ti-gus Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Nice Beach next To La Paz

Safe for 2wd, but slow.
Some pull offs along the gravel road. Possible to see either side of peninsula, open sea or bay.
Saw lots of dolphins.

Desert stay

Halfway between Loreto and La Paz. Dusty desert. Good for one night. We were alone. Once you're in, choose the left hand side : wider, cleaner, more spots.

Traffic review : one vehicle at 4:50pm, 6:23pm and 7:30pm. More traffic in the morning.

El Moro RV

$200mxp full hookup with cover.
Same price for dry camping or just water and electricity in the sun.
Parking lot gets filled with hotel guests. Close to everything in town. Quiet.
Showers are not hot during rush hours. Internet crashed and did not come back before morning. Locked gate at night.

Romanita RV Park

Went to have a look. It says to call manager. Too complicated to pay more. Uploading pictures with prices. $250mxp. Bigger than El Moro. Right on the pedestrian street.

Playa La Perla

Easy to find. Follow the sign for El Requeson and you'll see a sign for La Perla farther down. Nice road for any rig. Park at Requeson and walk it (200m) if in doubt.
This area of beaches is way less crowdy than 15km north.
Some garbage around. Pit toilets are sketch, but usable. Old lady is still taking care of it.
Cute little and photogenic beach. What makes it different from the others is its size and its half moon shape that you can capture. It's like being part of the beach instead of on the beach.
$150mxp per vehicle, with palapa.

Playa El Requeson

Just correcting the coordinates. Hopefully it works.
I have to say that the sand bar is cool.

Los Coyotes (Bahia de Concepcion)

As expected, it qualifies as the noisiest beach among the 4 or 5 around, but the noise is not constant : only when a truck comes by, you need to pause your conversation for 2 or 3 seconds. Why do people come here ? Long term'ers for the community. Short term'ers for the length of beach (easier to get a spot along the water).
Lots of services offered for extra fees : potable water, non-potable water, sewage truck on Sunday, laundry on Saturday (comes back on Monday), fruit and veggies, meals (tamales, shrimp cocktail, etc.), firewood, etc.
Restaurant in El Burro at walking distance. Social activities in same area, movie night, pig roast, etc.

We were expecting to pay $150mxp after the last reviews, but the guy made us pay 200 and he was a bit difficult about it (he stopped us on the way out).

The Last Free Beach

The Last Free Beach, that's how it was introduced to us.

Open space among bushes on the way to Playa Escondido beside an expat community. Not used by many. Maybe they think it's dangerous. We were three last night.
Perfect for short term stayers on the way South or back. We hear the road, but not noisy. Absolutely no service other than fire rings. Vendors come by. There's a restaurant (with wifi, apparently) in the community.

Playa Los Cocos

Just off the point of Playa Escondido. Followed a trail to get there. Crowded. Way bigger RVs since the access is easier and closer to the highway. Bigger boats too (different crowd). Lots of vendors when I was there, including vegetables.

Playa La Escondida

Crowded. Don't see the point of paying that much for no service. I guess the community living aspect is worthed if planning to stay longer (and getting a discount that way too). Went elsewhere.


FYI. It's a small grocery store that is named "Market". Not a market.

RV Park Don Chon

$100mxp/night. Stayed two nights. Quiet, even on weekends. Nice spots along river. Ducks floating around. The ground is dusty sand, which I don't like, but watering it worked out well. We used the bucket flush toilets, but don't plan on doing that until you see them because they're a bit disgusting.

Camping Petates

I asked what comes with the price : a beautiful setup, hot showers and modest toilets, he said.
We left and went down the road where it's $100mxp and a bit farther from the road.

Ojo de Liebre

Nice 20km to get there. Through a beautiful salt mine.
Stayed two nights. Paid once ($100mxp) and said hello to the gate man many times.
Very clean out houses.
We don't see much of the lagoon from the campsites and we're not allowed to approach because of restoration area, so we need to go to pier to have a better look in the distance.

Propane distribution

Good service but they only accept cash. ....

Malarrimo RV Park

Perfect one night stop for the weekly real shower at a camping with water, electricity and sewer. Wifi was weak in our vehicle. Clean bathrooms with toilet paper. $185mxp.

Cave Painting

Nice stop to shake up your legs on a long drive.
Lots of signs to read if Spanish is a strength.
Pit toilets and palapa available.

Antilope refugee

Thank you iOverlander for guiding us. ;)
As said, sandy road in good condition (50km/h) for 2-3 km leads you to the parking lot. The man on duty brought us to the antilopes and shared some information.
New babies arrive at this time of year. We were lucky to see the first one at the same time as the guide.
We gave 50mxp. It seemed unexpected.

Cactus Wonderland

Stayed one night. Stay 2 if you can.
About 10 different spots along the sandy path, among the giant and photogenic cacti. Far enough from the road. Would stay there again if I decide to come back the same way.

Punta Colonet Free Camp

Stayed one night as a first stop in Baja on the way South.
Got there Sunday afternoon, there was a soccer game going on, so we hung out in Parque Central. Moved to our spot for dinner and evening.
Lots of loud music coming from cars hanging around until late. When music stops, you hear barking dogs in the distance.
Ok for one night.

I8 rest stop

Quieter than expected. Not much light either. Officially, there's an 8 hour limit. I think it's ok if you don't abuse.
Got there in the dark at 7pm and left at 8am.
Clean bathrooms.
Good water fountain to fill up jugs.

Blair valley camp ground

Huge campground between vault toilets at the entrance and the pictograph trail 5 miles away. Lots of spots all over. Just stay off the dry lake.

Mountain Palm Springs Campground

Mountain Palm Springs campground is free primitive camping. Vault toilets only.

Bow Willow (2,5 miles away) is 15$. Vault toilets, picnic tables, shade ramadas and fire rings.

Showers - Ocotillo Wells RVSA

Still good and hot water. I love it.
There's electricity in the washrooms for shaving.

White tank campground

Our favorite campground in the park. Only 15 sites among the boulders. First come, first served.

Buckeye Hill Regional Park

This place is permanently closed.

The Cove - Public swimming pool - Sierra Vista

Swimming pool with low entrance fee.
At toddler time (10-12 on weekdays), it cost us $3,50 for one toddler and two parents.
Showers included, obviously.

San Carlos wild Camp

Stayed a week there in December 2018. Got 2 1/2 cloudy days.
No crowds other than quiet campers to hang out with.
Dolphin sightings everyday.

Reality check : A bit dirty with garbage hidden in the bushes. Some corners also seemed to be used as toilets for folks that are not self-contained. But the road goes far and you can find your own paradise.

Some campers are long term residents every year.

Felt safe.

Playa Algodones

How many people checked this place and did not find it ? The beach is there and probably beautiful, but the access is closed.
Update if you find a way.

Agua Purificada Iceberg

They'll fill up your gallons for 3pesos. Garrafon 15pesos.


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