the4matthews Check-Ins

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Lake Pleasant Sani-Dump

Entry fee REQUIRED...
$7.00 gets you into Lake Pleasant for the whole day (8pm current kick out time)
$85.00 gets you a Maricopa County Parks Annual Pass (Day Use Only)

There are 2 lanes to Dump and are both equipped with pressurized NON potable water. There is also a dumpster for trash.

I have one of those Sewer King things where you hook up water to it and it worked perfect. It will push a golf ball through a garden hose!

I had no troubles at this location unlike Robbin Williams in the movie RV!

You can plan a half day lunch trip here and then dump on the way out!

76 Fuel Station

Bulk propane sold buy the gallon.
(Recommend arriving before 5pm)

Public parking lot

Great spot to stay! We parked from Friday around noon until Sunday afternoon and had no door knockers or any issues. Across the street is a Circle K that is open 24/7 to get coffee or provisions at any time. Down the street is a 76 fuel station which has gas/diesel/propane (recommend going before 5pm)
Parking lot is pretty level with a few stalls large enough to fit a 40’ RV (ours) and regular sized parking spots everywhere else. Trash cans located all over the parking lot and a few picnic tables and even a pet waste disposal with bags. Please leave no trace and this spot will last for future travelers.


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