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Manti-La Sal National Forest

Stayed here one night. Nice and quiet and although there was a lot of snow on the ground at the camp spot, it was pretty easy to access due to the paved road about 100 ft away. Good 4G cell service too.

Beach Front Park

Quiet place with numerous places to park along the ocean/bay. there is one small sign saying no overnight parking but it doesn't seem to be enforced as there were numerous other vehicles staying the night. Very quiet with only the sound of the ocean and an occasional passing car. Strong 4G Verizon service. Flush toilets nearby in relatively clean bathroom.

No Camping Sign. Check other sites further down the road. Boardwalk Trailhead Parking (next to Jeffrey Pine Loop trail)

Quiet location that is paved and a short distance from the 101 Hwy. Hikers started arriving around 7 AM. Overall, nice quiet place to stop and sleep for free. Weak cell signal, enough for texts and maybe a call but not much else without a booster.

Street Parking

We were going to stay at the local fairgrounds (also noted in iOverlander) but my wife was allergic to something in the air at that location so we moved into town and parked in a parking space just east of the main highway running through town (6th St / C St). Other than a few louder trucks running down the highway a block away. it was very quiet here. No "NO" signs and the best Mexican Food ever a block away (Rio Mexican Restaurant). And that's coming from someone who grew up in AZ. Good cell/4G service.

Riffe Lake Overlook

As stated in original post, great view of lake. Traffic slowed later at night (on a Saturday night) but still a little noisy. Strong 4G Verizon service. Good place for an overnight stay.

Willits SafeWay

the water and dump site is next to the propane fill station. The set up is really nice.

FR 91 (Forest Road)

Many locations to camp off FR 91 off of Lake Mary Rd. FR 91 is the Lee Butte turn off to the west. There are many areas to wild camp if you turn off Lake Mary Rd to the East as well. No shortage of good camping in this area. The spot noted on this GPS location is a good spot right off Lake Mary Rd and good for big rigs as well.

San Juan NF rd 566

Very peaceful here with many places along the Forest Road to pull off and camp. Decent cellular signal but weak internet connection. A few mosquitoes and flies but not bad. Easy to have a space to yourself, even with other campers in the area. Beautiful views as well.

Arizona Beach Day Use area

Great place to get free water with several water spigots in the area to attach a water hose to. Clean pit toilets as well and a quiet parking area for resting or "hanging out".

Robson Forest

Mountain Overlook (need 4x4)

This is a little bit of a climb but if you have a 4x4 (2 wheel drive in dry conditions) the view is worth the drive. Not real flat so we had to prop some large rocks under a couple wheels to level the spot out as best we could. Some mosquitos in June but not as bad as many other areas.

"Primative Road"

Enter this "Primative Road" westbound off HWY 101, just south of the Quinalt River crossing. This road goes for miles into the forest and is drivable with 2 wheel drive. There are numerous places to wild camp along the way. We camped about 5-6 miles into the forest and only saw & heard one person in 2 days. He was running a tractor working on the side of the road. Absolute stunning views. For being so remote there is strong 4G cellular service in most areas. There must be a cell tower on a nearby mountain. Unlimited amount of down and dead firewood as well.


It was super windy when we stayed here but as described, it was a great place to stay one night. Watched the sun set from our rig. a few cars on the road over night but mostly very quiet. Plenty of space for multiple vehicles and no restrictive signs.

Belmont parking lot

This was a great place to stay during the day. some people said that you are allowed to stay for for 3 nights. it was a little noisy at night with teens partying. we ended up moving across the street to sleep.

Mission beach Main parking

We started in the parking lot on the bay side of Mission Blvd but by midnight there was a large crowd of teens hanging out and playing their music quite loud. We crossed over to the parking lot on the ocean side of Mission Blvd and finished the remaining part of the night there. Moved back to the bay side in the morning to make breakfast and hang out (a little less activity there). several other RV's and Van's in both lots. Some looked like they had been there long term. The lots are only "closed" from 3am until 4am and from what some others said to us, no enforcement seems to be going on right now.

Mission beach Main parking

This place was too crowded to park at during the day but moved across the street to cook and hang out for the night. came back to this location to sleep since it was so quiet here later.

Holtville hotsprings

We stopped in this area (just east of the canal, east of the hot springs) at about 10:00 PM for some sleep. Even though the interstate was close by it wasn't too loud, even with our windows open. Nice and dark (no street lights) and we were able to get some good sleep.

Estuario La Cholla - FREE- Federal land

Just drive around the fenced in area to the east of La Cholla to get to this quiet little beach area which is Federal Land so its FREE.

If you don't have a 4x4 stay close where the sand road meets the beach area. If you turn right when you hit the beach you will want 4x4 and may need to air down your tires a little.

Great little area that is quiet, except for the distant dog barking in La Cholla and distant construction sounds on the far side of the bay. Even had a nice camp fire (bring your own wood).

One note, when the tide is high the water works it's way in close to camp but when it is low tide, the ocean can be about a mile away.

No services on the beach but strong cellular signal and 4G data (free phone service in this part of Mexico with our USA Verizon plan).

Off Rim Road 300

This is a well known location for locals. Spectacular sunset and sunrise views from the top of the Mogollon Rim overlooking the Tonto National Forest. It can be accessed from the highway, SR 87. There are no services or water at this location so bring what you need. A larger vehicle like an expedition vehicle and/or a truck or jeep with reasonable clearance can get to this site easily without any trouble. May need 4 wheel drive for the last 100 yards but the Rim Road (FR 300) can be driven in 2 wheel drive (except when there is snow). Good cell service and 4G internet on phone.


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