mandymarie777 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Marina / Boat launch parking

The police knocked on my door around 11pm saying I was not allowed to park there since it was "undeveloped," but told me I could park about 10 miles up at North Shores. I haven't heard of it and didn't see anything called that.

Overnight parking lot on the strip

This place is permanently closed.

High Island Park

Gorgeous area! I just called the number provided, and they said I was good to go. The woman said there's another park about 20mins away called Rush River and one more called Clear Lake about an hour away. Lots of mosquitoes as previously mentioned, but beautiful area!

Rice Lake Wildlife Management Area

Cute area! Was awoken by fisherman at 530am, but, thanks to the previous post, I was expecting it. Would definitely stay here again.


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