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Laguna Cuzcachapa

Be aware while here. We visited three days in a row with no issues (didn’t camp), but some guys who seemed homeless paid us a bit more attention than we’d have liked on our first day. Birding here is good on a bad day, and spectacular on a good one. Raucous afternoon on the best day. Motmots are a bit hard to speciate. No one else seemed to be camping here, and many open areas say not to park. I think camping here would seem rude.

Hotel Anahuac

Such a nice hotel! Nicest us cheapskates have stayed in so far! $35 private queen bed/bath.


Glad I wasn’t a solo female; I felt like I got way too much attention being there with my boyfriend. All the hotels on Google we were unable to find — closed or not advertising. We hopped in a TukTuk and told him to bring us to the nearest hotel. He brought us to the sleaziest hotel I’ve ever seen. Frankly, I’d imagine there’s worse out there. Anyway, after heavy insinuating from the hosts that we were apparently very lusty for wanting a whole night instead of just two hours, we left.

Dirt Parking Behind 76

We slept on the road a little ways from the dirt pullout, wanting to be more stealthy. There was a barking dog in the area, and we didn’t want to tip off any neighbors. The road was a popular spot for locals to park, so it seemed like a fine idea. Straddling the dip, we slept on a level with peace and quiet. The morning after, we were happy we didn’t park at the lot. There was a taco truck and 4-5 other trucks.

Stage Rd/ HWY1

Definite slope. We weren’t bothered for the most part, but had someone pass by driving northbound while laying on their horn around 8:30a. I guess that’s our wake-up call.

Navarro beach camp

Wish we slept here instead of a sketchy pullout. This place is popping though! Half the sites are full with very comfortable weekenders.

Siskiyou Fork USFS Dispersed

Beautiful river. There are a few pullouts leading up to it. Big rigs not recommended. Large vans might have a hard time turning around. Very peaceful. No reception on Verizon.

Overton Wild Life Management Area

Free boondocking, but full. Camping limit is 8 days.

Mack’s Dispersed Camping

Pinyon/juniper campsites immediately upon turning on the gravel road. High clearance recommended, but people with cars that aren’t super low could be fine. I saw an old Buick drive by. Plenty of sites from the road up to here, and likely past here. Many sites are a bit slanted. Verizon spotty.

Tonto National Monument

Spring water near Tonto National Monument visitor center parking lot. Could hook up potentially with hose.

Coconino National Forest 9515

Free, quiet, good views, accessible without 4x4. Verizon good

Bird Feeder Hotspot: Lee-Clark Property

If you checked eBird prior to visiting Portal, you may already know about this spot. A self-described western xeric evergreen forest, this hilltop is absolutely raucous with birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Warring hummingbirds will whir right up to you as you sit at one of the three feeder stations. Specific birds of interest include: Varied Bunting, Lucifer’s Hummingbird, Montezuma Quail, Blue-throated Mountain Gem, and many others! Bob will try to help you find quail in the evenings, though it has a rule to prevent people from coming and going during the quail search and flushing them. If you’re lucky, Mom the Coati may stop by.
These feeder stations are supported largely through donations, so please help support this area! It is a well-maintained treat.
On approach, look for a wood sign that says “Birders Welcome!”. You will climb a steep gravel hill (high clearance recommended, but not required) with some low hanging branches that will scrape the top of high-top vans. Class C rigs welcome on the right pad.

Near Riggs Lake

A few primitive campsites near boulders. Fire rings are present. 4x4 isn’t needed, but high clearance is recommended. Quiet area, even during holidays. Beautiful forest. Downed wood available for fires when fires allowed. Closed in winter.

BLM outside of Vicksburg, AZ. no services, but very quiet.

Train tracks are very close to this sight. When we stayed here on Friday, we had no issues with the train. Returning today (Sunday), one passed by and ran the horn a couple times around 11pm. Thankfully, we were still up. Not sure if this is weekly.

Bouse Fisherman Intaglio

Excellent. Worth the trip for archeology fans

Road closure on FS 708

Gated closure for unknown reasons to motor vehicles. Hiking this trail is strongly discouraged as well.

Playa Santispac

Not a fan of this beach. We arrived mostly hoping for the shower and settled for a refreshing ocean bath. Showers are in complete disuse and don’t seem to work. Everyone who has commented on everything else is pretty spot-on. Hot springs were hard to find. We didn’t search for the tide-dependent springs, but the ones described as near the mouth of the bay were much further in than we thought. On our way out, we found out the inland hot spring wasn’t on the bay at all. If you drive toward the mangroves and continue past them, you’ll find a circular pool. This is one of the hot springs

Puerto Escondito Marina

Had a hard paddle in early this morning after being stranded for a couple days on Isla del Carmen. After we lifted our kayak into the Marina, thirsty and hungry, a security guard biked up to us almost immediately telling us to move our kayak, calling us a taxi, and telling us where to wait. It would have seemed nice if he seemed to care. There was an air about him that suggested he really, really didn’t want us here. The lady in the store was nice, but security is anything but sympathetic.

My secret spot close to Loreto

As described. Free, near the airport. Had to enter from the highway nearly due west of the point (after the dirt mounds and bridge if you’re heading south out of Loreto). Convenient for us to kayak from.

mini super at pemex

Such a deal for getting water. Fill it yourself inside the store.

The Bone Yard

Near Campo Cortez there’s a shell-lined path that leads to “The Bone Yard”. It is very aptly named with a couple dolphin skulls, whole whale bones, turtle shells, and the like. There are apparently other trails in the area.

Museo Ruta de Plata

Fine old mining town in the back. Some buildings restored. Nice stroll but seemed closed when we came. We could get in anyway and see most of the good stuff and read signs

Cerritos beach

So cheap. Good camping right next to the ocean. Birding wasn’t bad in the scrubby area behind the lot. Super convenient for surfing. Buildings in the area are cool, too, and it’s nice having them in the horizon while camping. Relatively quiet and seems safe.


Ofc, the clearance is an issue. This Walmart limited the number of people allowed in. Only my partner was allowed in. It was a minor headache

Playa Palo Blanquito

TIDE POOLS AND OCTOPI. Just the beach needs 4WD. The road is best managed with high clearance

Grupo Tortuguero Pescadero

Super bummed. Saw the setup but now release today. According to a local, the event is usually happening regularly November-December. There is a similar event near Todos Santos until end of February though.

West Side Surf

Surf shop with super knowledgeable staff. Geraldo I believe was the man we chatted with. He gave us great advice for buying v renting boards and equipment. Unlike the Cerritos beach, they offer long-term rental deals that include equipment for transporting boards, wetsuits, and pretty much anything else you need for surfing. $20/day unless you keep it for multiple days. Then, it is $15/day. Seem to be open until 5.

Puerto Chale

3000 pesos for a private tour. We didn’t bargain him down. Around 4:30pm the day we arrived, he was willing to set a time for tomorrow morning (8a). We didn’t go for it this time

Visited again 2/17 to have our tour. We’d have needed four more people (we are a couple) to qualify for a group rate instead of private. I didn’t quite understand it, but we waited for like fifteen minutes before opting for a private tour. The tour was two hours long and fun. The guide tried to get us close to the gray whales, but we were never close enough to touch them. It was a windy morning when we left, which made it a bit harder to find the whales and stay comfortable in the boat. The bay got rough past the lagoon. Bathrooms were 10mxp.

La Pastora

Our heavy van made it just fine. Lots of people here, too.

Dirt road shoulder pull off

Tried but the police came by for a visit. Said the area was dangerous. We said we were heading out. Sucks because it’s late.


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