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Houston's Beach

WOW this is a busy spot. The locals love to walk their dogs off leash, so keep that in mind if you have pets. Almost everyone was extremely friendly at least!

There were 3 trailers, an rv, and a tent overnight with us as well. Wasn’t a quiet night but dang is it ever beautiful.

Potable water at visitor center

Not sure how late in the season this tap is on - might update later to check.

If you go when the tourism centre is open they will unlock the better tap for you. Fills your jerry cans/medium sized containers way faster!! I still wouldn’t try to fill a whole rv tank here though.

Cape Split Trail Head

Amazing spot to park overnight! View is fantastic and the advice to park away from the trailhead was good - people do come quite early to start on the trail.
There are picnic tables, garbage/recycling/compost, pit toilets. I’m not sure when the pit toilets and garbage cans are locked/taken down for the season.

Park Water tap

Great tasting water! Just a note that this is NOT a tap you can fill up an rv with - it’s in the middle of the park. But if you have a small portable tank or a bunch of water bottles you should be golden!

Also, not sure if it’s open year round but we’ll definitely be back to check.

Black Lake

Wow this spot was gorgeous!!! There’s a fire pit set up (just please don’t throw garbage in it, there was some when we got there).

The ground is pretty cold right now so our Ford Econoline took the road fine but if it was wet in the summer I’m not sure we’d be able to make it.

Some guys on atvs came by and were really nice, they didn’t seem bothered by us.

Queensland Beach Provincial Park

Wonderful beach to park at! During the summer season they have garbage cans and pit toilets (not sure about over the winter)

Bayswater Beach Parking Lot

This is the parking lot 1 minute down the road from the picnic park (which is listed on this app). The picnic park closes at dusk but this beach parking lot does not. There are no “no overnight parking or camping” signs at the beach parking lot :)

Minimal traffic (although it is right next to the road), lats, garbage/recycling, beautiful beach, a picnic table.

We stayed one night and had zero issues


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