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Chuza Longa Home

What a great B&B! Nice room with private bathroom. The commun area is spacious and nice to hang out in, the host will go above and beyond to make you confortable. Great full dinner meal for 8 dollars. We had a friend visiting so booked a 4 person room for 38 dollars. Great to be there on Thursday for the big market. Safe parking right in front of the hostel. Hot shower and good WiFi.

Chimborazo Refugio #1

Great flat spots around the Refugio. Free accès after signing in at the entrance of the volcano / Park. Very quiet and cold! Access to the Refugio for toilets or hot chocolate. Great spot to overnight to be the first to hike the little path to Refugio #2 in the morning.

Hebron Restaurant/Hotel, Valle de Cocora

Such a peaceful place!! The lady that welcomed us was super nice and offered us coffee and tea. 12000 COP per person per night. We parked on a Flat spot down by the camping area. View on the wax Palm tree. So pretty and quiet!! Very clean bathroom and cold shower. Everything else in town is more expensive and more crowded. Great spot!!!

Food Truck Garage

Great little outdoor food truck style. Courtyard with cute low tables and banches . Nice ambiance. Lounge music. We had the burger combo with a beer and fries for 15000. Very very nice place and ambiance.

Las Gachas

Flat parking lot right up the hill in front of the cafe. Super nice family. Flat spot to park. Super clean toilets and shower (very cold shower !!) very quiet at night, beautiful sky. Right in front of the trail to go to Las Gachas. (About 15 minutes walk.) great to be the first in the morning. (Can get pretty busy in the week end.)

Restaurant El Tambo

Great spot for lunch! Very friendly staff and the food was really good. BBQ on the spot. Great plate of pork, salad rice pasta. With soup. With a juice. for 14.000 each.

El Descanso

What a great stop over for the night. 30000 Cop for a night for a double room private bathroom. Private parking. Great AC. In the middle of nowhere by on the way south it’s the perfect stop.

Parking by Volcan Totumo

Great spot for the night. We parked in front of Julio’s restaurant for the night. We arrived at 6 PM and waited for the morning to experience the mud bath. Very weird and fun!! At 7 am there was almost no one on site and we were the only tourist. 10k per person. We gave 10k to Julio for the use of his toilets and shower. And 10k to the guy from the site that took a lot of pictures of us in the mud and I am very happy to have those memories. Very fun stop! And perfect and quiet night.

Hotel Juanmar

Awesome stop! We arrived there around 9 AM for breakfast (after an early mud bath at Totumo Volcano). And we stayed all day and night. The place is gorgeous right by the ocean. Great food and fast WiFi. The owners speak great English and are very friendly. We hang out in the restaurant area all day and ate breaksfast lunch and dinner there! We used the pool and toilets no problem. And slept in front of the property. Very pretty and secure.

Posada Cartagena Historica

Great place a little outside of the old city center (40 minutes walk or 10 minutes taxi). Only a couple of rooms, with shared bathroom, a kitchen and fridge, and a small outside area. Owners are really nice. You can park in front of the posada. Not a secured parking but we felt pretty comfortable leave the truck out there. Great AC in the room!! Very fast WiFi. 10 dollars a night.

Hostal Libertad

Very cute little place. After the hit of Costa Rica we stopped here after crossing the border. Double room with private bathroom and AC for 25 dollars. Very spacious and clean. The owners are really nice. We parked the car inside their property for the night. Nice hanging out area outside with tables and hamacs. 5 dollars breakfast was tasty.

Mohagine Finca

Super cute little hostel. Can park on the small parking lot at the entrance for 5 dollars per person per night. Super clean bathroom and toilets. Huge commun area with slow WiFi but good enough. The owner is called Anja but she is never on site, the staff is super super nice!! Drinking water on tap from a source on their property. Big commun kitchen, tea and coffee for free. Beautiful garden with monkeys!!!


Great little place to stop and have a smoothie or breakfast. wifi is fast. Fan blowing some air over our heads better than no air at all !!! Haha

el chontal

Great place, lots of space and shade. The toilets and shower are very clean. Pretty large hang out area.
7 dollars pp for parking. The owner is super nice.

Iyok Ami Hostel

Great place. Parked on the small parking lot in front of the house. 7000 colones for the both of us and the car. Splendid night it was pretty cold and so quiet. You can use the big and cosy common area with kitchen sofa tables etc. Toilets and showers too. Hiking trail from the property. (5k) Great stop, the owners are young and really nice.

