Kimba Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Gerus Campsite

A very nice, rustic campsite with a real bushveld feeling. Each campsite has a lapa with an electric point, light, braai stand and sink. There is a clean ablution block with hot showers, powered by a donkey geyser. A splash pool and bar also available. There are permanent tents and rooms.

Although relatively close to the main road, we did not consider the noise to be an irritation. At the price of N$100 ppn VERY good value, given the campsite has all the necessary facilities and it is clean. Recommend.

Riverbed Rest

A beautiful site in a dry riverbed that is easily accessible. Very peaceful and quiet. As good as it gets.

Meteorite Rest Camp

A nice campsite with grass and a few big trees on a maize farm, about 3km from the Hoba meteorite.
Concrete slabs, taps and power points on some pitches. A very good and clean ablution block with hot showers, dish - and laundry washing facilities.
Rate now N$140 ppn, which is getting a bit steep for this area.

Von Lindequist Gate Etosha NP

Gate east side of Park. No Vet check for meat products.

Ombika Waterhole

A beautiful, dry, waterhole (when we visited) with high concentrations of many different game spp incl Warthogs, Red Hartebeest, Ostriches, Guinea Fowl, Oribi, Kudu, Jackal, Zebra and Springbok (naturally) @ 14:00.

Etosha - Olifantsrus Campground

Had a lovely stay here, even though there was not much action at the hide. Enjoyed the fact that the camp has only 10 campsites - so, it does not feel commercialised. Both staff members were very helpful and friendly.

Veterinary checkpoint

Wanted to see driver’s license and checked our fridge for raw red meat. Chichen, fish, eggs and fruit are fine


Very windy day, but saw a lot of zebra’s wildebeest and impala.

Secluded Bushview C35

Same access road as per iO C35 Wild Camp, but out out of sight of anyone using the road.
Look for a faint jeep track to the right and around the hill. One can park your vehicle in a sunken area next to a little dry stream of the Aap river. We spent 2 peaceful days here without seeing soul.

Bush Mechanic

Not a proper service centre, but I was told that both the other places have closed down. Johnny did a minor repair job on the vehicle’s suspension, but he seemed to try and do a good job.

Opuwo - Opuwo Country Lodge

Campsites not with nice, green grass as it seems to have been in earlier years, but still have all the facilities that an overlander sometimes needs. Perhaps a bit over-priced at NAD190 ppn.

Kunene River Lodge

As described before, a nice campsite with a not-so-nice rate of NAD245ppn. Ablutions can do with an update.

Border Post Of Calueque

Officials quite friendly, but as per usual can not speak a word of English on Angola side. Our vehicle was searched twice, but think it was more out of curiosity. The same for the Namibian side. Process was quite smooth, but although it is a quiet border post the whole process took more than 1.5 hours.

Tundavale Dry Pan

A dry pan on the left side of the road, approaching the main viewing area. Turn left onto the sandy jeep track across from the 1st parking area on the right. About 500m down this track turn left into a sunken, level and clean area. A vehicle is not visible from the main road and one is also shielded from the wind. No view over the valley, but we shared a very peaceful night here with two big owls. Not sure whether it would be accessible during the rainy season.

EN280 Bushcamp

A quiet and secluded place in the bushveld some distance from the main road. The access road is a jeep track on the right side just before a bridge, approximately 67 km before Humpata, traveling in that direction. After about a km on the track the bush starts opening up and then there is ample place to camp off the track. We did not see or hear any vehicles and had a perfect wild camp experience. It would even be possible to spend more than one day here.

Praia do Soba

As mentioned, a stunning location and the campsite in the cave makes it quite unique.
We would however describe the campsite as rustic rather than luxurious. The ablutions are in a somewhat neglected state and the shower and sink water is cold and salty.
Overall a nice, basic campsite, but hard to justify the rate of Kw6000 ppn. The access road is severely rutted and course from beginning to end.

Cliffs of Bentiaba

We could not find the access road to the Wild Beach bush camp and came to the old lighthouse premises. Two ladies came to greet us and gave us the thumbs up to spend the night here. We gave them each Kw1000 and they were happy. We were not bothered by anyone else.

