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just another campsite

Four or five sites along this bluff all with fire rings and two bars of T-Mobile. Scads of sites along Lovell Canyon Road both along the road and off the road.

Forest Service Road

Up, up, up maybe 2 miles on FS 13597, just before the Y turn for Millwood Road, and just after the marker for the forest boundary. Rare traffic for Millwood Road. There are two turn outs, the second is larger.

Lots of nature sounds and occasionally 2 bars of T-Mobile.

Indian Springs Trail

Several sites off the main road. It’s easy to tuck in next to the lava. Hard pack sand and lots of cell service. You can see I-15 off in the way way off. There must be coyotes that roam through this area. It’s a lovely area.

off RT 156

End of the road. Large area with multiple flat sites and multiple fire rings. There are some random iron spikes in the ground near trees (not quite sure why but they don’t seem to be where you might drive/park). Two bars of T-Mobile and pretty quiet.

89 South pulloff

A little bit of snow in January. I think easily doable with 2WD. Just south of the 187 mile marker. A little bit of road noise which quiets down an it get darker. The stream is so pretty. The bike path is across the river. Several similar pull out spots while on public lands.

Sonoran Desert National Monument

Lots of pull out spots. You might want to pre-walk your spot for broken glass. 3 bars of 5G cell service. Distant train noise and courteous ATV riders early Saturday morning.

Cibola NF

This site has a rock fire ring now. Quiet spot but it did have large mammal prints at the site. Great cell service - 4 bars of 5G. I think if it’s not muddy, most vehicles could make these sites - with care and going slowly. One vehicle in the loop when we arrived and one came after dark.

Santa Fe NF Road 124 DE

Such a beautiful spot and great cell service too. We went pretty far back. One panel truck close to the beginning but we went way far back and were alone - except for cows.

Fort Lancaster Scenic Overlook Pic Nic Area

As everyone has said… we arrived around 7p on a Sunday evening and we’re the third ones there. 1 bar of cell service.

Rutherford Beach

Here on a Friday night and maybe 8 vehicles of all ilks including vans, buses, and even a brave little car. Sheriff drove by and waive and a couple of other locals checking out the ‘tourists’. Surprisingly little trash and port-a-potties at the beginning of the beach. Google Maos brought us straight to “Rutherford Beach”.

Rutherford Beach

Here on a Friday night and maybe 8 vehicles of all kinds of ilk including buses, vans, and regular old cars. Sand lovely to drive over. Sheriff drove by and waived. Surprisingly clean. Port-o-potties at the beginning. Couple of locals drove by looking at the ‘tourists’. Google Maps ‘Rutherford Beach’ and brought us straight here.

By the pow camp

Several campsites around the lake and forest roads nearby. Maybe 4-5 campers altogether. Trash, but cleaner than when we arrived. Clear and cold overnight.

Mystic Springs

Nice free campsite. It has a fire ring, picnic table, covered area at each campsite which would be handy in the rain. Register for free camping at the mentioned website. Campsite 1 and 2 are next to each other but far apart. Camp sites 1 and 2 are more secluded. A little trashy, but cleaner after we left. Right next to the river which was so lovely for a.m. coffee and watching for gators.

William Bankhead dispersed camping

Small campsite down a narrow gavel road. Couple of short telephone pole sized pylons at the entrance. It’s quiet and no trash. Two bars of cellular.

Hoosier National Forest

Nice little spot with just a bit of gravel and a circle pull through and a fire ring. There’s a little mossy pond down a path. Some spent shell casing around the fire pit but someone left split firewood and some kindling in the fire pit. 3 bars of T-Mobile service

HNF Twin Trees

Very quiet and clean. GPS a little wack-a-doodle getting out here. There is another site just before this one. It also has a fire ring and was clean. 1 bar T-Mobile service.


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