wmyers4u Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
crystal spring rest area

there is a pit toilet just down the street at the wildlife area.

Sunny Side Rest Area

has Verizon service, potable water if you have a keyway to open commercial spigots.
outbuilding has 2 120v receptacles(untested)

Schellbourne Rest Area

18 hour limit on parking is what the signs say. 1 bar of Verizon and if heading north you are heading into a 50+ mile dead zone.

Flat Gravel Pullout

just a gravel Pulloff. 1 bar boosted veeizon

off the road camping

several spots here including one closer to the highway

No Camping Sign. Check other sites further down the road. Boardwalk Trailhead Parking (next to Jeffrey Pine Loop trail)

has a day use/no camping sign. Will be scouting other areas further down the road.

Coos Bay North Jetty

don't have 4wd so stayed at the end of the pavement 1 night. no issues. Huge dune area is listed as 14 day disbursed camping so the question is....it is ok to stay on edge of road, park and hike in and tent or 4WD in and camp.....maybe all 3 are ok. Regulations do want ALL vehicles on sand to have a 9' orange flag. Restrooms at boat launch.

Klamath Bay

RVs and trailers NOT allowed to drive down this road per signage. Didn't make it to the destination.

Yurok visitor centre

stayed overnight one night , no issues. no knocks, etc.

Hwy 101 pullout

no shade, no internet, could be worse.
Going to keep driving.

Sutter’s Landing Parking Lot

3 days here waiting on an amazon delivery. Quite a variety of characters but had no issues here and wasn't bothered by anyone. Nice beach, basketball courts, dog park walking and bike trails.
I can see where some might say it is sketchy but I have travelled so many places I am more than used to seeing a few people that are rough around the edges.

Blackwood Canyon Sno-Park

$21 a night pay camping. $15 camping a few miles down the road after it turns to a dirt road. Pit toilets and no internet out there.

Big sheep road south (next I59)

roads are less than perfect. washboard actually caused one of my headlights to burn out and offshoot roads to campsites are worse.

Tres Palmas

it is easier to drive in from the west side of the canal and circle back over the bridge than to drive straight in

Red Hill Marina County Park, Salton Sea

confusing since signage states "pay area" but maybe that's just to the right. This area is to the left. asked the ranger guy but his reply was hesitant and less than clear. didn't stay. better to just stay at slab city.

Roadside Overnight Parking

not quiet but in a pinch it will do. High traffic areas used by RVs and Semis for overnighting. verizon internet was available here.

Shirley Ave. (Vehicle camping)

This place is permanently closed.

Shirley Ave. (Vehicle camping)

two lanes with center median. There is no side of the road to pull off and the whole street has no stopping signs.

Street parking

parking by city permit only 8 am to 2am.

Good big turn out in sea ranch

1 bar of Verizon service. basic roadside pull off. ocean view but private property signs so no access.

Juan Creek

nice quiet oceanside pull off. no amenities. A little Verizon service by the water that fades our as you get closer to the road.

Point St. George

posted "no camping" per county ordinance.

Dude Ranch

pit restroom(BYOTP) nice spots, nice waterfront and boat launch. great Verizon coverage. love it


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