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Wheat Montana bakery

Fresh milled flours, $1 day old loaves, some shaded outdoor seating, and if you're lucky a fruit stand in the parking lot

Pipestone TMA Dispersed

I'm guessing our experience is because of the quarantine and wild camping is close to the only thing people can enjoy. This exact GPS location was completely packed. Dirt bikes and four wheelers everywhere. We drove down road BLM 10 which was also just as packed, kept going to BLM 6 and luckily found a spot with a nice view of the valley. This is also the road to the ringing rocks if you want to camp within walking distance of it. The good thing is the road systems in this area seem to go all over so a spot can be found...eventually. Pit toilets at the intersection on BLM 10 and FSR 173.

Luna's Castle Hostel

This is a party hostel. Great if you are 18 or don't enjoy getting good sleep. There is a bar on the first floor which is also in the courtyard of the hostel. It is blasting music until 4 am for all three nights we were there. Great location but you can do a whole lot better staying at Magnolia Inn around the corner. Dorm beds $14, private room $34-37/nt

FSR 376 - Boondocking

The dirt road was fine. Hardly a nightmare. Some divots, some washboard, but mainly it was smooth. We are also in a Sprinter. Maybe it was recently graded? Nice trails, rock climbing, bouldering, mountain biking, ATVs, lots going on up here, but still able to find our own camp spot. Great find!

NFS Campground "Mary E"

Closest free campground to Telluride. Called the Mary E Camping Area. 22' max trailer or RV length. 15 established sites with picnic tables. No reservations, first come first served. Opens late June. No campfires or charcoal grills allowed. No water, only trash and portapotties. 7 day limit. Some sun and shade. Next to the river. Paved road all the way to the campground. Pets allowed on leash. Only Verizon cell coverage, no data coverage.

Conoco station

Free coffee and popcorn if you get fuel :)

BLM office in Hanksville

It's next to a restored historic mill that you can walk into and read all about. Flush restrooms in the same lot. Double bonus!

Hanksville Free Wifi

Clinic appears to only be open on Wednesdays, but I doubt they would mind you using the covered picnic benches out front even if they're open. WiFi working even when they are closed. An outlet is here too. eFiberPublicWifi is the name and is pretty fast.

near Upper Calf Creek Falls trail

Easy access, and gravel area a great option if it's muddy elsewhere. Some Verizon 3G. We went to the lower shelf under the gravel area to be more shielded from the road, but only accessible when dry or with 4x4 when really wet. All alone on a weeknight.

Cedar Draw Access

Tents will enjoy the little private area next to river. The road leading here from the west was great pavement. East of here had some gravel road, possibly under construction and a steep switchback to get out of the valley. There's a U-pick orchard across the street with a variety of fruits. Unsure of it's opening months and days but it was open now, in September.


they have a hose too, but it looked dirty so we used our own.

Little Payette Lake, USFS Dispersed Camping

All along this road are areas to camp, even before this location. The main road is paved and camping areas are quick and easy to access, no 4x4 or high clearance needed. Maybe some are but not most.

Free Public Parking Lots

Big blue signs indicating free public parking. More parking lots at Oak and 3rd, which has public restrooms on the other side of Oak and shade. This lot is level with not much shade. In the middle of town and room for big rigs. WiFi from matchwood brewing or the City.

Swimming Area Firehole Canyon

Firehole Canyon is one of the very few places to swim. No buses, RVs, or trailers allowed on this road, and there are serval signs indicating this. The river is cool and refreshing. I doubt soap of any kind is allowed. Vault toilets available.

Free NF Camping

Down this road are a few areas to camp for free. There are flat grassy areas and most are near the river. Pit toilets, trash cans, and fire rings are available. Free roaming cows in the area. The road can be rocky and tricky in a few areas but for the most part fine. Our 21' sprinter did okay. Various degrees of privacy from the road, and the sound of the river seems louder than the traffic. No or very little Verizon, but 4G at visitor's center (or at the top of the climbing area on the other side of the road)

Grassy Knolls

Two more bigger, flatter, grassier, and more secluded spots are just down the same forest road about 30 seconds but you'll pass a few narrowing trees so going these 30 seconds further isn't recommended for big rigs. We're 9 ft tall and 7 ft wide and just made it. The first further knoll overlooks the second one but only at the very edge, so we didn't notice it until later. Perfectly quiet, and agree with the wonderful view. It can get windy. Our 21' 2wd Sprinter made it no problem. 2wd, regular clearance friendly, but it is a dirt road with a steep section, so perhaps caution if muddy.

