oriental.lily Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Farmers Korner Wastewater Treatment Facility

Don’t be that person. Donate the $10-20 to dump and/or fill water. It’s the only place open in the area where potable water is available during the winter.

Avon Rec Center

$8 shower pass. $10 shower pass with towel. 3 hour parking limit.

Vail Pass Rest Area

Confirming one hour parking signs everywhere.

Edwards Rest Area

Free dump. Potable and non potable water available except between November 1 and April 1. Lots of “no overnight camping” signs everywhere but many commercial truckers and van life people were parked all over at 10:30pm on a Thursday night. So up to you.

City View Van Pull-off

Beautiful city view. We only stayed one night and no one bothered us. However, it was going to snow the next day and since it seemed likely that a snow plow would push the new snow here, we didn’t stay a second night.

Up the Road

Road is closed to vehicles during the winter unless the ground is dry.

Hoosier pass

Seasonal closures for the winter. No motor vehicles allowed.

Paws and wash

Uneasy about red handle. Plus inside the dog wash, it says water they use is non-potable. So we didn’t risk it.

Maverick Gas Station

Staff couldn’t confirm if it was potable or not. Didn’t want to risk it.

Shell gas station

Dump in the back. Potable water with a blue handle near pump 10.

Adjacent to Waterfront park street parking

One side of the street says no overnight parking. The other doesn’t. But we didn’t want to risk it so we parked on 2nd street even though we were the only ones. Fine cell service.

Arrowhead Travel Plaza

Next gas station is 40ish miles away if you’re heading east.

Incredible vista

Couldn’t get to this via Google maps. There’s a gate and permits are required. Tried via Apple Maps and it didn’t work either. We tried via old fashioned maps but couldn’t find it either. We gave up after 1.5 hours.

Washable Laundry

each machine takes card or coin! Super convenient. Machines look updated and everything seemed to work. $9 for wash at the largest machine. 25 cents for 5 mins of drying.

Residential field between new apartment buildings and homes

Good cell service. No one to both you. Nothing else to say.

Mill Creek Falls

Free parking. Quiet and remote. Easy from the street.

Fallon Rest Area

It’s easily accessible from both directions. Google maps might tell you to get off at exit 79 and turn around if you’re heading westbound but you don’t need to. Just follow the sign for rest area and you can cross under the highway.

Silver island loop @ Leppy Pass

Perfectly flat and empty. 2 bars of TMobile. Att service too.


No overnight parking signs are posted. But we stayed here anyways for one night.

confluence point of the Ohio and Mississippi river

Lots of space. No one bothered you. Good signal

Welcome Center-Rest Area Texarkana Texas

24 hour bathrooms available. Lots of spots available.

Spring Lake Dog Park

Conveniently located near the Texakarna Welcome Center which is on the other side of the highway. Two large fenced off areas (one for large, one for small). Poop bags, picnic tables and water stations available. Also a children’s swing set located next to it/outside of the fenced area.

Manti-La Sal National Forest

There’s a couple of spots nearby. Good Visible signal.

Just Past Hamburger Rock

No visible/Verizon or Tmobile signal. Only AT&T

Off road

Not great internet even with AT&T and Visible.

24/7 Moab Laundry Express with WIFI and toilets

WiFi works. Only two of the “giant” load machines. No detergent or dryer sheets for purchase in a vending machine.

Entrance of Gemini Bridge Road

Close to a road so you’ll hear noise. Not great cell service. Needed cell booster to really get anything.

Maverick Gas

Come and grab water off hours or you’ll be waiting for hours for someone to finish filling their 40 gallon tank.

Paradise on the Hill

The entire area is packed with people and if you go past this spot, the road is so rutted out.

BLM office in Hanksville

Free water towards the back of the office. Plenty of space.


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