BeWe Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Chemin des terres rompues

Sadly too much trash lying around for us.
We found another spot next to it. Clean, nice view but no beach.

Pont couvert Rouge

Nice place.
Access to the water is not great and water is almost stagnant.

Local atv traffic until 22h

zec bessonne

Entry to the zec bessonne.
13$ entry + 20$ per night.
The network of dirt road is big, wild camping allowed

La Tuque

There is a no camping sign. Not sure if it applies to the trail or the parking.
We did not stay

campground landromat

Washer 2CAD dryer 1 CAD 16 minutes- not the best machines but it helps. You can get change at the reception.

Bird Island Boat tour

Small campground run by the family that offer boat tour to the birds Island, where you can see puffins.
Quiet place
We had a good time on the boat

Cameron Laundronat and Dry Cleaner

Washer ok
Dryer are expensive 0.25 / 3min and don't work... I needed almost an hour to dry my load....

Landromat - Buandrie

Very very very expensive dryer, 25ct/2min...and not for a big one!
So unless is an emergency I would avoid this location.

Edit : beside being expensive the dryer works very poorly


We went to the movies and asked to stay in the parking lot for the night. No issues
Just a far away background noise of the motorway.
Tuesday is a promotional night for the movie tickets

Public Dump

Public dump, not sure about opening hours

No drink water

Ann DeNicola Memorial Playground

Large playground, perfect for the kids.
Quiet night.

Piscataquog River Park

We went there on a Friday night. Didn't stay for the night.
Too many weird looking people and cars with loud music.
We have added a point a bit in the south.

Upper East Side

Great spot, certainly the best we had in all the cities we visited.
Quiet, '' garded'' by the housekeepers that where friendly.
We have a 7.2m rv and did needed to search for long to find a space after 7 as indicated.
We parked in the 80 and 88.

Dead End Parking

Free street parking with no no signs
Boat stop to go to downtown for free

lock 21

Parking next to the canal in front of a tent camping.
Great for a bike ride to the fall along the pontomac.
Not sure about rv overnight. No problem for us

Nps campground

Large nps campground.
Some places are reservable, some are generator free!
15 usd the night

AMC Movie Theater Parking

We went to the movies and asked if we could spend the night. They agreed.
It is very quiet for a city spot.

boat ramp/public park

Boat ramp dirt parking.
Very quiet
No view of the water.
Not very flat.


Propane sold by the tireshop nothing special

rv Park space rocket

Small rv Park on site space center. 18 /20$ m. You can find a deal without electricity

Houston/Pearland - Walmart

Not too loud for a Walmart
We ended here after trying to sleep at the centennial park, but at 22h the police kindly told us to leave.

Dump station texas city

Dumpstation free, not sure if the water is drinkable or not

Boddeker Rd, Galveston, TX

Nice view of the ships entering and leaving. Calm night
I don't think a permit is needed.

automobile navaro

Did a oil change and diesel filter changes
In the shop they speak English

Bad lavanderia

Bad place, you will find other in the city
19 pesos per kg, so quite expensive
After 3 days I came to pick up the laundrery 3h after the agreed time. It was not ready, without excuse she says two more hours. I come 4h later, still not ready. When we finally got our stuff it wasn't properly folded, and the part that was supposed to to be line dried was completely wet.
You will find other in the city that I hope will be better!

hojalateria y pintura

Body work jobs knows what he does. Work directly on our camper. A bit expensive should have negotiated.

Ecocamping Balneario Balam Nah

Very quiet place. It is great after the crowded coast. We where there during the week. Absolutely no one.
Pool is nicely hot, not deep.
We are an rv of 7.1x2. 4x3.15m. It did fit without trouble.
Acces road is a bit bumpy, but every one should be able to drive it slowly

Kohunlich Ruins

Nice little ruins in the middle of a dense jungle.
Lots of birds and monkeys.
We arrived just before the closing hour. We were allowed to sleep inside for 100p. Wifi, WC, showers.

military check point - just waved us through

Military check point. Just waved us through

las nubes

We tried today but there is a construction zone on the dirt road. A car could have passed on the side in the mud but we didn't dare with our 7m Rv


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