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Robbery here. Don't park!


We went to Oshakati state hospital for our covid-tests (for travelling to Angola).
Upon exiting the hospital 2 men in camo-uniform came up to us, asking if we are tourists. He went on about tourists being robbed in Oshakati. They asked where we are heading, and said "we will escort you".
We immediately felt uneasy.... We did not know whether they are official police officers, or criminals. They said that we should just stay there, until the escort vehicle came.
We decided to leave, and drove straight to the police station. We spoke to a police officer, and explained what happened, and asking whether those men in camo-uniform are official police officers. This man reassured us that indeed they are, and that "they will escort us out of town". We asked if we could go to a medical doctor, and they escorted us to the doctor, they guarded our vehicle while inside. They again escorted us to a nearly Pharmacy, and guarded our vehicle while inside.
We met up with the "Head of the Tourist Crime Division", he reassured us that they just want to protect us, and gave us some pointers as to not fall prey to criminals:
1. when parking at a shopping centre park close to a shop and look around to see if you can see any police officer, to guard your vehicle.
2. When driving in town, or exit the town, do not stop for anybody. They will signal that one tyre is flat. Just keep driving.
3. Never leave any valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle.

Okanyofi Guesthouse and Campsite

Lucia is a friendly host (owner), with this charming "guesthouse", neatly fenced with precast wall. Lots of trees for shade, no grass. The campsite feels like an "afterthought" - with no charm.
As the campsite has open air ablutions, it is VERY rustic, but clean, with NO hot water (showers). Lucia suggested we use the bathroom (hot shower) of the chalet closest to the campsite, which we politely declined, seeing we can make our own hot water.
We paid R110 per person.
Good firewood R30 per wheelbarrow.
As mentioned by others, it is ideal for a 1 night stopover.

Hakusembe Lodge

We paid R287 per person for camping, and can absolutely understand why...! The campsites are private, with a reed fence between each site. Each site has its own ablution, with toilet, basin and shower, ultra clean! There is an outside basin to wash dishes. Electrical power point. Beautiful green lawn with trees for shade. Lovely view of the Cubango river. Good quality firewood for 25 pula. Friendly reception and staff.
5-star camping site!

Swamp Stop Rest Camp (Swamp Stop)

We were so happy to see all the improvements (upgrades) they did to this wonderful lodge.

Simply an amazing place! Friendly staff, Missy, Dee and the night guard were so helpful. Beautiful view of the river, abundant bird life, clean ablutions, hot water, good quality firewood available at 60 pula. We paid 215 pula per person for camping.

Drifters Maun Camp

We camped for one night, level camping sites, lots of shade, clean ablutions with hot showers. Friendly staff. As mentioned by others the manager Cronje, is so helpful with some good advice with the rest of our trip. The sunset and sunrise over the river are simply breathtaking. We paid 150 pula per person.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary Campground

We camped for just 1 night at no 11, huge stand with plenty of shade. We were entertained with various birds. Clean ablutions, hot water. Friendly staff.


We camped all alone about 5km away from the main lodge, up on a hill besides a heap of huge rocks. Beautiful 360° scenery. Peaceful and very quiet. Very safe.

You contact the owner, Marius. Very nice man, very friendly. Tel no: 0766103739. He is also on WhatsApp. Prices on website, simply google "Nigramoep".

What you receive:
* NO electricity
* NO drinking water
* Relative okay cell phone signal

1. Leave nothing but your foot prints.
2. Never litter!
3. Take your rubbish with you.
4. Always leave a camping spot in the same way you would like to get it.

Norotshama River Resort

We were the only guests in the whole lodge for that night. We got campsite "A". Lovely view of the Orange river. Our own boma with firepit. Ultra clean ablutions. We enjoyed lunch at their restaurant, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The cuisine is world class! Very friendly staff. Beautiful sunsets!

Shepherds Lodge

A lovely green oasis in the midst of dunes. We were alone in the campsite. Lots of FREE firewood. Ablutions basic, but clean. We saw an oryx on the lawn of campsite. Apparently there are jackals and aardwolf coming here during the night. Friendly owners.

Aus Haven Campsite

Nice campsite in the middle of the town Aus.
You have your own super clean ablutions, beautiful tiles and finishings.
Friendly staff.
PS: please can anyone do something about the constant barking of the 2 dogs in Aus? Can someone just ask the owners of the dogs to, when they hear them barking, to quiet them down. We also have dogs at home, and when the start barking [for no reason at all] we manage to always quiet them down.

Mountain Chat Rustic Camp @ Tiras Camping

Mountain Chat Rustic Camp @ Tiras Camping

What an awesome experience.
Absolute solitude.
Absolute peaceful.
No one around.
You have the place all to yourself.

You have the privilege to camp alone, at the foot of the Tiras mountains, with wide open spaces all around you.

