croods65 Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
February 8th, 2019 Taco Rico Mexican food

Good place in Miami Beach to eat good Mexican food for a correct price.
The crew is friendly.
It's a cool place far from the noisy tourist place for eat...
We eat with our 3 children and they have a menu for child.
Enjoy with à fresh Corona.

February 4th, 2019 Hotel Casa San Roque

Good place to stay some days with our family.
We pay 232000 pesos but we are 5 and we take an appartment with 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms kitchen, saloon and a place to eat.
It's a typical and funny place to stay...not perfect but you live like the people in this place.
Realy good place to visit the old town and safe when you come back at night.
Crew and owner are realy friendly.

January 31st, 2019 El pollo del sabor Diego Broaster

Not the best place....but a typical and cheap place to eat a good piece of chicken, there isn't a lot of tourist who eat here.
And you have plastic glove to eat the chicken....!!!!

January 20th, 2019 Megapartes - Bus / Sprinter Mechanic

I think it's a if you need a some mechanic.
We have a big truck (L:8.1 metres- l:2.5 metres and high 3.7 metres) and it was ok.
They work on a lot of Mercedes bus (same owner for the bus society).
We haved so much problems when we arrived here...after more than one year on the road in south america...!!!!
They repear our brake change our radiator ( make a new one in 4 days), and a lot of problems of hydraulic clutch, valve exhaust, changing oïl and so on...
The first night we sleep in the hotel near the garage because they don't want we sleep in our motorhome, but we prefere to sleep in our truck with our 3 children..., the second day we ask and they say ok but we have to pay 20 000 pesos each day for sleep, have water and electricity, may be the owner need more money...
It was Chusa the mecanician who work on our truck,it's a realy good guy.
We stay 5 days in this place and the crew was friendly with us....put about the man to the changing oil(with us, not a funny guy..)..!
The nights was noisy because the last bus are arriving at 11PM and the first begin at 3.30 AM...,but we can live in our truck and it's realy important
They like to have a tip, so the price was good for the job and we give a tip to the 3 guys who work the most on our truck..

January 20th, 2019 Casa Grande

We stop here for a quiet night (saturday night) but the day after there was a big techno can be a great experience but with 3 children we don't try...!
Yes you are near the beach but it's a dangerous beach with big waves and stream(atlantique beach...!)...good if you make surf but may be not for a family.
I find the price is too expensive for this place...and it's certainly for this reason that there is nobody here...!
Take care with the dangerous fall of coconuts ....and try to find a good place between the tree

January 20th, 2019 Supermercado Rapimio

Just a supermercado on the road...
But with a parking and easy access for motorhome.
Good to find a lot of food when you have a big family....and a big truck...!!!

January 18th, 2019 Marbella Carwash

Realy good place for wash your truck or your car before the shipping.
It's near two parking truck and a custom broker....Perfect..
Our truck is 8.1 long, 2.5 large and 3.7 High and it was ok.
Good guys, good job and good price
They wash our truck chassis (under it was terrible...) whit traitment and the body I just do the roof.
We pay 70 000 pesos.

January 15th, 2019 Parts vehicle street

Everythings you dream to find for your car, your truck or bus is this street...
Please...don't come here with your motorhome...take a taxi...
Enjoy and I hope you'll find what you need...

January 13th, 2019 Azukz Hasavi spot

Realy good spot to park your motorhome for one or some nights(all size of big rig are welcome).
When you are arriving on the great parking place on the beach, you forget all the restaurant (and the people who run after your truck to propose you a place for stop for the night and pay !)
You take on your right and go at the end of the beach at around 500 meters(after the road is finish)
You will find some fisherman houses and also an house of association of fisherman.
You can stay in this wild and nice place for free.
We put our truck near the litlle restaurant "Hasavi" for free and eat delicious "salchipapas"(6000 pesos the big part)
The people who live here are realy friendly and propose us water for shower or toilets.
Good and safe place to swim with your family.
Realy quiet night (a saturday night....!).
During the day a lot of people stay on the other side of this beach so it's a cool place without the famous loud music...!!!!
It's windy so it's not warm and you can have a realy good night in your truck
Enjoy and drink a fresh beer...

