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Robins Camp

This camp is good for a stop over only, as quite unspectacular compared to the other campsites in the park. If you can, rather book and stay at Deteema (waterhole, alone with wildlife) or Sinematella (amazing views over the Valley) or Guvalala Platform (overlooking waterhole, alone with wildlife).
Run down and shower cold even though they put fire under the donkey. Friendly staff.
A private company are building a new restaurant and bungalows, but as per now it is not clear if the camping will be part of the upgrade or not.

Deteema Camp

This is a picnic site during the day and a private camp that out can book (at Robin’s Camp or Sinamatella) and highly recommended. It is an experience to sleep alone in the bush. At this time of the year there is not sonmuch wildlife except crocodiles in the waterhole, but we heard a lion calling during the evening and furthermore got a glimpse of it for a minute or so in the morning when he passed the area behind the waterhole. A ranger will explain things and bring you fire wood and check on you in the morning. Toilets and cold shower and a nice hide. 29$ pp for camping, 10$ pp entry fee and 10 $ for the car (only if it is your first night, as valid for 5 days).

Sinamantella Campsite

Wow, what a stunning location. On a hill overlooking the entire area, up to the horizon, no civilisation or lights. The camp warden can bring you fire wood, which is included in the price. He also lights the fire for the hot shower. Ablutions old but okay, not dirty this time. 17$ pp + 10$ pp park entry + 10 $ for the car. The latter one we did not have to pay again, apparently only once per stay. Highly recommended for the fantastic view.

Guvalava Platform

We were pretty happy with the animal sightings in the evening. We arrived at 3 pm, set up our camp on the platform and from 4 pm animals came to the waterholes, a small herd of gnus and zebras, 3 giraffes and and a bigger family of baboons. After dark a bigger herd of buffaloes came and in the night we saw a lone elephant. It was a real experience to have a viewing platform all for yourself. 23$ pp for camping, 10 $ pp park entry and 10 $ per vehicle. We booked the platform at the national parks head office in Vic Falls, otherwise surely at Main Camp. Run down toilets and running water (pretty toilets), but wasn’t keen to use the shower. The platform is approx. 2 x 8 meters. We could not fit our tent, but used the mattresses etc. under a mosquito net, which is not really needed. In the morning it was pretty cold (approx. 12 degrees) with a cold wind (end of April), make sure you have enough blankets etc.

Gwango Heritage Resort

Highly recommended also from our side. Camping on beach white sand. Very friendly staff. Still 10 $ pp. Good food, especially the stew.

N1 Hotel

It’s camping in the meticulous and pretty pool garden with luxury ablutions. 14$ pp. You can’t get on the lawn with your car, but we parked right at the edge and put our tent in the grass just next to it, so no problems with that. Quite illuminated, but more romantic than glaring. There was some noise from the outdoor pub next door, but ebbed away around midnight. Helicopter noise S mentioned. Would stay again.

Kazungula Border Post (Botswana-Zimbabwe)

Botswana Exit was easy as mentioned earlier. Passport got stamped out.
Entry in Zimbabwe required 30 US $ Visa single entry (for 30 days) per person for EU nationals. For the car, 50 $ for road tax and insurances plus 50$ for Commercial Vehicle Guarantee as we had a rental car. We got an official “Temporary Import Permit for Visitor’s Vehicle” from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority with zero value noted on it and a “Commercial vehicle Guarantee by Agent” that cost 50$. The agent here is TINADY Clearing and Forwarding Company. The first document we got from the man behind the counter, the second one from the agent standing next to me before the counter and working hand in hand with the official. The latter document still seemed a bit dodgy to us. Is it really required or just a method to extract some extra cash? They had a lot of previous Britz vehicles on his logbook, but the Britz office in Windhoek did not have a clue if this was required or not.

MotoVac Kazalunga (Auto Parts)

Supplies all kind of vehicle parts. In Shoppies Shopping Complex in Kazalunga. Also sell the things the Sambian police wants to see (fire extinguisher, 2 (!) warning triangles, high vis vest, reflectors for front and back of vehicle)

Total Petrol Station

Total petrol station at Namibian side of border, that also have hot showers, 7 am to 10 pm, for 10 NAD.

Xain Quaz Rest Camp

Fully agree with other comments. Very good value for money at 150 pp with the super private ablutions. And a lady bringing a cup of coffee in the morning was an unbelievable and striking novelty when camping! In addition. The owner was very helpful and dried my sleeping bag overnight which got wet from a leaking tank and helped me out with a blanket. Worth noting was also a private grassy area to pitch our ground tent. The noise from the street was not a problem, as it dies down after sunset. We had some noise from motocross/ATV driving nearby but that was only for an hour. Would definitely stay again and can fully recommend it.

Hardap Rest Camp

The campground is, except for the ablutions, not really worth the money (165 pp campground, 40pp+10 pcar for park entrance), as quite barren and unidyllic, BUT if you like swimming, this is the place for you. A huge, ca. 35-40 m long pool qualifies for some serious lap swimming. Plus a small pool for children. The views from the restaurant over the dam is gorgeous. The park entrance also entitles you to the game park which is open from 6 am to 4 pm. We did this in the morning before breakfast.

