johnandmandi Check-Ins

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Hua Hum - Argentina Border

Chile —> Argentina

Very fast. Did require proof of insurance and checked our van, took lettuce, a cut onion, and opened butter. All took less than 15 minutes.

Camping Libre Chachin

Really nice free campground on the lake. We spent 3 nights, including a Friday night, all peaceful. Only available service was a single pit toilet.

Camping Rio Fuy

Really great spot with vehicle camping on the river, space for big rigs not on the river but with a great view of it. Swimming in the river possible in the summer. Hot showers, potable water, and electric at sites. We payed 5,000 per person per night, stayed 2 nights before crossing into Argentina.

Puente Cautin, free

Very nice day use area but an official sign saying no camping, we did not stay overnight.

Large gravel lay-by in the forest

Spent one night here, very quiet after dark. Logging trucks started around 7AM. There is lots of garbage dumped down the side of the embankment, not very visible, small debris in the pull off itself. 8.5KM further towards Tolhuaca is Picnic Corcoludo on the righthand side. It is on a river with a couple picnic tables, no signs saying Camping wasn’t allowed. That appeared to be a better spot and the one we would have used if known. Big rigs may not be able to negotiate the gate into Corcoludo but could park along the fence off the road.

Rio Cautin

Used this spot on two separate occasions, very nice and quiet. Some local traffic but nothing late or disturbing. We also followed the advice mentioned below and spent a night on the other side of the bridge downstream, very exposed and amongst piles of’s clearly being used as a dump. It was very quiet so acceptable as a last minute spot.

Tourist information

Nice small office with bathrooms on the side of the building. One employee speaks decent English. They can provide basic info regarding the parks but no NP guides or maps available. Helpful in the off seasons regarding road closures/conditions.

Hotel Camping Suizandina

Stayed here on two separate occasions as it was the only open campground we could find. Very peaceful, both stays were during weekends, very nice facilities. The shower was hot with great pressure. Biggest downside is how far the walk is to the lodge for the bathrooms. Water is potable, we used our wifi extender but due to the bad weather the wifi dropped frequently. We paid 8,000 per person per night. They accept credit cards including Visa.

Salto Princesa

Campground was not yet open when we visited, we were offered a cabana for 40,000CP for the two of us, but decided not to stay. We asked about overnight parking near the waterfall but were told it isn’t allowed even when the camping is closed.

Parking area

Stayed one night, decent overnight spot just outside town. Some road noise at night.

Parque Nacional Siete Tazas

Great park with nice hikes. We visited Siete Tazas, Cinco Tazas, and hiked the Chiquillanes trail. Everything we did can be done in one day, starting with the Chiquillanes trail. The lighting for the waterfalls is better mid day. We really recommend Cinco Tazas, very photogenic in our opinion. Only Parque Ingles was open for camping during our visit. Added photos of available hikes.

Cafeteria Somos Tierra

Coordinates: -27.692719, -67.618764
Small cafe with espresso coffees, homemade tarts and cookies, natural food and spices, natural body care products, and artisan goods. We had cafe doble (40ap), cafe con leche (50ap), a piece of ricotta pie (70ap), and a membrillo and carob alfajor (25ap). Everything was delicious and the couple that owns the place are warm and friendly. Hours are 9-1 in the morning, not sure about the afternoon hours.

Campground Prov. Park Ischigualasto

This is the primary entrance for the general admission driving tour and the Dinosaur Museum, both of which we enjoyed. Entrance to the Dinosaur Museum, playground, bathrooms, and comedor is free. Cost for 3-3.5 hour guided driving tour (in Spanish only) is 350ap pp; this includes a 40km loop through the park with stops at 4 points of interest and an archaeological Site Museum. We left on the 10:30 tour and saw another tour leaving at 14:00, not sure about additional tour times. Separate tickets can be purchased for a lunar walk (2 days before and after the full moon) at 350ap pp, and for a hike up Cerro Morado at 200ap pp. We didn’t ask about camping but the sign listed a price of 200ap pp. We ate empanadas and supremo at the comedor, all was microwaved so we don’t recommend it.

