brandon Check-Ins

Date Place Comment

They way overcharged... they didn’t zero out the pump... watch them carefully... I didn’t and was over charge. They laughed as I drove away

Water fill station

Cleans and nice staff! 17 pesos... great place

Giggling Dolphin

Great atmosphere... and most importantly they let Lady Talulah in and even brought her water!

I’ll be back

restaurante El Sacrificio

I just got here to a nice welcome from Juan and guests... everything is like the past post BUT JAUN has WIFI NOW!

The Home Depot in Oxnard

Stayed here one night with no issues! I parked between Walmart and the brewery


Slept two nights. No issues. I have a van. No rv’s (that I saw ) in lot.

Public Parking

Spent two nights here... no issues... nice little town

24 hour Starbucks

Parking lot had a good number of cars so I parked and slept for one night. Quiet... bathrooms... probably not for rigs or rv.

Parking at Discovery Museum (near Sausalito)

Spent two nights here so far no problems... about 5 other vans/ rvs doing the same

Dog park

Great large dog park... it’s behind the church

Dog park

Great good sized dog park. No fee to get in.

Walmart Parking lot

Just got a knock... don’t stay here... signs are obvious but I didn’t see them

Freeport beach #3

I’ve stay on the beach for three nights now... perfect

Walmart Kehma

Normal Walmart parking lot. Good cell reception.

Planet fitness

Normal planet fitness... clean... nice staff

Rutherford Beach

Great place to drive right on the beach and boondock. Quiet with other boondockers but very few people other than that

the wall

A handful of van/ bus/ car life folks staying in road as well.

Quiet. Seems safe.

Wild Rest Area :)

Nice rest stop off the interstate. Security at night. Has no overnight parking sign but doesn’t seem to be a problem (truckers section packed at night).

Rest area in Alabama

Great rest stop away from interstate so not loud. Clean. Quiet.

Planet fitness

Clean bathrooms... no soap in showers but still nice

We just need a black card membership to planet fitness... $21.99/ month

Happy trail dog park

Great dog park... free!

Most dog parks in the area require a pass to get in involving a fee and providing vaccination records. This is a normal dog park without all that... beautiful park

Planet Fitness camping

Stayed one night... planet fitness Wi-Fi reaches most of the parking lot!


Stayed one night... quiet with clean bathrooms

Cedar Street public beach access

Great location... very quiet... people waking beach in am but still very quiet.

Cops are in area but never stopped by.

Savannah coin and laundry

Great place... clean... new machines... great owner named devin. He actually boondocked in the past and ask for a tour of the van. Great guy with good location suggestions.

Definitely stop by if you are needing to wash some clothes and get some local info


Standard Walmart parking lot... clean bathrooms. Quiet.

Alafia state park

Great state park with mountain bike trails... good size campsites, clean bathrooms.

$25 per night


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