caroline.gilotay Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Mossel Bay - Santos Beach

It’s a nice beach parking with security during the day. The beach is nice to swim, with ablutions. We asked the restaurant nearby to stay overnight and they said lots of people were doing it. Unfortunately at 2AM (!!) the police knocked at our door and asked us to leave… we ended up in a shell
Station nearby.


We weren’t lucky as the responsible ranger was there when we arrived and told us we couldn’t overnight here. There’s a sign also saying no overnight.

Mesem Bay

Very nice spot, we stayed 2 nights. A ranger came and told us we were safe and welcome to stay, of course we left the site as we found it : clean. We saw a jackal, tracks of a bigger animal, two dolphins and seals playing in the sea. There were medusas in the water so we didn’t swim.

Total fuel station

Nice fuel station with payment with card, low sulphur diesel available. Fast foods with burgers and pizzas. We took diesel and could stay for free for the night.

Kikagati border

Easy border to cross Uganda/Tanzania. Rapid cove test done at the border (Uganda-Tanzania direction). Visa done at the border


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