Black Hills with Rushmore views

4x4 recommended, rough road in a few places, and a few muddy areas. This spot is on top of a hill, so there's wind exposure. Tents will have to place on top of tall native plants. Very quiet and good potential for birding. If you keep driving, there are very low hanging trees, 6 or 7 feet. The road ends at a locked gate. On the other side of this gate is where we set up our tent but you have to climb over the gate. A NFS sign indicates access beyond the gate is allowed but on foot only.

Gym, Showers, Pool at Community Center

Belle Fourche Community Center offers day passes, two people for $7.53, or one for $4.50. Other pass options too. They have lots of exercise equipment, weight room, gym, racquetball, pool, hot tub, and hot showers with soap, plus free Wi-Fi. Weekdays they have group exercise classes. Ample parking.

Moose Creek Campground

$5/night, 9 established sites within close proximity to a creek. Clean vault toilets and good well water. Picnic tables and fire rings. No trash service. Sites are decently spaced but only separated by tall grasses. Near the road but minimal traffic. Price is proposed to increase in 2019 to $15 but not yet as of 8/15/19. Sporadic to no Verizon data coverage.

mr moro rv park

I wasn't able to find this place.

Ghosts of the Wild West

The St. James hotel and Lambert's Bar are historic gems of the West. The haunted hotel maintains the same luxurious charm it did in the 1800s. The bar has 22 bullet holes in the ceiling and at least 26 people were murdered from about 1881-1889. There are claims of paranormal activity still today. You don't need to stay here too experience it. They let you tour the hotel and the bar and restaurant are very reasonably priced. The first floor of the hotel has tons of information, pictures, and stories of all who have stayed there and died there. All the unoccupied rooms are kept open so you can look inside. The rooms range from $115-$200 w/o tax but are absolutely stunning. Ask the front desk to put on the movie for you. It includes when they were on Unsolved Mysteries. They keep room 18 permanently locked because of the strong negative paranormal activity in it. The Mary Lambert room is haunted too, but just with window tapping and perfume smells.

Carson National Forest

Although you are close to the road, the sound of the river just about equals the road noise which is infrequent. Lots of tree coverage. No Verizon signal at the camp sites. Last 4G location was at the Carson National Forest entrance sign.

Nubian Guesthouse Camping

Good place to stay next to the Nile. (You can go for a swim there) The owner is a very friendly and helpful guy. He can help you with mechanics and people in town.
Toilet and shower clean but basic. We were aloud to camp in front of the guest house.

La Cabana Camping

Adding this place as a campground please. No other good options in Huaraz. Space for one van ad one Sedan, or just one big rig maybe. No height limit only lenght. Lovely hosts, super hot shower, potable water, ok Wifi. 15 sol PPPN.

Holloman Lake Campground

Last Update: Air has cleared. No smell at this moment. Maybe I was being cropdusted by my partner before.
Update #3: Ignore my initial comment and 2nd update. There's definitely a smell right now.
Update #2: Ignore my previous comment but not my initial comment. Smell went away. I can breathe again.
Update: Ignore my previous comment. I think I smell something.
The spots are spread out so you have some privacy and distance from your neighbors. We didn't notice a smell.

Faywood Hot Springs

If we visited this area again this is what I would do (we are a couple): Private pool soak, then day use at city of rocks either hiking, biking, or bouldering, then back to Faywood to camp. The benefit to this is you get to use your private pool soak fee towards your camp fee, so it's only like $7 more to camp. Then you get access to all public pools and camper only pools. Fyi, Watsu and Blue Moon private pools looked the nicest.

City of Rocks State Park

$5 day use fee per vehicle. Good deal if you are needing a shower but the hot water heater is currently broken. Bouldering and trails for biking and hiking. Planetary boards posted around provide a mini educational hike through the park.


Inside City of Rocks State Park at the Visitor's center. Hot showers. Day use fee is $5 per vehicle but free for walk or bike in visitors. Work up a sweat on the hiking and biking trails first as a bonus.

Water Kiosk

One of many around town. A blue water kiosk with ample amount of room around it for parking. Great access for big rigs. $0.25/gal or $1/5 gallons. Only takes quarters. Shell gas station next door for change. It's dispensed through a hose.

Oasis Visitor Center

I would suggest it is locked when the visitor's office is closed. They are open 8am-5pm.


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