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Centro Vacacional la Trinidad

Very nice place and a must visit for families with small children.

Stood here for five nights, mostly alone.
weekends a few camper. The swimming pools were always well attended.

For motorhomes: The places in the camping area are not possible for rigs wider than 2,30 meter, because there is a narrow bridge.
! But every size of rig is possible to stay at the parking area in front of the hotel! see fotos. But maybe this pitch is better because an open sewer runs along the campsite, which often stinks.
On some days you can hear the train passing the complex, often honking.

But if you've seen the pictures, you'll definitely go here.

Hackl Panaderos Artesanos bakery and restaurant

This place is permanently closed.

Cholula Paid Parking With Showers

stood here for 3 nights with 7 m a motorhome. place for any size of motorhome. with clean toilets negotiated for 150 mex. night with two persons.
the parking opposite is the brother with the same price but not so nice for us.
the second on the left didn't allowed to stay overnight any more.

cholula parking lot next to park puebla letters

They no longer accept overnight guests.
we went to the parking lot on the right side.


yes. even for Sunday afternoon a good overnight place. the guards one kilometer to the africam park let everyone pass who looks smart? don't no the criteria.
very quiet at night. asked a few people and everyone said it's OK. free.


Filled our German das bottle with an us adapter in three minutes. paid for 17 ltr. or 11 kg mex. $ 250

Las Antorchas - Swiss restaurant

This place is permanently closed.

Samsara vegetarian restaurant - wifi

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

ASOAVA Acatenango community guides

yes it's a great tour. but be prepared that the group has also till 16 persons! it's only a little bit cheaper than others. Catalino and his family are really lovely and very helpful people and we would do the tour with his company again. but the young guides are interested to bring you fast from the mountain back. look that you get enough breaks because it's really hard work.

Turista Police Car Park

still free! and nice to stay in a park quiet. but nothing more. police asked for covid certificate but wouldn't see it. couldn't drive in only after handing out the copies. had to stay meanwhile on the street. real life, one officer was very friendly the other one you can forget.

Samsara vegetarian restaurant - wifi

coordinates are wrong. the place is over the street on the other side.

Surfers Inn

Very noisy camp because you will hear the whole night the lorries with loud motor brakes comming down the hill! we needed earplugs. possible with our motorhome of 7 meters. very basic bathrooms. OK if you are surfer and young. don't want to cook in the kitchen.

La Fabrica (Camping & Space for parking)

we want to stay but left. on the place you could stay with a motorhome they burned garbage. the whole place is totally run down. and we travelled since 4 years trouh whole south America.

Puma fuel stop

good overnight place. video surveillance and night guard. he came later for money. we gave him 5 $ even he would have 7. but we told him that's the price with showers and here are no showers. was OK. don't give him more!

Restaurante El Faro Del Lago

possible to stay with a 7 meter motorhome! without 4x4 Only one place on the left side is possible! 4 km small offroad but good to drive with front wheel motorhome. free. but please consume something in the restaurant. meal pricy but good

Fausto Ramon

First of all the whole family are so friendly people that it's hard to leave them.

Fausto, one of the adorablest people we met, is a really great tour guide.

He cares for all, the right speed, the safety and explains everything. last but not least you have a lot of fun with him.

We stood two nights on the families property. We donated them for staying.

Yes you can do the tour by yourself.
But support the locals and give them work is the best development assistants in the world.

Think about this.

Mirador El Calvario

unpaved steep road!!

don't try it without 4x4

we came 1.5 km with our 4 tons and 7 meter front wheel driven motorhome because we had no chance to turn!

don't trust the photo from the big motorhome. if you will try it, we warned you!

Matagalpa downtown

what a nonsense idea again in overlander. City is very busy and roads are narrow. not a good place for a motorhome. parking 500 meter south on a large parking area and pay a few cordoba. Good night

Matagalpa Parking secure

A large parking place in the middle of town. No restrictions. Much better than that at the restaurant or bomberos.
100 cord. Night


possible with a 7 meter motorhome
but 300 meters on the left side is a much better parking area for every size of motorhomes. a bit more expensive but more space around.

ENTER Nicaragua

today Thursday 10.03.2022 09:30 a.m.
two people and a 7 meter motorhome
leaving Costa Rica and entering Nicaragua took us two and a half hours.
yes it's a lot of paperwork but all the employees were very friendly and helpful.
all point before are right only
insurance is after you left the Nicaragua boarder. 200 meters after entering Nicaragua they stop you automatically and a lady gives you in five minutes the insurance (12 us$ for car or motorbike the same).
so be early at the boarder. no guys are waiting today and really you DON'T need one!

Unlimited public place by the lake in Nuevo Arenal

Overnight stay with every size of motorhome possible.
we where very unlucky from Sunday of Monday night. A lot of drunken locals until 11:00 p.m Than police for 15 minutes and at 00:30 a.m. a big serious brawl between 5 guy.
at least 03:30 three young locals making burnouts with there motorbikes two meters from our motorhome.

maybee only bad luck.
the lake is beautiful for swimming
toilets and showers available and medium clean.

Liberia Airport Parking

we stood overnight because here we got the pcr test for Nicaragua.
arrived at 04 p.m. and we could pick up the printed test next morning from 05 am.

very large parking area only 50 % filled with cars. very quiet at night and all the amenities you can get in an airport.


German Bakery

we know that some Suisse people don't like Germans.

we are Germans and travell since 3 years with our motorhome through South America. We are happy that the bakery has exklusiv German bred and Brezel. Also the Gulasch and the Leberkäs is original.

we saw the sandwiches and they looked very delicious.

OK. it's not pricy but worth every colones.

Don't mis that experience!

Hotel Los Heroes

it looks closed but you can stay overnight with your motorhome for 10 $ .
with bathroom and pool. Mrs. Stoeckli the owner is a very nice lady.

Free Hot Springs

Best free thermal springs you will find in middle and south America!!

A lot of pools with beautiful massage from smal waterfalls.

spend more than an hour here.

the guys for parking are not very kind. try now to tell you that you have to pay entrance fee to them. don't accept this.

try to come early in the morning if you have a motorhome. not many space to park.

Nueva Chinchona

Very good overnight place for all size of motorhomes! Quiet and safe. right after the sports hall. from here 6,3 km to beautiful Lagune Hule. But not possible with front wheel driven motorhome! think you need 4x4

Arenal Cacao House

Unfortunately, with our 7-meter motorhome with front wheel drive, we can drive down the driveway on grass, but if it is wet we don't have the chance driving up again.

price in the meantime 4000 col per person.

So we stood 1 km east at a parking beside a soccer field.

San Jorge soccer field parking

we moved to this place because chocolate place one km west was not possible for us.

in front of the soccer field and beside the sports hall is space for one motorhome of all size. ours is 7 metres and we had no problem.

very quiet after the soccer training was over.

Last of the neighborhood is the whole village very save and quiet

Parking "Fabrica de carretas Chaverri" Sarchi

This place is permanently closed.


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