jeanne Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Penitente Canyon Campground

Didn't camp but came for a hike. Beautiful place to spend an afternoon or a few days. Campsites look good.

180 Little Colorado River

Wow. Beautiful and so peaceful. Lots to explore and we were visited but a bunny that thought better of getting closer. Weak cell coverage but ok if you climb a bit.

Up on the hill

Really windy last night so we're going to move to a lower spot tonite. Also someone dumped a couple dead cows on the side of the hill, so there's that now. Sometimes people just suck. That's trash I'm not picking up!

Forest Service Road 151, Carson National Forest, to Rio Chama

Gorgeous views and nice and clean. Lots of options along the road. Sunset views were stunning.


Water spigots are closed for the cold season. Rangers referred us to any of the BLM campgrounds nearby.

TrustLand loop camp

So this place has gotten pretty trashed. Lots of debris from target shooting. We did hear coyotes howling in the night and in the morning. This is ok for an overnight as it's really close to Santa Fe but not a place to hang around

Badlands Overlook

As described. Really convenient location and beautiful views.

Rice Creek Campground

Well kept, spacious, shaded county campground. Stayed here waiting for some service on our truck and it fit the bill. Lakes for kayaking and swimming. Electric and water sites.

Lake Superior shore

Beautiful spot. We came with friends in a Honda and rpod trailer and they made it in just fine. Lots of day trippers walking the beach but quiet at night. Except - there are folks who come in after dark looking for yooperlites. So expect some coming and going.

Pete's Lake

This is a national forest campground. Some sites reservable. The lake is lovely with loons and great for kayaking. Swimming beach also here and water is warm. We camped on the water with a great put in and washing up spot. Pit toilets and very slow water service if you're trying to fill up your tanks.

scienic viewpoint

As described. Great spot for kids or dogs as the camping area has a big grassy field surrounded by rock walls so lots of space to enjoy around. Only downside os it seems like it may be a local make out spot. A few cars came and went after dark.

Peminee Falls riverside

Lovely little site right on the river. Fire pit and picnic table. There are other sites as well along River Road, some visible from the road.

South I 80, Shoemaker Island

Lovely spot at a sand hill crane viewing area. We tried the Bassway strip spot first about 30 miles west. But it is between the sandpit and route 80. It looks like he used to be able to drive down a road that is now a hiking trail. But this place is much nicer and really quiet

Marshall Pass Rd

Lovely spot by a stream. Saw a beaver on the way in floating in his pond. Plenty of room for multiple vehicles. Long drop toilet a bit down the road.

Scenic overlook

Amazing view! Pretty level and plenty of room. There’s a fire pit here so it seemed like an allowed camping spot. Other spots along the road but very widely spaced. This seemed like the best one for us. Strong cell for both Verizon and ATT.

Beaver Meadows road

Quiet spot along FS135. Plenty of room for a couple rigs. Doesn’t seem to be too many hunters, which we found in the Sauls Creek area. Fire rings, forested, flat. Very dim cell service but better than nothing!

Ironton Area

Ended up here after plans A,B, and C fell through. A little snow made other places less accessible but this turned out great. Plenty of room for our rigs. Easy road to get to it from 550.

Phantom Canyon

We’re a bit farther down the road. There are lots of options on this end of the road. Seems like fewer on the northern end. Gorgeous drive. Lots of mule deer to see. Hunters also in hunting season.

Teton NF

OMG. Gorgeous. We drove down and took site 3. Overlooks the river and great view of the mountains.

Pine Creek Road, Idaho City, Boise NF

Plenty of camping spots. Pretty busy with OHVs and hunters in October.

Cascade Lake, Boise NF

We’re actually a little bit farther down the shore. Beautiful spot. Gorgeous views. Very little traffic on the road.

Aloha laundry.

Neat as a pin. Wifi and they let us fill our water tanks while we were here too.

Noxon Reservoir

Beautiful waterfront location. Lots of waterfowl and water is warm. A little tricky to find take the left and 2nd left on the smaller trail. Then when you get to the water there are sites to the left and right. For sure lots of train traffic but I slept through the

Pipestone TMA Dispersed

Lots of spots and easy access from 90 while being far enough away from the rod noise. On a Saturday lots of ohv traffic and campers but there are plenty of spots to choose from.

Big Horn Forest

Really convenient spot for a night. Easy access from 25. Town of Buffalo is pretty big with stores if you need them. Quiet spot. Flat. Room for plenty of campers. We went a little farther down and the road got a bit rutted but totally pAssable

Peru Creek off FS 265

Pretty good spot just off a little used forest service road. Spot here has some good tent spots and with rocks we could level our camper. Only space for one or two. Lots of sun, high tension wires, easy walk to the creek. Another large spot just up the road but it gets steep and narrow so didn’t think it was worth it to continue farther.

Weston pass along the creek

Nice spot by the creek. Logs across the River to get across. Close to the road. Room for one camper or multiple tents.

Top of the world off FS 723

Long ride up a really easy dirt road. Nice flat area. Beautiful view and some trees for shade. There’s a shaded spot and a sunny spot. Don’t even bother going to the end of 723. Nothing there but a turn around. There are many spots along the road but mostly close to the road.

Shady spot off 858

Lots of room for a group. Some sunny grassy and some shaded spots. Two fire pits. Road noise as it’s right beside the road. But for a Saturday during coronavirus time we’re happy - what were we thinking!

Grand Mesa

Sheltered spot but with a great view. Road a little rutted on the way in. Subaruable. 5 star fire pit and room for multiple vehicles. There’s also a second spot that’s not shaded a bit farther down.


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