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HWY101 pullout

This place seems like it will work just fine. The pullout is paved so probably best for cars, although a free-standing tent could work, you just may get cold! I didn’t go with the one further down 101 because they said it was next to a passing lane; the “noise” here is fine by me, nothing too crazy! 2/3 bars of Verizon LTE and a great view before the fog set in (I decided to call it a day with the fog being so heavy). Multiple vehicles could fit here comfortably for sure

Pull Off of 101, Overlooking Hood Canal

I found this large pull-off on route 101 overlooking Hood Canal - I wasn’t here in time for the sunset but I bet the sunrise/views will be amazing tomorrow. There is one other van here and plenty of room between us (4 could probably stay comfortably); tent camping would also be possible, if seems, if you can handle the road noise. 3 bars of Verizon service and a waterfall coming off the mountain to listen to at night. No amenities, and private property down the hill so no exploring, although I passed a tide pool coming north right before this that should be safe to explore with a NPS or similar pass. All vehicles can get here, as it’s right off the road!

Behind Uhaul

Apparently all of the Walmarts in the area do not allow overnight parking… I spoke to a guy sitting in the Walmart parking lot and he said that he usually goes to a quiet residential street so that is definitely an option!

This spot is a great alternative, less light than a Walmart and definitely great cell service as you’re in the city! There really only seems to be space for one car/RV in the specific spot but it looks like a lot is open around here.

Springer Lake

This spot is a great area to camp if you have plans to withstand the wind and the sun! You are right next to a lake and there are bathrooms.

I had no problems getting here both times, driving around the lake, etc. in my Honda Fit so any car should be good! I wouldn’t even think about having a fire with the wind… solid 1-2 bars of Verizon LTE as well.


I second this being a great spot! I thought there would be no lights but they came on at 8:50PM… Oh Well, still nice enough if you face away from them with your car!

Shopping Center Parking Lot

This is a very populated, very public parking lot that I decided to sleep in for the night - at around 11:00 PM, security knocked on my door and told me to move to the side of the parking lot, that Walmart does not allow you to park specifically in their lot. Having the security guard’s blessing, I figure I’ll be okay three rows over (there are other cars here tonight).

As the title says, this is very public, definitely not a place to set up shop or anything…

Pull off Next to Spring

A local *recommended this to me - sorry!


This is a pretty calm Walmart, it seems, next to roads that are not too busy (sometimes you are near highways or places where people like to rev their engines). There are even some spots that are much more (shaded” from the streetlights.

Of course since I am in town the cell service is great and there is a bathroom with water. There is a lot in the Walmart.

Pull off Next to Spring

As I was up a hill on a curvy road looking for a place to stay, a local recommended this to me - just go through Stinson, up a hill, you’ll go around a curve and there will be a pull-off on the either side of the road but on one side there is a spring. Damn if he didn’t hit the nail on the head, and there are stunning views of the water (sunsets) right across the street. Without getting too close to the road, I have 1 solid bar of Verizon LTE service.

This is right off of Route 1, a large enough pull-off to count as a solid place for a night. It is far better suited for vehicles/RVs, as it is close the road/popular spring and is quite noisy at the moment (8:30PM). I got a relatively flat spot for my tent (no luck with stakes and it was quite windy, so I ended up tying my tent to my car…) but again, If you have a vehicle, you may be able to pull off more of an incline a little farther away. Be careful of the ditch at the base of the cliff as it is essentially the drain for the spring and is muddy (there is a concrete portion so you won’t come close to the water).

Fernley wildlife management area

Driving all day, this spot seems like it will be absolutely wonderful to crash! As everyone said, there are plenty of pullouts for different setups, although the ones before the gate seem to be spoken for on a longer term basis (those spots are MUCH closer to the highway anyways, so they can have them!).

The road getting here, before and after the gate, is great for any type of vehicle (if my Honda Fit can do it, anything can!). I didn’t drive all the way to the lake but this spot is absolutely perfect, plenty of space and far enough away from the highway to where it’s a dull white noise, not in your face at all. No facilities, so Leave No Trace, as always! Bring your own water.

Pull off on Pole Line Rd.

I was headed for the spot listed at Garnet Hill tonight but it was getting late and I didn’t want to risk it being an iffy spot. I noticed this pull off on the way and there are a TON of options for dispersed camping (tent or small RV/Van)!

The wind does not seem like it is going to stop and that’s what makes this place even better: it has a TON of bushes to somewhat shield you. Setting up my tent and crawling around, I realized that the sandy ground, which appears hard and is packed down, is actually incredibly soft. No facilities are here so this will be another spot where Leave No Trace principles must be followed. I have a solid 2 bars of Verizon LTE as well. I’m the only one here for the night, so it is quiet and a great place to see the stars!

I would definitely try to come in on Pole Canyon Rd. as it looks pretty established compared to whatever road Google Maps took me in on (no good for my low-clearance Honda Fit, but I made it work). It looks like a bunch of different dirt roads are around so feel free to go a different way if you have the vehicle for it!

Santa Fe National Forest

This place is exactly as described, and easily accessible with a low-clearance vehicle!

I didn’t check out the amenities as I just rolled in for a night or two but I haven’t seen much out here. It’s essentially a large flat area with enough bushes around that it really is pretty private, even though there were a decent amount of people camped here last night. I didn’t have any noise complaints nor did I feel exposed. I was able to set my tent up under some bushes to somewhat protect me from the wind and rain (and anchor my tent) as well! I think you can see the lights of Santa Fe off in the distance which is a nice view, nothing spectacular for sure.


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