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Sugarloaf Fire Station

The fire station provides a guest network for emergency and occasional use. Feel free to use it to check in but please don't block access for emergency personnel or vehicles.

Sugarloaf Fire Station

The fire station has WiFi with a guest network available for emergencies and occasional use. Feel free to use it but please don't block access for emergency vehicles or for first responders to park.

Ceran Saint Vrain Trailhead

This place is permanently closed.

Ceran Saint Vrain Trailhead

Closed for camping sure to overuse and irresponsible people.

Pullout off of gravel rd near boulder

This is pretty much a pullout on the side of the road in a mountain neighborhood. The people who live here are not happy with all the traffic. I wouldn't recommend this one. There's amazing places a little further up Sugarloaf which are designated camping areas.

Peewink Mountain

My favorite spot to camp in the area. Stunning views, lots of privacy, and peace and quiet. There are several spots along this road, some with better views, others with more tree coverage. Most have fire rings.

There are several paths in the area if you feel like doing some hiking.

The road gets worse the further along you go but it's possible to do with a car or van as long as you go very slow and pay attention to the ruts and rocks in the road.

Unless you have 4WD I wouldn't take any of the spurs off the road.

Nederland is 15 minutes away if you need supplies or cell service.

I live in this area so please be respectful with your fires. There's usually a non-potable water tank and jugs near the entrance provided by the local fire department to encourage you to fully put out your fire when you're done. Also, please pay attention to fire bans when they occur. This area has a very high risk for wildfires.

Boulder foothills overlook

Illegal camping

Glendo State Park FREE Dump Station

potable water and a dump station. free for everyone

there's a fee to enter the state park from the West but not from the east.

Glendo State Park

On the North Platte River, across from a hydroelectric power station. There's a picnic table and river access but no other amenities onsite. A mile up the road at the reservoir viewpoint there are toilets. Lots of trails nearby. Easy access by paved and well-maintained dirt roads.

There's a fee to enter the park from the West but not from the east.


Wrinkled Rock climbing area

As described. It's also a good place to park and hike (2 miles) to Mount Rushmore if you don't want to pay the $10 to park there.

Sage Creek Campground (NPS)

Everything else had been said already except I'll add that it gets crowded so try to get here early. Expect others will crowd in next to you. Bugs were fairly bad too.

Milburn Dam WMA (free)

Lovely spot with grills, fire pits, picnic tables. Beautiful views and lots of privacy. Highly recommended.

Easy access worry the last few miles on dirt road. Might be muddy in rain but I had no trouble on nice weather.


Rest Area

Note there's a dump station here as well

Free shower at service plaza

Follow the signs to the trucker showers and there are a few showers with toilets. No charge and no one checking to see if you're actually a trucker.

Illinois and Michigan State Trail trailhead

Parking area for the Illinois and Michigan State Trail trailhead. There are toilets but that's about it. Some traffic but far enough off the beaten path.

Cuyahoga National Park, Lock 39 Trailhea

Just a parking lot that serves as the trailhead for several hikes. Across the bridge is the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Rockside Station which has a bathroom and trash (no water though). It's possible you could park there as well. Works for a night.

Lower Evergreen Hill Recreation Area (FREE)

Picnic tables, water, hiking trails, easy access, and pit toilets. This is smaller than the door tower recreation area further north and not as nice but it also gets less traffic and is quieter.

Sugar Hill Fire Tower (FREE)

This is one of those amazing campgrounds that probably should be paid but it's free! Tons of room, accessible to any vehicle. Fire pits, picnic tables, water, bathrooms are all available. Lots of hiking in the area. There's even a fire tower you can climb up for views of the area. Lots of people with horses so you might get a whiff if you're downwind.

Niagara Falls Starts Park (FREE)

The parking lot at the entrance to the park has 11 spots and no signs forbidding overnight parking. I spent one night here in the van with no issues. You're right on the path along the river. There's trash, picnic tables, grass for the dogs, and bathrooms about a kilometer up the path in the visitors center or nearby at the casino. If you like to walk or have a bike, this is a good base. 15 minute walk to the falls.

Many wildcamp spots. On river or in forest

Lots of really good spots. Flat. Some are grouped together, others off by themselves. Almost all have pit toilets. Lots of hikes in the area. Road is dirt but well maintained. FREE

In the river wild camp

Good spot but really crowded. Loads of day use folks and quite a few campers as well. Don't expect to find a place on the weekend during the busy season. Also note that there's a lot vacation traffic for Lake George on the weekends. Otherwise great spot to cool off in the summer.

Kettle Brook Dispersed Camping FREE

Beautiful and secluded spot at the end of a long dirt road. Right next to a creek that's been partially dammed as a shallow swimming hole. Puss and Kill hiking trail also starts here. Access road is dirt but decently well maintained and accessible with any vehicle. Flat ground good for camping and parking. FREE and highly recommended. Fire ring.

USFS Rd 322

Pull off from Mt. Tabor/Brooklyn Road. It's labeled as FS road 322 but after about 50 ft. the road ends in a camp site. Flat ground with a fire ring far enough off the road for a little privacy.
3 season access only. Good hiking nearby with a 7 mile loop and AT access. There's also a put toilet a mile up the road at the AT trailhead.

I also passed two other sites on the way in and there are lots more further up the road. Overnight parking is also allowed in the AT parking lot.

Kelly Camp Trail Dispersed Camping (FREE)

Great spot. It was clean when I came through. No winter access. Some trails within a short drive.

allaben access and primitive camp sites

Pretty much everything is said above. when I came there was a Porta potty set up at the end of the road to the right. Lots of tent spots but only one really good van spot (the first one on the right after turning right at the T). Fire pits and picnic tables. FREE

Cherokee Park

Lovely park. I spent the night and wasn't bothered. Water fountains and bathrooms at this location.

Monongahela NF - Gandy Creek

Great spot. Very wet but easy access via mostly paved roads. The gravel part is well maintained. Hiking trails in the area. Easy stream access and fire pits.

Upper Piney Dispersed Camping

Several flat sites with fire pits along Piney River Rd. This location is the one I stayed at, about half a mile before the Upper Piney Lake trailhead. This areas has lots of privacy, access to several hiking trails, river access, and beautiful scenery. Amazing wildflowers in the spring and early summer. Road is a little bumpy/washboarded but easily doable with any vehicle. Some mud after the rain.

It can get crowded so it's a good idea to get here early.


Halfmoon Creek Trail

Fantastic camping spots. As the OP said, there are many and almost all good. For the last half mile before halfmoon lakes trail, you'll definitely need 4WD and high clearance. Before that I got in here with my 2WD van going very slowly. Lots of good hikes in the area of varying lengths and difficulty. There's also paid campgrounds but I don't see why anyone would bother since all they offer are picnic tables and pit toilets. Expect rapidly changing weather conditions even in summer.

Dry Saint Vrain

Dispersed camping near the Dry Saint Vrain trailhead. Despite the name, it was quite wet when I camped here (June). There's a small steam and at least one good vehicle camp spot with several other tent areas nearby. Some mosquitoes. The trail is a 4-mile out and back with a steady downhill on the way out, ending in a river.


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