andrewfriedgen Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Caswell State Park

Quaint campground nestled in an oak grove near some farm land. $30 per night. Definitely an unassuming place and the campground was maybe 1/4 full. A dog was barking nonstop and you can sometimes hear the local cows mooing so YMMV with noise levels. Definitely worth a night though, and you can make friends with the local stray cats!

Del Monte Shopping Malll

tried camping in the Whole Foods lot in a minivan and got kicked out around 10. security said the no parking signs “are small” and by the bridge. wasn’t playing it safe so YMMV

Smokey Point Rest Area

standard rest stop. not too loud. vending machines outside restroom.

Smokey Point Rest Area

standard rest stop. vending machines outside the bathroom.

Street Parking

whole block seems parking friendly. no signs. managed to find a spot close enough to the complex where wifi was reliable.


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