dtavenier Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Baden Klub

Nice place with swimming pools. Very quiet. It is a members only area but the welcome other guests as well. We paid 380 Rand for 2 people per night. Campsites are big. The price is for max people per site.

Badensfontein Campground

Nice place. We would have loved to stay but were not welcome because they were expecting a group the next day. The whole place was empty and we would stay only one day but we could not convince them.

Outspan Inn

This place is permanently closed.

Mabibi Beach Camp

Nice quiet place. Ablutions could use some maintenance. We did a turtle tour with a guide and made appointment at reception, but that turned out very disappointing. Guide did hardly speak English, had not the right equipment (red light). It was not as educational as promised and we didn’t see any turtle as well. So turtle tour not recommended. Do it somewhere else.

Mamoli Beach Camp

Nice new place north of Ponta do Ouro. Just finished end of 2021. You can only reach it with 4x4. It is a remote and quiet place in the middle of nature. Walk over the dune and you are at the sandy beach. Very nice ablutions. You camp between the trees so shady. Peter the owner from South Africa is a very nice guy and very helpful.

Goody Villas Campsite

We tried tp phone them but phone number on website is not correct. We therefore did not go because of experience of last post.

Cuacua Lodge

This place is permanently closed.

Complexo Monte Nairucu

We camped here but unfortunately the ablution is not in good shape. It is invaded by ants. In the evening and morning there was no water and nobody to turn to who could possibly solve the problem. So also no shower and even toilets couldn’t be flushed. Area is beautiful but as campsite it fails. It was quiet but it was a weekday. We paid mtz 300 pppn. Not the first choice if you want to camp and certainly not for more then a day.

Nalipiri Tourist Lodge

Very nice place. Swimmingpool. Restaurant. Clean and spacious room. We had a executive room for Mkz 45000 for 2 persons including breakfast. There are cheaper rooms as well. Recommended.

Bonifant guesthouse

Nice place. Clean and spacious rooms. Hot shower. Quiet area. Breakfast included in price. We paid Mkz 45000 for 2 persons per night.

Jonas - Hiking guide

We agree with all the comments. Very nice guide. We just phoned him and arranged the hike.

Casa Rossa

A very nice place. We can confirm what is said already. An excellent restaurant with amazing nice pizzas and more. Very nice people too.

Kutchire Lodge

We tried to camp but at this moment not possible due to damage. Maybe in future ?

Ntchisi Forest Lodge (no camping)

Reception was not very nice. When we were told camping is not possible when we asked for camping spot. Confronted with information on iOverlander the reply was “we stopped it”. So no longer a camping spot!!

Barefoot Lodge and Safaris

Very nice place. Friendly and helpful staff.

Nkhotakhota Pottery

Nice place but if you prefer dark nights, don’t go to this place. They have bright lights as if they have to work the whole night.

Ngala Beach

A fantastic place with great people. We can confirm all what is said. Highly recommended. Don’t miss this spot.

Shoprite complex

Very nice shop. Very complete fresh products, meat, wine etc etc

Nkondwe waterfalls

Nice place. Quiet and beautiful scenery. We paid $ 10 pppn including entrance fee for falls. They opened a hut for (cold) shower and toilet.

Livingstone Memorial Museum

Nice place to get a good story and picture of this area and his history. Recommended.

Swidish Modern Hotel

Very nice place. We confirm what is already said. We had a room for Tzs 50.000. Recommended!

Imigongo Art Center

Very nice place. We confirm what is already said. Excellent coffee.

Guest House La Cigale Chez Rugina

Nice place. Friendly people. Very clean. RZF 15000 per room per night.

Step Town Hotel

Very good place. Nice people. Close to town. 2,5 km walking to genocide memorial. Good restaurant. Clean rooms. Friendly and helpful staff. Fast WiFi. Nice place to relax. We stayed in a room for 3 days but sleeping in own car at parking lot is also possible. Highly recommended.

World House Gisozi Hotel

This place is permanently closed.

Gisa stay 103

This place is permanently closed.

Stafford & Family Cafe & Fastfood

Nice cafe along the road close to Kigali. Very good coffee. Very nice place and clean toilets. A stop here is highly recommended.

Uwinka Visitors Center, Nyungwe National Park

We could not visit the information center because even for the center you need a negative covid test. Being vaccinated and a negative test one week old is not sufficient. The reception itself was very unfriendly an not helpful at all. We had to find out ourselves where to get a rapid test. So we left without even a glimpse of the center.

Kitabi Ecocenter

Nice place. We confirm what is said earlier. We paid RZF 20.000 for 2 people and a car.

Ishara Beach Motel

We camped in parking area with rooftop tent. Room was opened for toilet and shower. Very nice and helpful people. We paid RWF 20.000 for 2 people.


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