Kimba Places

Id Name Country Category
159751 Chimbalanga Gardens Zambia Informal Campsite Show
161217 Bwinjimfumu Royal Lodge Zambia Established Campground Show
163655 Bush Camp before Matswere Gate Botswana Wild Camping Show
163878 Molemane Campsite South Africa Established Campground Show
173925 Mbezi Namibia Established Campground Show
174777 Divundu Guest House & Campsite Namibia Established Campground Show
175193 Okongo Namibia Shopping Show
175220 Shell Namibia Fuel Station Show
175441 Epic Hotel Namibia Hotel Show
175442 Bush Camp Angola Wild Camping Show
175803 Black Cobbles Angola Wild Camping Show
175914 Estr. de Catete Angola Wild Camping Show
176397 Praya de Sangano Angola Established Campground Show
177750 EN280 Bushcamp Angola Wild Camping Show
177886 Tundavale Dry Pan Angola Wild Camping Show
178707 Bush Mechanic Angola Mechanic and Parts Show
178897 Secluded Bushview C35 Namibia Wild Camping Show
179435 Ombika Waterhole Namibia Tourist Attraction Show
179907 Von Lindequist Gate Etosha NP Namibia Checkpoint Show
180887 Riverbed Rest Namibia Wild Camping Show

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