jacobwillsey Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Ashokan Rail Trail - Woodstock Dike Trailhead

Great location! Very quiet night. There was one other vanlifer parked in the lot with us. We parked on the far side from the entrance to the parking lot. There was 3 porta potties which were all in excellent condition.

Lot across from state park

We didn’t have any problems parking overnight here. Backed our truck up right to the kayak launch area. Amazing sunset views. Agree with the sound but it wasn’t too bad. Only noticed the car sounds around 7:30am.

Nubble Light Parking

We took the risk to sleep here. Unfortunately at 1:15am the police knocked on our door and told us no overnight parking. They said Peking isn’t allowed in this lot or along the beach from 1-4am. About 20 minutes down the road is the Kittery Trading Post which is where we moved to and didn’t have any problems there!


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