ti-gus Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
Road to Cape St Mary's

We were invited by the staff to stay in the parking lot, but we've decided to look for a spot. Stayed at this one, which is about halfway between the highway and the welcome centre. No services. On grassy area with some rocks.

Eastern Propane and Fireworks

Quick filling. Slow paying. Cheap. Moving in October to 1212 kenmount road.

Cararacts Provincial Park

No sign indicating the park.
It's a gravel parking lot next to a one lane bridge. Accross the road is the path and stairway to the gorge and waterfall lookout.
Two pit toilets available.

Note : There are hundreds of spots in Irish Loop and Cape Shore peninsulas. This is one of them.

Butter pot provincial park

Dump station in butter pot provincial park. 5,10$. Includes access to fresh water in the campground.

Free Wifi - Catalina

Free wifi outside the library. Picnic table.

Gravel road to the lighthouse - Past English Harbour

5km of gravel road leading to the lighthouse with lots of spots with ocean view along the way.
Quiet and windy.
I did not make it to the end because of a too rough hill. Stayed at those coordinates.
Better for Class B/smaller vehicles.

Little Catalina - End of the road - Trail head

Big turning point at the end of the road on the other side of the bay. By the water. Windy. Picnic tables and garbage cans only. Trail head to the 17km trail between Little Catalina and Maberly.

Municipal Park

The free place to be !
Smaller vehicles can venture on the grass.
Water on both sides if you stay in the parking lot. Garbage cans and really clean pit toilets.

King's Cove - Lighthouse Trail Head

By the church. Magnificient view. Nice trail. Yummy berries all around.
Picnic tables and garbage can. Pit toilet farther on the trail.
Stayed one night by the church.
Please comment when you try.

Parking lot - Splash and Putt

It exists and it's free. We see the National Park entrance from here.
It's possible to use toilets inside during opening hours. There's also a chicken fast food counter.


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