple times and cracked my trim beneath my door (again). Oh well. I like my Battle scars. Gives me some stories to tell! It was worth it. Little bit of effort and I'm all by myself in the woods. Little bit a trash laying around and some broken glass. Not bad though. I've seen much much worse. No services whatsoever. Free. 14 day stay max, but I'll probably only stay a couple. 3 PBS Channels come in over the antenna. VZW is great here. 24 mbps down/9 up. ATT voice service only. Tried several times to connect....nada.

Acton recreation area

Acton Recreational Area, managed by BLM. 3,800 acres total with 6.6 miles of maintained gravel roads to explore. Seems to be a popular local mountain biking spot. 2 dedicated RV camping areas. One at the entrance and another maybe 0.5 mile down the road. Maybe 10 spots total?? 100% FREE. There were 2 RVs parked further down the road under some trees, not in the dedicated area. They were the only people here, along with a couple mountain bikers and a guy with a quad in the back of his pickup that just pulled up. My spot is right on the edge of a very steep cliff and overlooks a deep canyon with bluffs in the distance covered with scattered ponderosa pine trees. Pics don't do it justice, it's gorgeous.

This area is 9 miles off Route 3, which you take out of Billings. First 6.5 miles of road are paved or very good gravel roads. When you make the turn in for the last 2.5 miles, the road gets worse with some really nasty washboard that will knock your fillings out.... so take it easy Mario. Each site has a picnic table and a fire πŸ”₯ ring. Burn ban is in full effect. There is a vault toilet 🚻 at the entrance. There may be some trash cans too, I think I saw.... but no other services. Surprisingly, there are 17 OTA TV stations. VZW is SLOW. 1.8 mbps down/ 0.5 up. ATT is a bit better.... 9.6 mbps down/1.6 up. ****Update**** night/morning/off peak VWZ is pulling 12 mbps down/3 up. stayed here 5 nights.

Belle Fourche Campground Devils Tower

Anyway, this is a cool little state run campground, and the only one inside the Monument boundaries. It's called Belle Fourche River Campground. 50 sites. 2 loops, A and B. Campground host on each loop, and they are very active in the park, checking on things and greeting people.. All the sites are pretty big. Pull thru sites, with plenty of space to set up tents, etc. All sites have a picnic table and firepit with grilltop (fire ban is in full effect....signs posted that you will be arrested if you start a fire!) There are dumpsters and vault toilets 🚻 spread throughout. Lots of nice shade trees, but unfortunately they block your views of the tower....and almost totally at some sites....but im sure it can get super hot πŸ”₯some I guess that's the trade off. Sites are spreadout pretty well, but not alot of privacy. Generators ok 8am to 8pm. There are freshwater hand pump wells here too. Cost 20 bucks, plus park entrance fee. Park is about half full and it's first come first served....but don't worry if filled up....plenty of campgrounds outside the park to take your money! you won't be stranded. No OTA TV. VZW internet struggled during the day with heavy use clogging up bandwidth. Day was 2 mbps down/ 1 up. Nightime/early morning... 9 mbps down/ 3 up. ATT Consistently slow and pretty much usless. Voice calling ok.

Not much else to do in the area, so this will be a one and done for me and likely most people that visit.....but I think seeing the Devils Tower is bucket list worthy....and this camp makes it a pleasure to help make it happen!

Gold Run Park- Parking lot

So I ended up here.... Gold Run Park (it about mining history) which I'm guessing is maintained by the town. Nothing else free in the the area. No signs saying you can't park overnight here, in fact there are a few cars sitting here now. Clean. Has level areas. No services. Grassy areas for fido, and the town even provides bags and trashcans to clean up after them. Quiet. Even saw a couple deer behind a fence when I pulled up. No OTA TV. VWZ is good 35 mbps down/ 6 up. ATT is 42 mbps down/4 up.


great stopover

I'm at the Cabelas in Green Bay, just down the road from Lambeau Field on Lombardi Drive. I'll go see it tomorrow (passed by Soldier Field today too). Several other rigs here. Flat. Well lit. Quiet. There is a pay dump here reportedly, but I didn't put my eyes on it. 26 channels on the OTA TV. VZW blazing fast. 201 mbps down/26 up. ATT is good too 62 mbps down/10 up. Great stop if in the area. Note there are signs overnights on game if you were thinking about seeing a game and staying here....nope! Walmarts around here do the same thing.