Utopia Overland Camping

Price now 160A per person. Vehicle camping is in the front orchard, a short walk to the outside solar shower pole near the owner’s house, and a decent walk from the dry toilet (not a pit toilet and not for dumping cassette toilet/porta potti). Quiet location and nice owners. No bread or yoga available as one owner was out of country during our visit. Over priced in our opinion for limited amenities.

OCANA - Gas Adaptor Shop

They do not fill here, they sent us to Extingnort who were able to fill our US tank without having to use our adapter (we added Extingnort to iOverlander). Ocana sells butane cartridges for 100A each.

Recargas En El Acto/(Fill Bottles)

Filled our American tank with no adaptor. Also sell fire extinguishers, cones, and related supplies. 4kilos for 600pesos. Street parking available. Hours: Monday-Friday 8-12:30 and 16-20:30, Saturday 9-12:30.

Vvm corralon y bicicleteria

We asked if they fill propane and they said no. They also did not have butane canisters for sale. Looks like a normal ferreteria.

laguna colorada with Inca paintings

If you want to drive to this spot and the lakeside, don’t follow the signs to the lake, they take you to an overlook parking area where you can hike down to the lake but are not beside it. Laguna was dry when we were here, no birds, a couple vicuñas and alpacas around. We never found any paintings, but we did see some petroglyphs, not sure about their authenticity, some were covered with names and initials. The striated hills here were very pretty.

Villazon, Bolivia to La Quiaca, Argentina

Bolivia —> Argentina
Followed instructions in previous entries, officials are very friendly and helpful. We weren’t asked for money for stamping our TIP and we already had a copy so we didn’t have to make any. Paperwork process was fast (about 30 minutes) but we waited 1.5 hours for the van to be scanned.

Funda Gas

Maybe we’re just blind but we couldn’t find this place. Tuesday at 9am.

metro cafe

Didn’t have meals here but the Lemon and Maracuya cheescakes (18B per slice) were delicious. There are 3 different coffee beans, we liked what we were served in the americano and cafe con crema.

Restaurant Chifa y Thai

Lunch special was mediocre at best. Curry verde pork was too sweet and a very small portion. Chicken agridulce was little breaded strips with a minuscule amount of sauce. The chop suey had no flavor. The artisanal ginger soda was very good, 5B per glass.

Leña Verde

Beautiful grounds, unfortunately river was dry. Monkeys came through while we were here in the evening and morning. We experienced moskitos, biting black flies, and no-see-ums. Bathrooms not so clean. Price was 45bs pp (30 for entry, 15 for camping.

Camping Fabriola

Price is now 20bs pp, showers and bathrooms not so clean, we were able to park next to the large covered concrete floored shelter. High vehicles may have to lift electrical wires on property, we are 2.4 meters and didn’t have to move any.

Puesto de Control de Drogas

We were stopped here for road construction from 11:15 to 4pm. Not sure how long will continue. All traffic was allowed through at 4pm, the police did stop some vehicles but they only checked our driver license and took a quick look in the back of the van.

El Condor & The Eagle Cafe

French press, Italian coffee, and espresso drinks in various sizes. We had a french press (medium for 25b) and a double cappuccino (20b), both were good and strong. Also range of teas and breakfasts (eggs but no meat). Open M-F, 7-1.

Dirt road with construction

Road has bad corrugated sections and is under construction with many detours and closed sections.


Nice place, we couldn’t see the WiFi anywhere and were told the water is not potable.

Los Angeles

To clarify, This hotel does not allow camping, only rooms.

La Alameda

Pasteleria (pastries), panaderia (bread), empanadas, burgers, etc. It’s our go to sweet treat place in Caraz. We tried the Beso (cookie with soft merengue covered in chocolate-1s), the bonbons made with Pisco (1s), truffles (best since Colombia-1s) and the chocolate cake (very moist-4s). Everything was delicious and everyone we have shown this place to loves it.


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