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Sirimon Cheese Factory

You can purchase cheese directly at the factory for better prices than in the supermarket. Just a small detour from main road. Bought cheddar, gouda, feta, haloumi, mozzarella. Visa card accepted.

Gate Samburu Reserve

That's a gorgeous Reserve well worth visiting for it's landscapes and wildlife. Some endemic species that can only be found in Northern Kenya are abundant here: the beautiful reticulated giraffe, big Grevy Zebras, gerenuk gazelles, oryx and vulturine guineafowls. On top of that we saw many lions, one leopard and several elephants in our 2 night stay. The campsite is very nicely placed under acacia trees by the river although ablutions are quite run down.

Samburu NP Campsite

Really beautiful spot under huge acacia trees by the river. Unfortunately ablutions are very run down. If you're totally self sufficient you will definitely love it. The bridge between Samburu and Buffalo Springs still closed and now you have to pay entrance separately to visit each Reserve. Monkeys are around but just lock the car and have a stick in hand and all is good. Great 4g signal with Safaricom. Residents in East Africa pay 500 KES pp (+1000 pp park fees+ car) which is really worthy it!!! internationals pay 30 USD ppn (+70 USD pp park fees +car).

Lake Oil (Visa accepted)

A real filling station where they even accept credit card.

Maralal Safari Lodge

Excellent stopover especially if you need a hot shower after days of cold bucket showers which was our case. 😅 Very peaceful at night even though it's not far from city. Free wifi at reception, swimming pool, hot electric showers, great Safaricom and Airtel coverage. Warthogs, elands and impalas around camping area. Price still 1000 KES ppn.

Lesiolo viewpoint

An 8km circular hike brings you here from Malasso Community Campsite. The view is simply stunning! Beautiful forest with wild olive trees and cedar trees on the way, and proteas on the plateau. The weather is fresh at 2400mts high, so perfect for hiking! A guide can be arranged from Malasso Community Eco Tourism Center for about 500 KES pp + 400 KES pp for entry fee. Really recommended!

Spear C25 Mart

Small Supermarket but the biggest we saw. Bought olive oil, bread, yogurt, rice, cookies, chips, coffee, etc... they even had ice cream... sometimes cheese the lady said.

Malaso Community Camp

Wow! That's a stunning view well worth the detour! A great gravel road takes you here from Maralal (roughly 30 minutes). No steep road or anything, although you're 2400 mts high! The hike to the Lesiolo Viewpoint is a must, and the one down the escarpment to see the Samburu / Potok market on Tuesdays is also quite an experience, but you must be fit to climb the escarpment up again (+-500 meters of steep ascent). Camping facilities very basic: long drop toilets and cold bucket shower but they already built better facilities that should be working soon. Paid 900 ppn (including camping and entry fees). Internet with Airtel and Safaricom works very well, just a bit unstable.

Mugie Conservancy Reception

Here you get information about the Conservancy. Also pay for camping, game drives, etc...

Mugie campsite

Great stopover in a simple campsite all as described by Ytierie. In my opinion it lacks a bit of charm, and you can also hear and see some vehicles passing on the road right behind the dam. Still a nice pleasant stay and price isn't abusive for the wildlife you see from camp: 1,000 KES ppn + 500 per vehicle up to 7 seats (+1,000KES for a ranger which is optional). If you stay for more than 1 night you must pay conservation fees which are 30 USD ppn (+1,000 KES for a ranger mandatory when game driving). Saw elephants, giraffe, hippos, antelopes and crested cranes. Herd lions and hyenas at night. Bushbabies on the trees at night and a big beaver-like rodent lives at the rocky walls below the campsite coming out in the early morning. Great Safaricom internet signal. Airtel works poorly.

Desert Rose Camp

Paid 500 KES ppn. Very simple and basic place to camp, but at least we were by the lake. Hippo graze by the tent during the night. Because of high level of the lake many buildings and hotels are now abandoned and gives a quite sad atmosphere to the areas bordering the lake. Bucket shower and bucket flush toilet. Safaricom and Airtel internet works but quite unstable.

Marich Field Studies Camp

All as said in last comment. Great stopover. Peaceful, lots of shade, nice mountain view if you park near the fence. We had a crazy storm during the night and some tree branches fell down, so be careful where you camp. Excellent cold shower in this hot place! Safaricom internet signal works well enough but quite unstable. Price still 600KES ppn.

Saiwa Swamp National Park Public campsite

We really really enjoyed the atmosphere of this peaceful campsite! You're under umbrella acacia trees facing the swamp where we saw 3 sitatunga antelopes and crested cranes. Colobus monkeys and white beard monkeys stay on the trees during the day and bush babies in the evening. Facilities are great and well maintained: electric hot showers, flush toilets, fireplace, braai place, shelter with electric plugs (which are working now), picnic tables and firewood provided! Great 4G signal with Safaricom and Airtel. Staff extremely friendly! A bit expensive if you're international (20 USD ppn) but absolutely worth it if you're resident (200 KES ppn)!

Saiwa Swamp National Park

Price for internationals as of June 2022 is 22 USD pp. We saw the sitatunga antelopes, crested cranes, colobus monkeys and white beard monkeys (don't know real name). The campsite is very pleasant, we really enjoyed it. Also did the very well marked 7km hike through the woods with 3 observation platforms on the way to look over the swamp.

