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Date Place Comment

Dump station on the side of the gas station. $7

Marina Parking Lot

Parking lot for the Harbor/Marina. $12/24hrs. Lots of cars parked overnight. The people who live on their boats park here. Public bathroom available from 7am-10pm. Restaurants and a mini mart are a quick walk away. Pretty quiet all night. There are showers but you have to have a key. Vans and small RVs will be ok but I’m not sure a larger RV will fly.


Walmart has no overnight signs but we called and they said we were fine as long as we were on the far perimeter. They asked what type of vehicle we had. Our van was ok but I think larger vehicles wouldn’t be. It was a little noisy because of traffic in the area and a street sweeper came and cleaned the parking lot around 4:00am. Ok night sleep. I think one of the National Forest spots would have been a better night sleep but they were a little too muddy for us. We were afraid of getting stuck. Good not great spot. I would call ahead to be safe.


Standard Walmart. They said it was fine to park overnight as long as we parked over by the garden center. We didn’t see a water refill station inside but they do sell gallons of water if you need it. Internet was slow on our phones. (Verizon). Bathrooms inside.

Valley of Fires, BLM campground

Cool place. We didn’t camp but were able to shower. They charge a flat day rate for day use. Showers are included in the day use price. I attached a photo of the price list.

Rest stop

Rest stop. Sign saying that it allows up to 24 hour parking. Right next to highway. We didn’t actually stay but were considering it. You can tuck away in the back gravel lot by the picnic tables.

Walmart Fort Stockton

Walmart parking. At least 10 other people camping out here. Mostly RVs. Pretty quiet as far as Walmart lots go.

Rutherford Beach

Sweet place. A lot of folks staying the night in the gravel lot. Not many on the actual sand. Quiet other than the crashing waves. Tons of mosquitoes in January! Showers weren’t running. Two porta-pottis.

Point Washington State Forest Public Entrance

This is the entrance to the state forest. The Point Washington State Forest pinned site can be found down this road. The coordinates for that pin took us to a dead end residential street. The road into the camp is all dirt. We were unable to make it all the way to the camp spot because of the puddles but found a spot on the side of the road that worked just fine. Free, quiet, beautiful.

Point Washington State Forest

Check the next wild spot over for the park entrance location.

Point Washington State Forest

These coordinates get you to a dead end residential street.

Boat launch overflow parking.

The caretaker at the boat launch informed us that we could not overnight in the boat launch parking lot and redirected us here. It is pretty open field that is used for overflow parking. You can see the river from the lot. We got a nice view of the sunset as well. At the end of the field is a water treatment facility. It made a slight humming sound but wasn’t loud enough to make it bothersome. No WiFi but our phones were able to pick up cellular data just fine. Good Verizon reception. No toilet here but the boat launch has one. It was locked when we were there. Maybe it is seasonal.

St. Marks River Boat Ramp

Not allowed to park here. We were asked to move up the street.

Bell's landing boat ramp

Quiet through the night for the most part. A police came by around 1am. He shined his lights at us and talked on his radio for a few minutes before taking off. Didn’t bother us. Then around 6:30am a school bus drove through the lot. Pretty view from the dock at the end of the lot.

Oyster Factory Park

We stopped here to have lunch and check things out. Really cute and quiet area. Signs say parking permitted in designated area for up to 24 hours. So, we think it would be ok to sleep here. We had plans to move on so we didn’t actually stay but we think it’s worth a try. Bathrooms and drinking fountains across the street.

Santee Coastal Reserve (Free) DNR Campground

Awesome spot. There are several hikes. Beautiful trees. Really great free spot. We stayed two nights but you can stay for up to 4. No water. No toilet. Really quiet and dark.

Jordan Lake - Poplar Point

Love love love this place. It was a much needed retreat after visiting so many cities. Beautiful spots right on the lake. We were able to see the sunset and sunrise from our spot. Hot showers included. It is a really clean and well kept state run facility. $20 a night. Totally worth every penny. We would love to come back some day.

Lowes camping

Noisy but calmed down later in the night. It was really windy. We thought someone was climbing up on our roof, the van was rocking so hard. After the wind died down we slept just fine. A few box trucks were parked there at night but gone the next morning. Nice clean bathroom in Lowe’s.

Walmart doesn’t allow overnight.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. This Walmart does not allow overnight parking. Signs say overnight vehicles will be towed.

Walmart shopping mall lot

We parked at the very far end of the lot by the auto parts store. Right against the bushes. Pretty dark and quiet throughout the night. I didn’t explore inside the Walmart but it is a smaller one. Some groceries. No perishables. You can probably buy gallons of water if necessary. The shopping center has a pasta place and a Dunkin’ Donuts. Pretty good as far as city camping goes.

Walmart carpark

Pretty noisy. Right by the water. Tons of space. We weren’t the only ones sleeping there. Water dispenser inside.


Slept here fine. No issues. Moved closer to the ferry terminal the next morning and slept there for the second night.

Street by Ferry

Right outside the Ferry and Cruise ship yard. $2.75 to take the ferry to Manhattan. We parked across from the Hebrew school. You get some noise from the school busses and the loading dock but it didn’t really bother us. We were nervous to leave the van here during the day but a local assured us it would be fine. It was. We were in New York for 12 hours and slept in it without any issues. Plenty of nice cars parked here.

Philadelphia municipal parking lot

Cool spot. The parking spaces are pretty tight. We decided to just head to another area since we are a relatively large vehicle(a little smaller than a sprinter van). We might try again tomorrow.


Ok. Mostly quiet night. We slept fine. We parked in the back of the lot by the semis. An RV was also parked back there. A cop came by and sat in a spot near us for a few minutes but didn’t bother us. No signs posted saying we weren’t allowed to stay but we didn’t ask inside.

Water dispenser in the Walmart toward the back of the grocery section.

McDonalds inside

I wouldn’t ask the customer service lady where anything is. She, unfortunately, is probably the rudest person I have every encountered. The other employees are ok.


Walmart parking lot. Pretty quiet most of the night. Seemed darker than other Walmart a good way. A semi came by around 8am. We didn’t ask if we were allowed to stay but we didn’t see any signs saying that it was against the rules. We stayed at the far corner of the lot. It looks out at a pretty grove of trees. Unfortunately, it is covered in trash. Overall, it was a calm and pleasant night sleep.

Dunkin’ Donuts inside the Walmart.

Can buy gallons of water but no dispenser machine.

Channelside Parking Lot

Awesome spot. A little noise but we felt fine. Only about a 20 minute walk to downtown. It is in a really cute area. Try Flour for breakfast and coffee. Really good. Only $5 a night on weekends. Can’t beat that price. Would definitely suggest staying here.


We went to the location. It was a residential neighborhood. No parking lot. Don’t waste your time.

Pointe du moulin à vent

We drove over to this location but didn’t stay because signs were posted on the way in saying Employee parking with permit only. Towed at owners expense. Plus, some guys were adding graffiti to sculpture just beyond the parking area. So, we just decided moved on.

Walmart Parking Lot

Obviously not the most beautiful place to stay for the night but it works. A little bit of noise but it didn’t bother us. They didn’t have any signs saying no overnight parking so we figured we were fine. We didn’t actually ask if it was permitted though. Slept just fine.


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