January 10th, 2019 Finca El Manantial (Vida Campestre) Vida Campestre Camp

Realy good place to take a break with our family.
The owner and the other persons who live or work here are so friendly.
You are in a farm so after 07 AM you'll ear all the animals...but it's nice...
The good things it's that there is a lot of tree with good shadow and always a litlle wind night and day (you are just at the top of the mountain so the wind come from the sea).
So you can have fresh night in your truck and good day in the hamoc...
And the view on Carthagene and the sea is so great.
The shower and toilets are clean.
The wifi is not realy good.
The price is a litlle bit expensive but this place is great
We pay 70000 pesos for a family of 5.
For the truck we are 8.1 long, 2.5 large and 3.7 high..., it's ok to come here but it's better to come by Turbaco....and don't make tourism with your truck in the village... (like me!)

January 7th, 2019 restaurant beach parking

Good place to park your motorhome, go to the nice beach and sleep.
Safe place with a young man who have a look during the day.
At night seems safe because the family sleep here and work too.
The only problem for us was the loud music from the other pub on the beach which stop around 04 AM....., and the people who speak around our truck all the night...
But it was a friday evening....and we haven't try the saturday night fever...!!!!!
May be in the week it's more ...tranquilo!
The crew is friendly.

January 4th, 2019 Texaco Posto

So quiet night it's a joke!!!
But it's a good (and noisy!) place to park your motorhome for the night.
It's just near the road so it's noisy but there is not so much place to sleep on this road..
The man who work here when we arrived was so friendly and put our truck under the light and not on the big parking with the other truck in the dark.
He propose us to take a fresh shower and the toilets for free.
We have refill water for our thank.
The station is open all night and the people who work have a look on you....
What else.....yes....a cofee!

January 2nd, 2019 Texaco gas station with restaurant

When try to sleep to Santa Fe de Antioqua but in the night a drunk man make us problems so we take the road and fin this place at 02AM...
Nice crew.
I have find water too for our motorhome.
Quiet (small!) night

January 2nd, 2019 Heraclio

Good place to park your motorhome during the day to visit the town or going to the river.
But at night the young people come here ( it's normal)and this place can be noisy...
The problem is when a drunk man is arriving first time around 10pm and insult us..., he come back around midnight he make so much noise around our truck and was very agressive with us (may be he was drunk since the first of the year...!)
We decided to go away because the situation seems dangerous and without no issue!

December 31st, 2018 Trail Head

Lovely hike to do with your family.
Around 1h30 with the children.
And at the end, if you want, you can take a funny old cable cabine for 4000 pp.
Or you can follow the hike trail to come back in town.

December 30th, 2018 Calle lateral

We have sleep here with our motorhome.
OK for big rig but take care in town( we are 8.1 meters long, 2.5 large and 3.7 high....if it can help you)
People who live in the street are friendly.
But you are in town so here before 6pm everybody get up, so you will ear the engine of the litlle bus in the street.
It's just a street in town but quiet night for us.
Not sure you find an other place to park your truck in this nice town.
You are to 5mn walking from the main place.

December 29th, 2018 Finca Hotel Vegas del Sol

After a hard day on the road with hot weather and's so nice to find a swimming pool...
It's ok for all the motorhome.
We paid 60000 fo our truck and 5 persons.
We have electricity, water and access to all the service.
The swimmong pool is clean and there wasn't a lot of people.
The crew is friendly.
You don't ear a lot the main road for the night.
They put music all the day and they stop around 11pm (you're in Colombia...!!)
We have pay for one night but we stay all the morning after and use the pool, and go around 1 pm.
It's ok for a quiet stop on the road.