Playa Virgin

Great stop for one night before crossing the border. Exactly as described. Very friendly people in the house nearby, that said we could stay her no problem, very safe.

Paradiso Hostel

5 dollars pp per night after negotiation! We loved the place, other overlanders on the small parking lot at the entrance of the property. Very clean bathroom and showers. The restaurant has great food. The place is pretty peacefull in the morning and then becomes more touristy during the day (people from Grenada come for the day). The hostel organized salsa night one evening and game night another. Younger but fun crowd, and the parking is far away enough that we were never disturb by the music etc. Very pretty lake, a little windy so never too warm. Great spot. Stayed 12 days !!!

Bucaneros Restaurant

Great overnight spot after the night view of Masaya Volcano. Free to spend the night on the parking lot so we had a big dinner there. Pretty pricey US$. Staff is very nice. We parked inside the closed gates. Toilets open all night. Just 5 minutes drive from Masaya entrance park.

lakeshore bar

Great little place. There are 2 bars next to each other, we sat on the left one and had a couple of beers and some food. Great ambiance on the Sunday afternoon/evening. Lots of locals having a drink and dancing, kids playing in the water. Quiet around 10PM. We asked to stay parked for the night and the owner said no problem. Used their (no so clean) toilet during the night too. Great Lake view. Very windy.

Nicarao II Hostel

Nice place, a little outside of the busy center so pretty quiet (only 5 minutes walk from the Cathedral). We paid 16 US$ for a double room with private bathroom. Pretty clean. Nice commun areas. The fruits and pancakes breakfast included is great! We parked on the street right in front of the hotel door for the 4 nights and no problems.

Volcan Telica

Great spot!!! That’s the furthest you can drive. We arrive at about 4:00 pm and had the time to hike up there and see the crater (left path when you get upthere) and the beautiful sunset (right path when you get upthere). We paid 3 dollars pp to hike and spend the night. We slept on the parking lot.

Car Club San Salvador

Great mechanic! Took all day to changes the breaks but great job, very meticulous. Super nice people!

Ds Hostel Backpacker

We stayed 5 nights in a dorm room of 8. (But empty most of the nights :-)) Dana the owner is very nice and makes a great breakfast that is included in the price: 27 Belize Dollars per person per night. Cleaning lady everyday. Right in front of the sea, roof top with hamac to hang out. Very local vibe to the town, away from touristy spots.

Nueva Alianza

Great place. They started by telling us the tour was 1200 pesos, but after a few minutes went down to 800 pesos. You still have to buy your tickets 70 per person for the ruins. We parked on the parking lot for 100 pesos and used great shower and the bathroom, they have us the WiFi password for free, usable in the lobby. Overall great place! And the ruins are just stunning, the little boat ride makes the day magical!

Parque Aventura

Great stop to spend the night, 50 pesos per person. The young couple taking care of the place is super nice. They left around 7pm and closed the gates, And there is a guard all night. They left us their phone number in case of anything. We were the only ones here. Toilets are not the cleanest. Lots of space and cute lake. Don’t follow the coordinates of google maps. Just go to Home Depot, the entrance of the park is right next to it.

Cholula pyramid parking lot

Great little spot. We park on the lowest parking lot, on the left when you enter the street. Very friendly old guy let us park overnight for 50 pesos. Lots of construction workers parking here during the day (until 6 pm) then empty. Really nice toilets and sinks. Starbucks a few minutes away for the morning coffee!!

Valley overlook

Large flat area just past a very old church at the end of the city (north west). Overlooking the beautiful valley. 10 minutes walk to the center of the village. Very quiet. Superb sunset!!

Sinforosa canyon View point

Exactly as described, beautiful place. We paid only 10 pesos per person. Arrived there at 5:30 pm. Toilets but pretty much out of usage. Very quiet and beautiful view.

Adventure Parque parking lot

There is a huge bus parking lot at the entrance of the adventure park. (Used to be a airport runway!!) We parked there by the canyon for dinner and ended up sleeping here. There is no actual camping spot but we slept in the truck. The last tour groups/ tourists left around 6 PM; it was quiet after that. There is trash can near. The toilets pits closed at around 5pm. The view on the canyon is stunning. Very quiet night!!!

Palapas de Ejido La Frontera

Occasionally used road by the cliff. (A couple of beer bottles évidence of locals coming here). Lots of flat places. Very wild, nothing here. Dirt road from highway. By the water.


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