flinnch Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Cedro Peak - 542DC4

Lots of spaces to pull over for the night. I didn't see anyone but I could hear some campers nearby. Beautiful sunrise.

Coconino Camping Spots - Fort Valley

Many spaces to pull over for the night. A lot of trailers and cars parked. Tall pine trees and a cool breeze on a summer night.

Hualapai Peak Ranch BLM

Good for one night. Spaces for more than a few people.

Big Sandy Reservoir

Great place for the night. A few others scattered around the lake. Beautiful sunrise. Stars are unreal at night.

Sam Wahl boat ramp recreation area

Great area for camping next to the lake. Windy. $10 to get in and $10 to camp for a total of $20 for the night. Good views in the morning. All of the cacti are dead from the freeze.

Rutherford Beach

Beautiful spot to camp right on the beach. Peaceful. Word of warning: mosquitos. They will swarm you and eat you alive. If you have enough bug spray this place is worth it.

Navarre Beach 37A

Peaceful place to sleep for the night. I was the only one there. Practically it's just a sand parking lot on the beach. No signs saying I couldn't be there. Fell asleep to the sound of waves beating against the shore.


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