1984flores Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
January 17th, 2019 Polcura Square

we stay near the square, no problems, police say it's fine.

January 17th, 2019 Centro Cultural Villarica

good place, good bathrooms, nice people , flat, stay with 3 others overlanders

January 17th, 2019 Nice spot with spectacular view


January 13th, 2019 On the lake at camp ruso

GREAT spot, we go down to the beach with our canper, very calm and safe, beautiful lake to swim, no facilities.

January 12th, 2019 Llifen

great place , a lot of flat spaces in front of the beach, awesome lake to swim or rent a kayak, police pass many time and no problems , quiet and safe.

January 12th, 2019 Beach parking with wifi

great place, very quiet and safe, they have public bathrooms for 300 clp pp, no shower , great place to swim

January 10th, 2019 Lost Beach, past “Small Bay at Lago Ranco”

GREAT place peacefull, you can do fire, swim, and fishing.

January 9th, 2019 Playa Ten Ten

on Monday a lot of teenagers locals, drinking and making noise , maybe in low season is better.

January 9th, 2019 Lechagua Beach Parking Lot

nice place, a lot of flat space, with beach. very quiet even hight season.
maybe in weekend not quiet.

January 8th, 2019 estacionamiento cosmos

good parking lot, 5000 clp X DAY for car/camper/van maybe not for MH.
3000 CLP for night, they close at 21.00hrs but give to you a key to enter, and they have security cameras. nice staff.
leave photos

January 7th, 2019 fortin tauco

perfect place, a lot of flat spaces with nice view, very quiet and calm.

January 6th, 2019 beach camp Rio Cipresal

fenced all the time, you can pass on for or with bike, no for cars, but you can sleep next to the bridge, flat and very quiet at night.still recommended.

January 5th, 2019 Playa Santa Barbara

nice place with a lot a good spaces, the police pass and says we can stay but not on the beach, only in the official park spaces. you can refill your water tank in the bathrooms, and the toilet or very clean and free, not a commonly thing in chile

January 4th, 2019 Rio Mar - Camping&laundry service

after many wild camping, we stay here to clean our potty, dosloand things of wifi and take a good hot shower, all.of this things we made it and we are happy to spend the money, also we buy " pan amasado" very good.

January 4th, 2019 Comidas, Café y Kuchen

very good place, fair prices, nice spot, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, 100% recommend.

January 3rd, 2019 Viewpoint on the cliffs

best place to stay the night before do the ventisquero trail of queulat, very nice view and quiet.

January 1st, 2019 Shell

ugly place, but ok for coyhaique, you can use the wifi of sodimac like. and have a little market next.

December 30th, 2018 Trailhead Laguna Cerro Castillo

the owner close the place , you can pass , but is illegal .
beautiful trek 😁

December 29th, 2018 Rio Ibanez wild camp

great place, nice good views, quiet and calm.

December 29th, 2018 Road reopen due to landslide

still close
hs hhd hs he he sh

December 28th, 2018 Lakeside Parking, Puerto Rio Tranquillo

Good spot very calm and safe. the police say no problems

December 24th, 2018 Lago Cochrane-playa

we pass 3 nights here, very calm and quiet, nice view . I swim the 4 days and the cold lake .

December 23rd, 2018 public square

we talk with the police and say it no problem pass the night on the camper, only don't take camping things outside the camper. very quiet and safe.

December 22nd, 2018 Rio Bravo Bush Camp

Beautiful place, quiet, near the river, totally recommended.

December 20th, 2018 Ferry Transbordadora Austral

well first the good thing's:

-you save money in gasoline and time off drive
- breakfast +lunch and dinner included not a lot of food but ok, you can carry cookies or sandwiches to complement.
- hot water and juices free all day
- they had a mini kiosk inside not very expensive
- very comfortable seats, you can sleep without problem
- you can sleep and stay in your camper if you want
-they even have electricity for the camper
- clean bathrooms 24 hrs
- clean and hot showers
- nice views of the traveling

bad things
- if you have bad luck , maybe a crying baby make your travel very bad.

well if you're Chilean off course do the trip, if your not Chilean, do the maths if worth it.

December 19th, 2018 Laundry Service

still the same ,very good price and service
(in campinguino camping os 1500 xkg, if you think stay there

December 19th, 2018 Camping Güino

very nice camping, all the necessary for overlander.
6.000 clp pp
2.000 clp extra for electricity

December 19th, 2018 Pet keeper

Very good pet keeper, javita and her family loves the animals, they live in a big house in a big ground. They dont use cages like the pet hotels, they care our 4kg Yorkshire like us (sleep with her, play, live inside,etc)
She have littles dogs and cats in her house.
You can contact her first via WhatsApp: +56974859960.
The price very fair , 7.000 CLP for 24 hrs.

Also they have cabins for people.

December 19th, 2018 Mini CaBañas

Mini cabins, in a family grounds.
For 4 people , 45.000 clp for 24 hrs.
Phone: +56996272365 you can ask directly photos and information.

December 18th, 2018 Next to a small grove

Very nice spot, next to a little forest, very clean, with a view to the lake, we sleep here with an another overlander.
please dont leave your rubbish and dont make fire.


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