sillyyshmee Check-Ins

Date Place Comment

Loud music from cars randomly parked overnight. We were woken up to Maya-hee at 4am. Driver kept the party going with a slipknot/spice girls remix, and some other 90s throwback techno. Other than that pretty decent and no one bothered us

Quiet road near public plaza

Stayed here for a night already and plan to stay another. Wonderful spot - so quiet, and close to bathrooms. 4 bars LTE and telcel. Bathrooms in the municipal building are open late and early and are free (bring your own TP and please put it in the trash not toilet). Only park on the right side - you’ll get ticketed if you park on the left. Very narrow and only one exit out to the left - it’s a dead end if you go any closer toward the square past the road on the left. Saw a few big rigs get very stuck. The shop on the left right before the brewery has amazing food and is reasonable for the area - his date smoothie is huge and delicious for 4.50 usd and he has vegan and vegetarian options. Short walk to a beach (some people looked like they were camping out there). Super cute area with lots of food and drinks. The square has free wifi but we didn’t connect.

Library Parking spaces

Felt very safe sleeping here, but was very noisy at night. Lots of people partying in the square and loud cars cruising by. 2-4 bars LTE. Packs of dogs around so be aware if you have your own dog. They’ll chase you. Would stay here again despite the noise. Bathroom over at the Pemex was free and clean. Wifi reaches parking lot from library, but it needs a password and was closed when we arrived.

Fast Lane North

Around the back by the exit of the car wash is a purified water spot. You can fill up 24/7


Few other rigs parked here. Construction all over the front of Walmart still going at 11:45pm - going to be a loud night

Parking Lot

Free parking lot to sleep in. There was another car parked here for the night - neither of us received knocks and we were told others have stayed here without issue as well. No facilities, no fires, just a good old fashioned parking lot off the side of the road. Quiet, great stars.

Street Parking

We stayed here with 4 other rigs. No knocks, no issues whatsoever. Portapotty was across the street and the Boulder park might also have had a bathroom but we didn’t have time to explore. Might have also had a water fountain in the Boulder park

Walmart 24 hour

Need to park in back along Louise still, but other than that was pretty quiet. Woke up surrounded by RVs but had no issues whatsoever


You must stay in the west parking lot (left side of Walmart) or you’ll get a knock.

Walmart Twin Falls

Talked to one of the customer services ladies. She said the city makes them put up the “no overnight parking” signs, but as long as you park in the back and aren’t bothering anyone they don’t mind if you stay the night

Teton Rec Center, Showers

No gym with weights, but they have a court and a pool and $7 showers still


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