What you receive:
* NO electricity
* NO drinking water
* NO cell phone signal
* stone-&-cement boma with fire pit
* spotless ablution with 1 bio-toilet and 1 bucket shower (very neat, fully tiled)
* solar lights at ablution
* water in drums for bucket shower and dishes. (not for drinking)
* a "donkey-type" water heater with a tap, to draw hot water for the bucket shower
* "Shade net umbrella port" with table and 4 garden chairs
* A roof shelter with shade net on the sides, to be used as a level surface to pitch a tent.

1. Leave nothing but your foot prints.
2. Take note of the correct use of the bio-toilet.
3. Never litter!
4. Take your rubbish with you.
5. Always leave a camping spot in the same way you would like to get it.

Mountain Chat Rustic Camp @ Tiras Camping

Please see our photos of our stay at Mountain Chat Rustic Camp


Bushman's Desert Camp (Sossus on foot)


We stayed in the far right campsite [upon entering the lodge].
I had fairly good cell phone signal, when I put my phone next to the battery [located is on the kitchen wall, which is linked with the solar panel].

Simply an unforgettable experience, we want to come again, and stay for at least 3 days.

Very friendly owners, Boesman and Yuri.


Namib-Naukluft N.P. - Mirabib

We came from Rock Arch (where we camped the previous night) and wanted to camp at either Mirabib or Homeb. We 1st checked out Mirabib, and were very impressed. Then we decided to drive to Homeb. The scenery enroute was simply out of this world. Absolutely breathtaking! Arriving at Homeb, we noticed the settlement which is just 300m away, and decided to go back to Mirabib. We chose the camping spot, 1st turn off at the rocks, turn left, drive up the little hill, the 1st camping spot on the left. Here we could enjoy enough shade in the afternoon, and enjoy both sunset and sunrise, stunning views. There were only 2 other vehicles that night. Absolute quietness.

Rock Arch - Namib Naukluft Park

We got our permit in Swakopmund. We are glad that we took the time to drive all the way out there, this place cannot disappoint. Total of 4 camping spots, we chose the one with the arch with the "hole in the wall". This has to be one of our top-5 camping spots EVER! Stunning views!

Buck's Camping Lodge

Friendly staff, very secure. Huge camping grounds, we were only 2 vehicles here that night. Very quiet. Our private ablution was super clean.

River Chalets

Beautiful campsite in Mariental. Super clean ablutions, hot showers. Various animals in grounds, rabbits, sheep, camel, springbok, peacocks, turkeys, geese..... Only downside is road noise.

Elisenheim Guest Farm

Plenty of shade, large camping spots, clean ablutions. We were the only once there.

Hobas Rest Camp

We camped here, was very quiet, only 3 other vehicles. Plenty of trees for much needed shade. Ablutions were clean, but NO hot water.

Joliens Rest Camp


We simply had a superb experience with the excellent service we received from the owners, Johan and Sarolina. Apart from their well established Lodge (chalets and campsite), they have a restaurant, bar, butchery, bakery, basic groceries, where they sell just about everything you need upon entering Namibia. They also assisted us with a Namibian sim card and airtime (data), as well as wood. Ultra clean ablutions, hot water, flushing toilets.


Contact Johan via whatsapp: 0731569140

Moutain splendour camping/caravanpark

We stayed on one of their prime campsites with private ablusion at R697 per night. What was supposed to be the highlight of our trip ended of in a very unpleasant experience, due to continuous construction noise, they are busy building 4 "Glamping" units on the prime campsite section. We were not informed by the office staff, neither were there no signs up informing guests about the construction, and the construction noise.

White mountain in

White Mountain Resort seems to be permanently CLOSED.

Kamberg - Glengarry

Well, simply awesome campsite. We camped at their prime camping site, next to the lake. Well maintained property, lush gardens, beautiful hedges, top notch ablutions. Thank you Caitlin for your kind assistance

Highlands Nook

HIGHLAND NOOK (correct name)

this is one of the best campsites we have ever visited. This is the ultimate getaway, if you want peace and quietness. Well established campsite, clean ablutions. The scenery is simply mindblowing. Lovely hiking trails and 4x4 trails. We want to come again, and stay for a week. Morey and Alison are your hosts, so friendly.

Goxhill Trout Lodge

A perfect ovelanding campsite:
Victor is a charming host. Lovely green lawn, overlooking the dam. Lovely farm smells. Clean ablutions, warm water, flushing toilets. Clean kitchen, bring your own utensils. Lovely fireplace in kitchen. Everything is CLEAN.

Boston T Party

We really enjoyed our stay, overlooking the dam, and the pasture where the goats feed. Sue is a wonderful host, so attentive. Clean ablutions, hot showers, flushing toilets, clean kitchen.

Glensheiling Caravan Park

This will not be to everybody's liking, but we did enjoy our stay. The matter in question is the ablution: it is clean, AND, it is working, don't be disappointed. The owner Julia and her Father are most kind. Enjoy your stay! You will be back.

Birdlife SA Wakkerstroom

Lovely campsite overlooking the wetlands of Wakkerstroom. Clean ablutions, water showers, clean flushing toilets. Kristi is your host, very friendly. We will come again.


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