rigglek Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
COE Blackhawk Park

Nice park with plenty of dry camping on the water. Be advised there is construction and the main road to the park is closed to thru traffic, you'll have to go around the barrier to get to the park. Closest street to enter is via the town of Victory. Recommend calling the park for details.

log gulch campground (blm)

According to recreation.gov:. Log Gulch Campground will be closed for the 2022 season. Reservation holders will be contacted with more information.

Kicking Horse

Nice place with some wooded and some sunny field spots. Currently water boil advisory and showers are down due to broken pipe. Was $26 but probably more usually.

Yoho Nationalpark (Monarch Campground)

Still there however there is a boil advisory currently due to a broken pipe elsewhere in the plumbing. Probably temporary, dump unaffected.

Showers at Kicking Horse Campground

Showers currently closed due to broken pipe. Probably temporary.

Honeymoon Campground

Nice campground on lake, wasn't full on weekday in early June, about 80%. The spots near the lake are more crowded and some unlevel than the spots further back. Paid $26 and credit card slip available. Cheaper for a bike only site. No cell service. Saw a black bear one morning, but it was well behaved.

Kinky Lake Rec. Site

Nice spot on the lake. It was a gravel parking lot style campground but uncrowded so still nice. The camp down the way was more of the trees separating sites type, but I stayed here since it had best access to hand launch my kayak from the site.

Grand Cache Tourism and Interpretive Center

Visitor center with typical brochures as well as a little gift shop and some museum style info and of course friendly people to give you advice. Small picnic area nearby. Also has free wifi, no password required. I was able to access when parked in front.

Musreau Lake campground

Nice campground with well spaced sites. Loop A has a short trail to the lake/beach area. Sites are wooded and not lakeside. Cost $29CN. Dirt road to get here was rough, perhaps freshly regraveled and not flattened down yet. Pit toilet, trash bins and firewood. While nice, not worth the high price and rough road in.

Beatton Campground Provincial Park

Nice campground and well spaced sites. Most are not on the water, which didn't seem a great place for swimming but there is a boat ramp and playground. There was a few threaded water spigots throughout. I didn't have cell on ATT.

Summit Lake Campground

Gated and closed 5/30, maybe opens in June?

Teslin Lake Territorial Campground

Campground was busy on Saturday evening in late May. Some campsites up against the rest area with trucks. Limited sites on water (and aren't private). No ATT signal. Not the greatest but will work for the night.

Chilkat state park

Nice campground, but road in isn't great and likely gets worse through the season. Got a couple bars ATT.

campground chilkoot river

Nice campground on the very beautiful lake. A few sites on the lake, one with access. Boat launch. Road to the campground is now paved, campground itself is gravel with a couple of potholes but not bad. I didn't have ATT cell signal except randomly while kayaking. I saw 2 bears on the way out my last day. It's also shaded so not great for solar. I liked this one better than Chilkat.

Dezadeash Lake Campground

Nice campground on the lake (frozen in early May). Prices up to $20CN or $18CN bought online. The road in and sites are solid gravel and look plowed so suitable for all. Firewood and pit toilet available but no services and no cell.

Conrad Campground

Beautiful campground on the frozen lake in early May. Pretty busy for early season but plenty of sites. Prices are now $20CN or $18CN online. There is also a playground with a fun Zipline swing you've got to try!

Sawmill Point

Road in was muddy and covered with snow and I got stuck part way down. Scout the road first in early season! Lake was also frozen. Stayed at pullout on roadside just South of turnoff to park.


Municipal sani dump, water on in early May when last few places didn't have water on yet.

Gitanmaax Supermarket & Gas adjacent

Also had visitor wifi, although weak in parking lot.

Elizabeth Lake Forest Recreation Site

The road turns dirt about 30km when coming from the south. Not too bad, although some potholes, except the last 1 km once you are on the campground road (1 km before google maps says to turn). There was only one site that seemed level, the other two very rutted ground. Pretty, but not sure worth the roads in unless you like that stuff. I got here in a 2wd ford transit. The lake and dock are very nice. I'll update if the way out to the north is any better.

Beacon Rock Boat Ramp Campsites

Forgot to add the electric sites were $35. Both areas were FFS and pay in envelope to iron ranger.

Beacon Rock Boat Ramp Campsites

Separate from the main park there are two small campgrounds. Near the boat ramp are two small primitive sites for $20 with access to unthreaded water taps. Take a left before the boat ramp under the railroad bridge and up that street is about 5 sites with water and electricity. Both sites had bathroom and coin shower access. I had decent internet at the primitive sites and very spotty internet at the hookup sites. Discover pass not required with paid campsite. Most importantly it was open in March when many places were still closed for the season.

Dougan Creek Campground

Free primative campground but must have a Washington discover pass. Continue through the day use area to find a loop of sites with host. No internet or cell, but host said he had a land line if needed. Best for small rigs or tents.

Hebo dispersed

Nice large site of a paved road with a dispersed camping sign. Tucked back far enough to not feel on the road. Some puddles and mid in the rain, but not too bad. Cell signal too weak to get more than the occasional text out with booster.

Forest camping

Nice pull off on the right of a solid dirt road. Plenty of space to back in or stay parallel for my 20' van. Probably could squeeze in two vans although anything too big could have problems turning around. Four wheel drive not needed even on a rainy day. Mostly decent but sometimes spotty (during the rain) cell service with booster on T-Mobile and ATT.

Beehive Dispersed Camping

Wide open area on bank of Shasta Lake. Unreliable internet with booster. Sign says no fees off season.

Forest Road Camping

A nice place with lots of logs, dead trees and a view. Decent size with reasonable but curvy gravel road in. Stayed in my 2wd van. 1-2 bar ATT, no T-Mobile with booster. Some wasps buzzing around.

Toll Road Restaurant

Restaurant has wifi to use while dining.

Black Tank Wash Mojave NP

Dirt pull off directly off paved road. Surrounded by small cliff and berm so feels private despite the closeness to the road. Some road noise but quiet at night. Room for 3 or so vehicles. Enough space for big rig but maybe not enough level ground. Minimal ATT and T-Mobile, enough for the occasional text but not reliable web page loading with cell booster.

Faywood Hot Springs

I enjoyed this place. Do be aware the electric post only had 30 amp and not 20 amp/ normal household plug. They also had a 20% elderly/veteran discount. Laundry was $2.50 to wash and dry a load. I had both ATT and T-Mobile signal.


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