j_cowx Check-Ins

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Rodanthe Watersports Camping

Small campground with waterfront camping spots. Good wifi and clean showers. Water and electric hookups available - decent prices. $19.95 per night plus $7 for second person and plus $9 for electric. Compared to other campsites in the area, good price and good location.

French Broad Campground

Full service campground on the banks of the French Broad River, 15 minutes from Asheville NC. Decent facilities, bathrooms, showers, wifi, etc.. Older and could be kept up a bit better, but decent none the less. $39.50 per night including the use of hook ups.


We do not recommend this location. The location has the potential to be decent, however we felt unsafe here. The price per night was 150c. That night the owner told us we could not leave to walk the beach (it was 8:00pm). He came and uncomfortably hovered over our camp site and really wouldn't give any privacy. That night, we're pretty sure he sat in our chairs under our rooftop tent and we woke at 2:00am with him having a loud conversation on the phone right under our tent. He also shone his flashlight into our tent frequently throughout the night! The next day he demanded 200c extra for vigilante or watchmen services. We obviously didn't want a recap of the previous night so we said not necessary. He was upset by this and we now felt like as soon as we left our site he would arrange to prove we need the "watchmen" service. He left in a huff and we quickly packed and moved on to Rancho Los Alpes which is a fantastic location! Also - no wifi here and he wanted an extra 250 per night to plug our iPads in to charge (which we refused). All in all - lots of uncomfortable moments. Poor bathrooms and cold showers we wouldn't dream of using..

Palmas Las Cortes

We do not recommend this place. It had the potential to be decent as it's an ok location on the beach, however the owner made us feel very unsafe. His price was $150C per night with very poor bathrooms and a shower we would never use. No wifi. He wanted $250c extra per night to plug iPads in to charge them. Long story short, the first night he told us we couldn't leave to walk the beach (it was 8:00pm). Just lots of weird interaction where he wouldn't give any privacy. At night we are pretty sure he sat in our chairs right under our roof top tent and proceeded to talk on his cell phone at 2:00am loudly. He also shone his flashlight in our tent throughout the night. The next day he told us we owed him $200 extra per night for watchmen service. We told him it was not necessary, he seemed upset and we felt if we left our campsite he might make arrangements to prove a watchmen service is necessary. He left, we packed our stuff and moved on to Ranch Los Alpes which was fabulous. Camper be ware....

Entre Nubes Cafe

Fabulous Restaurant and Cafe with Beautiful Gardens and Fast Free Wifi

Rancho San Nicolas

90 pesos per person per night. Very nice campground close to town. Electricity and water at camp sites. Good showers and bathroom facility although the hot water is very limited. Wifi is not reliable. There is a laundry lady who will come by and pick up your laundry and return it either same day or next day - nice service.

Palmas Las Cortes

Ok facilities. Cold showers, electricity and water at campsites. Wifi from neighboring restaurants. Noisy at night and early morning. DO NOT STAY FRIDAY OR SATURDAY! An open air club backs up to the park and until 3 or 4 am you will think your sleeping on the dance floor. No exaggeration! 200 pesos a night for two people and vehicle. Otherwise nice central location right on beach.

Grutas Tolantongo

We loved this place!! Such unexpected beauty! The rivers and pools range from Luke warm to probably 95 degrees. The tunnel is hot like a steam room and there are a variety of water falls that you can stand under which are also hot. Make sure to cross the bridge to La Gloria where you will have to pay $100 extra pesos but you will basically have the place to yourself. The hotel rooms are $500 pesos a night and are clean but very basic (no tv, no phone, etc...). Camping by the river was great! If you're anywhere near here - don't pass this place up!

Xamelia Beach Camping

Small village in a bay with a nice beach and gorgeous views. Canadian resident came out and told us the beach to the left of the houses when facing the water is a designated camping area. Resident said very safe and good swimming. He also said there are Crocs in the river further down the beach...

Laguna La Maria

We were the only campers here while we stayed. Decent place, very lush area. Bathrooms available, not sure about showers. Water and electricity appeared to be at each site but we didn't test it to see if they were working. Got very cool and damp at night (didn't rain but everything exposed to the elements was soaked). $250 pesos a night. Volcano close by was active and very cool to see. Also a mile or two up the road past the campground (towards Volcano) was a little sign saying "cafe". We turned in and there was a very rustic hut with a nice Italian espresso machine. They grow, roast and brew their own beans onsite - awesome experience for any coffee lovers out there. Large bag of coffee - $60 pesos ($4.50 US)


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