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Love’s Truck Stop

basically just like any other loves! although there were a fair amount of people and cars here. there’s multiple Large parking areas, a dennys, a shower ($12) in the loves. must use restroom inside a business so thats a little hitch. not bad for a night

South Portland Rec Center

FREE hot showers and amenities! I went to the front desk to ask for a day pass (pool pass) so I could shower and she told me showers were free for the public! Great, clean facility with amazing water pressure.

Flume Gorge Trailhead

A parking lot at the head of the Flume Gorge Trail that says “no camping”, but doesn’t specify no overnight parking. Probably around 30 parking spots. There’s 1 bar LTE with T Mobile (no booster). Decent for a night for an early start on a trail!

Lot across from state park

Yes, it’s right next to a highway but the noise isn’t too bad. The views make up for it 100%! plus there’s frogs

Chautauqua Gorge Forest

This place is pretty sweet! The designated campsites are huge although the parking spots are for cars. There’s some bigger spots for vans/bigger cars though. Great trails nearby. I showed up on Thursday and it was super quiet and enjoyable that I stayed Friday too. A lot of people showed up on Friday and were playing decently loud music until ~11. overall, i’d recommend!

Hillside next to the lake

This spot doesn’t have any signs saying you can’t park overnight here but camping is not possible. It’s also on a hill so theres an incline. Theres houses on one side of the street but trees and foliage on the other side. decent spot with good beach access

Jackson’s House and Yard

I almost stayed here but as I pulled up realized it was literally someone’s backyard.. not sure how okay it is to stay here. I moved on and ended up staying at a walmart nearby..


$3 shower pass, restaurant on site, gym, and pool. the basic YMCA facilities. bith private and locker room showers available and they’ll give you a towel for an extra $1

Free parking

This place is permanently closed.

Griffin Park

A beautiful park right along the river. Free car camping and pay RV hookup stations. It says no tent camping on some signs but i saw a tent camp here so do so at your own risk. There’s a frolf course a bit down the ways as well as tennis courts and a baseball field. Amazing location with cell service and FREE SHOWERS! the facilities are under AC 24/7 so it’s a nice break from the heat. Only downside is it’s a very public place with people driving by the entire time. 10/10 would stay here again

Columbia Falls My Secret Spot

This place is permanently closed.

mile creek trailhead

about a mile off of 87 in the national forest, theres two big parking lot at the trailhead for mile creek. the first is before a small creek on the left side. the second is across the creek and where the information for the trail is. good for one night, beautiful views

Alamo Rd wild camping (close to wildlife refuge)

great spot to park for a night or two. the road is very rough and it’s deeper than you think on alamo rd (probably because the first two pull out are now day use only) but keep pushing forward. the spots are pretty secluded and in an open area- they work perfect

Showers @ aquatic center

make sure they have availability!!! they were completely full when i tried to go so i couldn’t shower for a couple hours


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