Tusky’s Mega Centre

Name is Quickmart. Excellent supermarket that accepts credit card payment. Has basically everything. Their butternut chapati was delicious. We bought cheese, yogurt, butter, wine, herbs, granola... Parking is free for 1 hour.

Karibuni Kitali Camping

PRICE JUNE 2022: 500KES ppn. If you need fast free wifi for whatever reason this is the place as as signal reaches the camping area. Big lawn pleasant enough but hard to level our RTT. Toilets and hot showers quite precary but working well. They don't sell drinks (at least not beer) and it's quite a walk to find some, so stock up in advance.

Nyero rock paintings

Pleasant place for one night if you're interested in ancient rock art. Price as of June 2022 for foreigners is 15,000 UGX pp for visiting the paintings with a guide. After that the caretaker asked for 10,000 UGX pp for camping (which he probably keeps for himself). Flush toilets (quite dirty) are now available but no showers. Locals do pass very close but no one asked for anything. Good Airtel mobile internet.

Living Water Resort

Although it's not a proper campsite it is an excellent place to stay and enjoy the view and the variety of birds flying over the river (pelicans, eagles, parrots, turacoa and many others). They open a chalet for hot showers and you use the toilets by the gate. No ablutions for campers such as dishwashing sink. Free wifi reaches camping area well but Airtel and MTN also work properly. Price still 30,000 UGX ppn.

Ziwa Camp

I don't fully agree with last comment. The campsite is not that simple as it has all facilities one may need for camping: hot showers, clean flush toilets, place for dishwashing, shelter for rain with tables, tree shade and a pleasant atmosphere with bushbucks and warthogs around. Excellent internet signal with MTN but not with Airtel.

Café Marlette

Located at Total filling station. Has pastries, samosas, etc for take away... also pizza and other dishes if you have the time to eat there. They also sell bread (better than the ones sold at small local shops). Good cinnamon raisins buns and veggie samosas.

Meza - Shawarma and More

Not the best falafel very dry inside and not very tasty. Baba ganoush was good though.

Zion Camp

A Bed and Breakfast suggested by Ismail, the shoebill stork guide. Located only 4km from boat departure so it's handy if you just need a place to sleep the day before shoebill tracking. The place is owned by Catherine a very kind Ugandan woman. You can camp at the lawn in front of the rooms (not much privacy) or at the back of the property near maize fields. They open a room for toilets and cold showers (she can warm up water if needed for a bucket shower). They can cook meals if needed. Nice views of the lake when you're on your rooftop tent or from the upper garden. Great Mobile internet with MTN, just good enough with Airtel. We paid 15,000 UGX pp. Catherine's whatsapp is +256787422340

Masindi Hotel

Pleasant camping area with good and clean facilities. Handy if you are doing the chimpanzee tracking. 25,000 UGX pp. Great MTN and Airtel coverage. Free wifi at reception.

Starting point for chimpanzee trekking

All as said in first comment but now price is 60,000 UGX pp which is still cheap and pretty much worth it! We only had to track the chimpanzees for about 15 minutes as they were very loud and we could easily find them. We saw 10 of them very well on the trees for +- 1 hour. If you want, Deo can bring you to the starting point at the previous day and you can wild camp there for a small fee. Please don't add the exact starting point location on iOverlander or people will just go there by themselves without contributing to the conservation efforts Deo and the community have been doing.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (Rhino Tracking)

Entrance gate to the Reserve where you can track white rhinos. Prices as of June 2022 are: 20 USD pp once off entrance fee + 30 USD pp for rhino tracking + 20 USD pp night for camping.

Blue Spring Dry Cleaners & Laundry Services

2 large bags of laundry left in the morning, washed dried and ready in the evening = 40 000Ugx. price indicated per piece but agreed beforehand on bag price.

Stitch And Sew Garage Services

We serviced our Toyota Fortuner here and were quite satisfied. Their prices, reasonable, are all written on the wall. They let us use free wifi while we waited and we could pay with Visa card without extra fees. Running Toyota diagnostic programm and trying to fix the error during one hour was for free, but the needed part was missing. It would have taken only 1 day to receive it from Kampala main office. Recommended.

Kalitusi Backpackers

All as said below. Nice place with great facilities if you need to stop at Fort Portal but the city noise is there. Food is very good and reasonably priced with many vegetarian options (veggie lasagna 20,000 / lentils curry 20,000) . Free wifi is available but only if you ask them to switch on the router.

Little Elephant Camp

not a camping but an expensive lodge if you read the description

Kasenyi Safari Camp

Note that it's 15 USD pp absolutely NON negotiable. I kindly asked a reduction 3 times to the very kind receptionist and it was a big NO everytime! (we even left and ended up being back later 😅)... The camp is very nice indeed with great ablutions BUT the generator is only 30 meters away and it was very noisy from 4pm to 8pm and from 8am to 11am the next day! Pay 30 USD for 2 people to feel like we're in a construction site wasn't pleasant at all. Internet with MTN works perfectly but Airtel doesn't.


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