Ombissi Dive centre

For Angolan standards a good place to camp for a day or 2. We could plug into shore power for a change and had access to a kitchen, cold shower and toilet. In front of the house is a nice little beach with an old ship wreck - a good snorkelling place. The rate was Kw8000 for 2 people and a van.

Alfa Bar

A very popular restaurant right on a very nice and clean (Angolan standard) beach. The very friendly and helpful owners allowed us to park our campervan right next to their premises and use the restaurant’s toilets for free. We really enjoyed staying here for 2 days. Irina speaks English very well.

Fishing resort Spyker & Marina

We made enquiries as to whether we could camp here, but the owners were in Namibia and it seemed that the place was not operational.

Carpe Diem Ecosurf Camp

The campsite is still not ready, but they have plans to complete it within the next few months. It would however still take a long time before the trees would be big enough to provide enough shade.
In the mean time camping is allowed for free on the beach parking lot, during week days. The bar (and toilets) are only operational over weekends or during surfing events. The beach is beautiful and waves ideal for surfing.
Gonzalo, the manager is very friendly and helpful and speaks English well.

Queiroz Point

A very beautiful resort, with unfriendly people and at Kw15000 ppn we didn’t stay. We also did not see a dedicated campsite with electrical points, so do not know whether it exists.

Praya de Sangano

A nice campsite on the beach at a Lodge with many rooms. There are however no facilities other than a toilet at the main lodge. We were charged Kw10 000 for 2 people per night. They were not willing to negotiate and as it was relatively late in the afternoon, we decided to stay for the night. A nice position but too expensive for what you get.

Club Naval Luanda

As described, on the parking lot of the yacht club, with a beautiful view of the harbour and city and within walking distance of a few restaurants, the beach, a supermarket and the promenade.

Even though we arrived on a Saturday, we did not find the place very noisy at night or too busy during the day. We had access to very clean bathrooms with showers in the admin building. The manager, Bruno was very friendly and helpful and we are so grateful to have been able to spend 4 lovely days at zero cost. Would not have thought it was possible in the most expensive city in the world!

Estr. de Catete

A nice spot in an old quarry on the way to Luanda. While there is some traffic noise from the road, the place is completely obscured and we did not see anyone.

just at the footprint

An excellent spot to camp for the night. Beautiful sunset with only the sound of a running water stream. One of the nicest spots that we have wild camped on our over 40k km journey through east and southern Africa.

Pensao Pedras Soltas

This is not an “Established Campsite” rather an “Informal Campsite” at a dilapidated hostel. Neglected bathroom available for 2500 ppn. Not much more than just a wild campsite.

Bush Camp

Direction Lubango, left side of the road. Behind the row of trees, there is a wide open, sandy strip, running parallel to the road. Close to the road, but one is completely shielded. The road is not busy at all during the night. Could hear people’s voices in the distance, but did not see anyone. We enjoyed the spot.

Santa Clara border crossing Nam-Ang

Border crossing from Namibia to Angola.

We arrived at 9 am on a Sunday and the procedure on Namibia side was straightforward and quick.

On Angola side however a different story altogether. Officials can not understand or speak English (or pretend not to). Even though we never use fixers, it’s almost impossible to find out what is required, without someone that can interpret.

Huge grey building on left is where your passport gets stamped. A covid negative test result is required. A rapid test can be done at the border post for 22 560 Kwanza - cash only as their card system is foreign. Certificate gets issued immediately, but better to arrive with a certificate.

Then to building straight ahead for vehicle registration. Here the computer was off-line and we had to wait 45 mins before the paper work could resume. They need a hard copy of photos of front, rear and side view of the vehicle. Road Fund was 6250K.

We could finally enter Angola at 12:30. One of the more complicated border posts in South and East Africa.

Epic Hotel

A hotel very close to the border post with nice grounds to park your campervan/RTT van or pitch a tent. For NAD100pp they gave us a room key to have a very nice hot shower and access to a toilet. An ideal overnight spot in Oshikabgo if one wants to cross the border into Angola early in the next morning.


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