Canyon Roadhouse Campground

Nice and spacious campground, 190 pp. 12 very large sites with trees, braai and tap water. 4 ablution blocks. Really nice pool area with sun beds and tables under the shade. We preferred this campsite to Hobas and /Ai-/Ais. The roadhouse with the many nice old cars, advertising boards and car related antiquities is lovingly made with loads to look at. We had nice waitresses and also no music. The food was really good and much better than we had elsewhere (e.g. real camembert on the burger instead of a slice of processed cheese).

Amanzi Trails River Camp

Excellent camp site as said before. Worth phoning up front to reserve a site that is right at the river. Go there also if you get a site in the second row. Professionally managed, super view. 150 pp and night, valid for 2018 and 2019. Canoes in hire at excellent price. Organise canoe trips.

Norotshama River Resort

Stayed 2 nights at this resort. They have 2 small communal camping lawns amidst the bungalows. Between the camping area and the Oranje River is one row of bungalows. Pool. Fantastic view from the air-con bar. Reasonable prices in bar and restaurant, very nicely decorated. 170 pp per night. The campsites are much nicer though at the Amanzi River Trail Camping 50 km further south with also gorgeous views. If you want resort amenities, stay here. If you want to have nice camping, go to Amanzi instead.

Oranjemund Beach

This is a Beach site with braai facilities and a toilet. Gorgeous view at the sea side. MTC 3G works.

Shepherds Lodge

Set in a depression and therefore pretty wind-protected, a green oasis amidst sandy hills. The campground is at the back of wooden bungalows that are more or less in good condition. Grassy plots, slightly reclining. Could be a gem if more lovingly made and not surrounded by building material left overs and some shabby bungalows. Certainly very okay for a stop over, ablutions are clean and fine too. Not a love affair though :-) 200 for two. If you have a camper/motorhome, try rather to stay wild at the beach facilities where the Oranje River meets the sea. See our entry there.


3 nice campsites in fantastic setting. Views of 20 km in all directions onto plains with mountains at the horizon. Fantastic sunsets and starry nights. Travelled an extra 45 km on gravel as we liked the setting so much when we first passed. Can be windy during the day. Sites have windbreaks, sunroof, bench+table, sink, tastefully done. Spotless ablutions, nice and caring hosts. Have also rooms but not sure how many.


3 nice campsites in a fantastic setting. 100 per person per night. Views of 20 km in all directions, over a plain with mountains at the back. Fantastic sunsets and starry nights. Can be windy during the day. Came back an extra 45 km on gravel road, because we liked the views so much when we first passed. Sites have windbreak, sunroof, bench+table. Spotless ablutions, nice and caring hosts.

Aus Haven Campsite

Closed for bathroom renovation until June 2018.
New upmarket campground from the same owners across the street (350 NAD with private bathroom). See my entry Aus Camping II.

Aus Haven Campsite

New campsite in Aus next to petrol station from the same owners as the camping place across the road. Features as their “luxury camping” as with private bathroom. 5 sites in courtyard, well sheltered from the wind, each with own bathroom, sink, cooking area. 3G mobile reception!350 for 2 people. Not very idyllic, but functional if price does not matter. Their other campground across the road is closed for renovation until June 2018 and Klein-Aus was full.

Duwisib Guestfarm

There are 2 campsites near the castle and we preferred the one of Duwisib Guesthouse, as it has very good views onto the castle (100 meters away), nicer ablutions, a pool to use and cheaper. 130 NAD per person (NWR Campsite is 170 pp and does not include the castle entry ticket which is 70 pp for International Gieses, only if you stay at their castle for 970 NAD).

Namib-Naukluft N.P. - Mirabib

Fantastic setting in the desert around a huge rock. The 30 km to the campsite is very rough and not really suitable for a 2 WD, but we made it any way and were happy.

Bains Kloof Pass

A patch close to the road but good for a night with fabulous views.

Riverside Holiday Resort

Nice grasy place right at the Brandwag river.

Listen to the Sea Lions

Shore line area approx. 300 m away from Ruta 1, above a peninsular with sea lions. Rocks also provide some shelter from visibility and the high mountains in the back let you sleep longer as sun will rise later :-) Aduana between the two provinces 5 km north with restrooms and restaurant.

Baños + Showers In Chanavayita

Toilets and cold showers in the port (fenced assembly of red/yellow small brick buildings) for 1.250 per person.

Atacama Valley Look Out

Large gravel pit approx. 300 m north from main road and 15 km from San Pedro. Flat places further up. 360 degree view on Salar de Atacama, San Pedro and vulvano Licancabour. Sunset, moonrise, sunrise for pleasure. Quiet at night except for some trucks heading up the Jama pass in the early morning hours. 3 G reception good. Big rigs might have problems at the beginning crossing small dry river bed.

Camping Sindicato Petróleo y Gas

Huge campground with old trees like a park open year round. 25m pool open from approx. Dec to March. We had a good lap swim. Baños had better days but hot showers all day. Not all sites accessible by car but there are sites for motor homes. 80$ pp and 5$ per car.

Parque Nacional Los Alerces – Las Lechuzas

Nice, shady park like campground with access to the lake. Hot showers between 6pm and 10pm. The baños are approx 300m at the entrance but well maintained and clean. 80$ pp.

River Camp

Nice place for a picnic or an overnight stay. Not so far away from the road, but nice grassy spot with trees and a small stream. A green welcome if you come from the dry east coast!


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