Walmart supercenter

Huge lot on the side by the auto center. Totally out of the way and no one really uses it. Some trucks pulling in on the road next to it. Didn't bother me at all. Saw police drive by and I waved and they waved back. So no worries here. Att and vzw data blistering fast. ATT was over 100 mbps down 15 up. Vzw 35 down 20 up.

Walmart Clarion

So ended up here at the Walmart in Clarion, PA. East of Pittsburgh. Typical. Somewhat flat. Busy, but expected for a Sunday. No OTA TV. VZW is the slow boy today. 6 mbps down/2 up. ATT on fire 88 mbps down/24 up. Perfectly fine stop. Close to 80. Lots of restaurants and gas close by.

Walmart Conway, NH

absolutely not closed. Park off to the side lot. yes it's marked no overnights, but management is fine with it. 5 other rvs with me, as well as quite a few car campers. vzw and att data is very fast. level lot. little noise, but's free. not complaining.

Lubec Town Fishing Lot

Nice little town. Lots of shops and good eats to walk to. Nice grass hill for fido. Just need to watch traffic.....pretty busy during the day. I'm pretty level where I'm at, but most of the lot isn't....but not horrible. No services. Town welcomes folks to park here and reportedly no issues staying overnight. No OTA TV again. Blistering fast internet. VZW 131 mbps down (yes 131!!) , 10 up. ATT 29 down, 28 up.

calais waterfront behind Obrien's

Spent a little time looking at satellite coverage, as previously reviewed spots are few and far between. Picked out a handful and scoped them out. Wound up settling on this spot here in the town of Calais on the Saint Croix River. Right across the river is St. Stephen, NB. Picked this spot bc there are no residential houses around and the dirt road coming off main street is really hard to see and it's tight driving down towards the river, then opens up nicely. It's pretty hidden from the main road. Great view. Low tide now. There are absolutely no signs anywhere. Looks like people do use the area occasionally as there were spent firework casings all over. Very quiet and level. Have been here 3 hours and haven't seen anyone. There is no water access here.

Vzw is a little spotty. Varies from 3 to 9 mbps and only 0.5 up. ATT once again is the winner here in ME 16 down, 16 up and pretty consistent. No OTA TV.


Parked in a huge level area behind the store by the automotive dept. One semi here too. Huge grass area to let your dog handle its business, run around and do dog stuff. πŸ•. Nice area. No sketchy people wandering around. Vzw is 12 down, 24 up and Att is quicker again....32 down, 23 up. Not sure why upload speeds up here in Maine are always crazy high.....strange. OTA TV.....NBC comes in and out. That's it.


Parked in a huge level area behind the store by the automotive dept. One semi here too. Huge grass area to let your dog handle its business, run around and do dog stuff. Nice area. No sketchy people wandering around. Vzw is 12 down, 24 up and Att is quicker again....32 down, 23 up. Not sure why upload speeds up here in Maine are always crazy high.....strange. OTA TV.....NBC comes in and out. That's it.

Palmyra Walmart Supercenter

Walmart in Palmyra/Newport, ME. Large lot. Separate areas for trucks/RVs. One semi and several other RVs here as well. Vzw has 5 solid bars of signal, but only doing 1mbps down, 7.7 up. ATT is 20 down, 0.25 up. Must be heavy weekend use during the day.... because at night and early morning, both were much faster.. So both are not ideal, but work. OTA TV is ok....7 channels. Walmart has a dunkin donuts inside, and plenty of restaurants within walking distance.


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