December 27th, 2018 Parking Cocora Valley

If you're with your motorhome, I think it's a realy good idea to park here.
It cost 2000 pesos for one hour for our truck.
After you will have problems to park or make a U turn.
We are 8 meters long, 2.5 large and 3.7 high....and I think it's the maximum size for this road....but you can try...!
If you are alone it cool...but so much people come here...

December 27th, 2018 Parking possible for motorhome

We have find this big parking with easy access for big rig.
We are 8 meters long, 2.5 large and 3.7 high.
When you arrived in Salento you take on your right at the fire station and at the end of the street on your left and it's straight on 200 meters and the place is on your right.
And to come back it's the same.
During the day there is a guard but not at night.
At the beginning the guard don't want we sleep here but after discussion he say ok.
We pay 10000 pesos for the night.
This place is to 5 minuts walk from the main place...

December 26th, 2018 Hotel del Campo

Realy nice place to stay some days with your motorhome.
We enjoy this place with our children.
The swimming pool is cool, and tou have a litlle pool pour children.
We have pay 50 000 by day for 5 persons with our truck,but it can be cheaper.
You ave the shower, toilets, the wifi, and the electricity.
No limit of size (we are 7 meters long and 3.7 high)
The crew is friendly and speak english.
But take care on the litlle road since the village, the bus driver are crazy..

December 23rd, 2018 Gasolinera Terpel

Good place for a safe night....but not're. in a gas station!
Sincerely for this sort of parking ot was correct.
Wifi inside the restaurant but not on the parking.
This place is in direction north/south and you can't turn on this road it's like a highway.
But you ave a Uturn around 2kms after.
Here. you have a restaurant, guard for night, fuel, water, and it's free....what else....!

December 23rd, 2018 Supermarket on the road

If you don't like to go in town with your motorhome to find some food it's perfect.
You have a parking without limit of size to park your truck.
It's just on your right on the turn around
You have also ATM and restaurant....what else..
For big truck you you have place near the motorcycle place and in front of the café place..

December 22nd, 2018 Near Terpel station.

Friendly crew.
Potable water for motorhome with very long hoose...
The place near the water tap is in the grass and nor near the truck and road, and I think it's ok for a gas station night.

December 21st, 2018 Station De Servicio

I'm arriving at night (fuckin bad road since Totoro).
I see nobody, it's closed, I have put my truck behind the house.
No problem for all sort of truck.

December 17th, 2018 estacion de servicio biomax

We have find water here for free for our motorhome.
A lot of place to park.
There is also a restaurant.
Friendly crew....tranquilo!

December 16th, 2018 Las Lajas parking of teleférico

So great place to park your motorhome for the night.
we stay 2 days here when we come from équateur.
The time to buy some food and a SOAT in town.
We have take the cableway to see Las Lajas.
If you can take it in the end of the afternoon and see the church with the Light show.'s great.
The cableway is certainly the slowest in the world...!!!

December 15th, 2018 Below Laguna Cuicocha

The first place near the entrance was closed so we sleep here.
It's do the job.
With our truck of 8.1 meters long it was ok.
You have a shelter with table.
And you sleep with the toad song...!

December 14th, 2018 Parkingplace Alimicuy

Perfect place to park your big rig if you want to visit the artisanal market.
I cost 0.5$ for one hour.
No limit of size for acces and park.

December 14th, 2018 Laguna Cuicocha Park Entrance

So sorry but this place is closed.
They put wire in the entrance.
We have sleep in the other place to one hundred meters.

December 9th, 2018 Laguna De Limpiopungo

Realy big parking for all size aof motorhome.
You can't sleep here.
We have made th hike to the mirador to see the Rumiñahui .
Around 2 hours in family to go and 1h15 to come back.
Nice hike.
Take care,the last 3 or 5 kilometres are realy bad with so much holes..
With a motorhome it's not funny.
So we don't try to go out from the park by the north entrance.
During the day there was a guard,but it was a sunday.