michael.lafreniere Places

Id Name Country Category
50298 Walmart Kehma United States Informal Campsite Show
50857 El Buho Mexico Restaurant Show
51462 Real de Catorze Tunnel Parking Mexico Informal Campsite Show
51708 Lake Jalpan Mexico Wild Camping Show
51928 Xote aquatico parking lot Mexico Informal Campsite Show
52288 Parking Climbing La Bufa Mexico Wild Camping Show
52930 surf shop / surf spot La Lancha Mexico Informal Campsite Show
53250 Pérula ocean beach side Mexico Wild Camping Show
54152 Parque Nacional Barranca del Cupatitzio Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
54226 Entry gate for Paricutin Volcano Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
54227 intersection road paricutin volcano Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
54741 Malinalco side road Ruin Pyramide Parking Mexico Informal Campsite Show
54768 Restaurant Maruka Mexico Restaurant Show
54933 Nice Restaurant Plaza Mexico Restaurant Show
55026 Cardamomo Restaurant Mexico Restaurant Show
55034 Tepozltan Free Street Parking Mexico Informal Campsite Show
55381 Pemex Mexico Fuel Station Show
55382 Cafe express Mexico Restaurant Show
55599 Agua Blanca Free Beach Parking Mexico Informal Campsite Show
55876 Playa San Diego (Surf spot) Mexico Wild Camping Show
56624 Chichen itza side road parking Mexico Informal Campsite Show
56879 Abandonate building Soccer Field Mexico Informal Campsite Show
56924 Best Ocean Side Spot Free Mexico Wild Camping Show
56973 beach parking skate park Mexico Informal Campsite Show
57296 Mud Maya Bath Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
58295 Tapijulapa street parking lancha Villa Luz Mexico Informal Campsite Show
58832 cascada conception Aculco Mexico Tourist Attraction Show
59074 Wild Parking Rock Climbing El Diente Mexico Established Campground Show
61466 Canyon Disperse Campground National Forest United States Wild Camping Show
61971 Pine Creek Rock Climbing Parking United States Wild Camping Show

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